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Hahaha, some folks see everything through orange lenses. To me it looks like he’s just going for serviceable bodies. Beggars can’t be choosers right now. Maybe if we gain some relevancy it’ll help our case. I’m curious to see what the defense looks like this fall.
It’s sad that he had to wait so long to get there. Glad he’s showing out. His life almost took a drastic turn for the worst. Get paid young man!
I agree, I don’t think the defense is about to completely cave. Especially if our linebackers can up their ability to cover. That’s a big ask but possible. They weren’t an elite defense last year but serviceable. I’m expecting about the same this year.
What relevance does all that rambling have to do with this article?
As painful as it is to see To’o To’o go to Alabama. I was raised to despise Alabama, but you can’t deny they’re wheeling and dealing right now. It is what it is. No ill will towards the kid. As many players as we’ve lost I’d take a janitor transferring in right now. I’m not as bold to say we’ll win any games besides the cupcakes. It seems like at one point or another we’ve got to find the end of the desert. We’re not all hypocrites, haha.
At this point it doesn’t matter if he comes to UT or not. Like the Kentucky folks said, “You can never have too many quarterbacks.”
Well we are talking about kids. That’d be like signing a contract saying you were buying a truck and then a minivan pulled up the salesman saying, “Here you go! Your new vehicle has arrived!” I’m not saying heupel is the lesser of the two. They’re just not getting what they signed up for.
I’m not sure it’ll be great. With heupel’s past accomplishments it would seem there has to be improvement. Watching Chaney’s offense was like watching Debord 2.0. Will the defense be able to hold their own is anybody’s guess. I don’t think we’ll be competing for the east anytime soon. Just hoping to get back to winning games we should win. Being able to score will keep us in games but whether or not they execute it remains to be seen. Don’t really know what we’re going to get until fall rolls around.
I have no idea why he left and the author definitely didn’t talk about it. How come he left just three months in?
I think six wins this year is reasonable expectations, but if it goes one or two games either way it’ll be alright. I’m ready to see what this offense looks like live action. It’ll be a nice breath of fresh air to see points on the board.
After watching guarantano, for what seems like the last 8 years, I’m weary of big time recruits from New Jersey.
That’s who I’m thinking will be the go to guy. That dude can move.
I hope the o-line performs better than last season. I’ve heard this line before.