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Point taken on getting a big name coach. But I think on the must haves list for Razorback’s next coach. 1. Must have SEC coaching experience assistant of some sort in the SEC, I think the last two razorback coaches under estimated coaching in the SEC. 2. Someone that really wants the job, again if you’ve coached in the SEC and still willing to come to Arkansas your probably have a burning to make Ar a winning program. 3. Know how to recruit and who to recruit again a problem from last two coaches. And not a way problem to overcome. 4. Last but not least money if you look at what the Razorbacks are spending on former coaches we could easily pony up to get a big name’s attention. Lastly Gus knows he can win in Arkansas he knows the state like he knows his closet. I think he wants to make sure Arkansas wants him. He was the top high school coach when he left the high school ranks. Other college coaches Ego got in the way of Gus staying. He probably will not come but just in possiblity he might I’m keeping the Gus Bus warmed up.