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Recent Comments
I'm impressed with Haley's D-line stopping the run. I remember the year Steckel was trying to stop Auburn from cutting us to ribbons play after play series after series on national TV, in their lopsided domination of MU. He was stacking guys into every different defensive alignment to stop the run, but could not slow Auburn. If Haley brings some more defensive end talent, we could even surpass our Kuligowsky/Steckel days.
I'd like to see MU play a good game in Knoxville. If MU's kids are sharpened up and the analysts bring good info to Dooley and Walters I think we get the win.
I agree wolfman, about the apples to oranges comparisons in the Rock M Nation article. Aside from needing to remind Lock to use touch on short passes and reining in the pass-or-die 3-and-outs, I think he's doing good. He's got more clock, using the tight ends with Finley, running the ball with Davis and Ford. He may have to coach QBs in 2019, but I'm a little worried about his being OC and QB coach. Even if we don't get an experienced QB, we should be able to field an offense.
This game is a real wild-card because both of these teams are playing like wild cards. If Mizzou stops our three-and-out offense and our defense can limit UT to 24 points I believe we win.
If Mizzou could hire a Chase Daniel soon, to have an MU alum, ex-pro QB it would be worth at least 250k I think.
I've heard that "we should be in the game in the fourth quarter" from Odom and Dooley several times - sounds to me like a suspense builder for selling tickets. It is certainly a dumb way to say they can't put a game away earlier and to let more depth have some reps. It al most sounds like they're scheduling over their head but pushing the kids to finish and maybe win.
I won't be surprised if the UT QB has the passing game of his career :)
I agree, Tigurr. Odom offers very little serious commentary, just the feel good, dedication stuff. I understand MU has played a lot of youngsters, partly because of injures, but Odom never sounds like he knows what the real problems are. I understand too, he's using the situation to build brinkmanship, hoping to spark interest, involvement and ticket sales with the drama. And brc4wc is also right - why not have some breathing room and play another QB once in a while - or is this about building in next year's excuses for getting your ass handed to you by un-ranked teams. Drew's stats are not really good enough to keep a new QB off the field.
I am very happy to know that MU has some depth with their offense positions. I hope we bring good safety and corner recruits for next year.
I really do not understand how Lock is 75% against UF, but gets hosed in other games. Yes, I know, I know, E-Man is back, but that cannot be the only reason
I don't watch anyone else's hype clips. The hype clips are least better than the intro to Mizzou's YouTube sports channel.. Whew! That music, visual and narrative are hard to take . . . "border to border" . . . Ugh!
Yes, by kids I meant current college students and aspiring highschool student/college applicants. I wouldn't guess adults, players, coaches, recruits or donors would find a lot in them - so my last comment was sarcasm.
MU's O-line has helped deliver a run game and kept Lock in one piece with time to throw - considerably better than recent years. Considering we've been playing some ranked and under-rated teams with a slowly improving secondary, I'm not as disappointed with them as I was. We still need defensive ends to contribute to disrupting opponent backfields. Contesting and keeping the ball has improved some. Play calling, passing game and special teams could all be improved - and if soon, maybe we get 8 wins, maybe Odom stays.
Even kids won't respond to the crazy soundtracks, camera work editing and player celebrations in these hype films if they leave out meaningful content on focus and improvement. Maybe these turn on the donors or the recruits.
At least half of these uniform changes are bad. I also agree they need hype films with the players telling how they learned from a bad play - that would hype anybody that watches the game.
MU has hired a lot of assistants and analysts, quickly. I got the idea that Sterk was preparing to make an internal promotion to HC, replacing Odom, if Odom self-destructed. The only hire coach we have with prior HC experience is Dooley, who I have questions about as an HC. Sterk bumped Brick Haley up to Associate Head Coach, over Asst. HC Andy Hill. My question is, was that for an interim HC if necessary? Second question is, who on MU's coaching staff picked the new O & D senior analysts? If not Odom, was it just Sterk, or did some other coach have enough juice to input on those hires?
The replay clip was pretty clear. Acy was playing the ball, he was also in better position for the ball. It was the big KY receiver who beat and trampled Acy to get to the ball. There should have been no defensive penalty whatsoever.
