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'It usually comes down to the final possession." The media is reporting this as if Butch is referring to GA-TN football game. It isn't. Butch was asked, "Kirby Smart's wife is very attractive and an athlete herself. Do you think you or Kirby is in the best position to make her bark like a Dawg?" To which, Butch replied, "It usually comes down to the final possession."
Butch is a decent, if uninspiring, coach. But UT needs something other than decent and other than uninspiring. He needs someone who understands not only how the game is to be played, but also how to be CEO of a major football program. I like Butch personally. But he's not a great game day coach and his team and organization are a disaster. Long story short, he just wasn't ready for the SEC.
This would be a moot point is the rest of the team showed up to play consistently.
Butch is frustrated, it happens. How would Nick Saban have responded? "He had an accident and we expect him back soon." Done.
First, the good news. Butch Jones took a dead program and breathed life into it. I'm sure it wasn't easy coming from Cincinnati to Knoxville, especially after Kiffen and Dooley ... so back to back 9's aren't so bad. Now the bad news. Butch is a terrible game day coach. His play calling is awful. He could easily be +5 in wins if not for that. Moreover, he seems to have no respect from the players. And it shows. I watched his show this week and it was rambling incoherent mess. With all that said, Butch is a good guy and decent coach. He is perfect for a school like Wake Forest or Bowling Green. Tennessee has one of the proudest traditions in all of college football. And is easily Top 5 in facilities and fan support. I like Butch, but I just don't think he is either cut out for the SEC or TN is just out of his league. Maybe both. I wouldn't fire Butch mid-season. Let him finish the season but let him know that he needs to find somewhere else to ply his trade. And Currie? Get Les Miles' number and CALL HIM TODAY!
Please. Volunteer fans are fickle and frustrated. Butch has brought stability to what was, an unstable program. They start EVERY year thinking this is the year for an NC. Relax. We'll get there.