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He's an award winning contributor. It says so, just ask him.
They also had something to work with, and while Pruit may have had some talent, it's not as much as Mullen and Fisher.
Do you have something else to do besides rag on poor Tennessee fans? If not, it is a nice day out. Go take a hike. Someday, you'll know how it feels. Not today, but someday.
Not a good post bubba. Nice day out, why don't you go outside and take a hike?
You got that right. Shoop should have been gone end of last year. Too many missed tackles, points, and mistakes on defense. The run defense was atrocious against missouri.
Check your facts. Regarding physical size, Dobbs is taller by 1-inch, and is only 10 lbs lighter according to NFL draft profiles. Maybe Dak bulked up a bit while in the pros, but Dobbs added quite a bit of weight since he started at Tennessee and will likely bulk up some more under the watchful eye of the professional weight room trailers. I wouldn't knock Tennessee too much. They ate some 'gator meat this year. Yum.
No, not everyone knows or believes that. But we do know the Steelers thought Dobbs was better than Mettenberger who played for.....
The number of explosive offensive plays, massive rushing yards, high scores, and inability to adjust to offenses, even those of bottom dwellers such as Missouri and Vanderbilt, indicate that Shoop is over his head here and needs to go.
Worked out pretty well for Penn State.........
Don't be too hard on John. He may not have been watching the same game we were.
You cannot limit our opinion on this site by telling us to shut up. So do not do this again. Tennessee did beat good teams (Utah State, Iowa, SC), and almost Georgia two years in a row. You guys were lucky to get out alive with your victory over us this year. Next year will be different. And it looks like we are out recruiting you as well according to the rankings at the right. So assimilate that. Tennessee is revived. Georgia will continue to under perform as they have in the past despite having the best talent.