If the plague doesn't hit Mizzou, they have to win at least 2 more games and get a bowl bid, ending 6-7. I do not think Lock or the receivers will suddenly improve against FL, nor do I think MU's secondary will stop much of the FL passing game. I think if MU doesn't bring a solid QB in for next year, either by transfer of from our current roster, then it's a good year to get a new head coach. If our defense improves AND we end with 8 wins maybe Odom stays and we go with our current and incoming QBs.
Correction - I meant Lock was passing incompletes on some 3rd and 1s in the second half, when he was only 50%. We averaged punting from the MU 33 on the 8 punts of the second half - crossing the 50 only once in the second half, to the UK 47.
Lock was 50% on completions in the second half, sacked twice, fumbled once - MU had 3 offensive penalties in the second half. It's a good thing Fatony averaged close to 50 yds punting 8 times we went 3 and out in the second half. The play calling was bad.
I agree this loss cannot be on Acy. If there was pass interference, it had to be before the images in this clip. Did they assert Acy pushed the receiver out of bounds? This game made Lock, Dooley and Odom look bad - maybe others, but I don't have all the details. How much of this is on the receivers I'd like to know. I think Dooley and Lock had a serious disconnect in the second half.
I know everybody made mistakes, but there was a major disconnect between Lock and Dooley somewhere, especially in the second half. Play calling and choice of options couldn't have been any worse. I don't know if Odom gets any blame on the offensive decisions, but he has to get some credit for the defensive decisions.
What happened to the Mizzou offense ???? I know KY has a fairly good defense, maybe less so on the secondary, but Lock is passing incompletes when we're 4th and 1. 8 - three and outs in the second half. That's our offense??? Is this on Lock, Dooley, Haley, the O-line, the receivers, Odom, or everybody. I'm impressed that our defense held KY to 9 points through the game until the last play - so we have some defense now. But MU spouts way too much hype for playing like this.
I've come to the conclusion that unless a team has elite talent depth, like Alabama, they are all a few injuries from collapse. Because of that and the big status changes in playmaker development of these young guys, I think FBS is less predictable than it used to be. I think MU could beat FL and anyone left on the schedule - but when the top 2 wide receivers both get groin injuries at the same time, then anything can happen.
You know, Wolfman, MU has fewer and fewer interviews each week. Nothing on ESPN but a short one from Odom now and nothing on YouTube for highlights or postgames, except from our opponents. Also, we probably need a dedicated QB coach. Also with the speed and impacts on these kids today, I think any contender must use their depth, recruit for and push for cross-training, and play everybody as deep as possible.
As far as Lock's problems, it goes without saying that these are mostly pressure related. Lock may not see or anticipate separation of his receivers from defenders well, especially under pressure. In highlights I see Lock throws behind AlbertO, then, on a later target AlbertO slows down, almost steps backward to receive a pass, but it is thrown ahead of him, barely grazing Alberto's fingertips. AL had a strong answer for our run game too.
The problems on offense are varied. But I believe the O-line and Coach Brad Davis are not any of the problems. Dooley and Lock may need to reorder Lock's optioning priorities better. Maybe Lock and receivers need to moderate the velocity for the short and intermediate passing. Everybody likes the Crockett, Rountree, Badie backfield. The defense is also kept off the field with better clock management. - - Please don't get me started on defense because the answers for that are: 1) Odom takes a linebacker coaching job at a mid-sized school. 2) Walters takes a safety coaching job at a mid-sized school.
Real effort, serious focus and visible support of team mates is necessary and sufficient for personal performance. Since it's a team sport the rest of the game is out of your control.
I think that's a great goal for Mizzou, making it to the 4th quarter still in the game. It's very good for a team trying to establish consistency on both sides of the ball. It's good for fans to see a competitive team that doesn't fold when they're 14 points down. Realistically for this game, I see no reason MU can keep this one close other than by some mix of impeccable execution, dumb luck and the grace of Nick Saban. In the neighborhood of MU 17 - AL 56.
I agree, Tiger TD. And McCann is as inconsistent as the rest of the team. He kicks a personal best, 57 yd FG, then botches two chip shots.