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Right. Once I finally managed to exit, I looked back at the stadium on the side where I and most Bama fans were seated. There are ZERO exits for the entire length of the stadium on that side and they can't very easily be added because the stadium features a precipice on that side. If you walked out over there, you'd fall into a chasm. So, yeah. Two little Applebee's doors for about 30 thousand people. Not a good thing with the alcohol flowing as freely as it was that game. About half the people were blitzed, another half was mad about losing and everybody else was just tired as heck. I'm surprised there weren't more serious injuries.
It was every bit as bad as the writers indicate. Maybe it was worse. I saw literally thousands of people from the upper middle and lower tiers funneled into the same hallway and sent the direction of two small doors. It was a nightmare and a powder keg just waiting for someone to set it off. I am not sure whether this can be fixed either. An entire side of the stadium has no exit doors. Thousands of fans are forced to all go the same direction into a very confined area to exit.