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I think Mizzou will be able to maintain performance, notwithstanding injuries, and possibly improve on both sides of the ball and special teams. I still think Mizzou is a 9 win team. Too early to predict a score against SC, but I do predict a win there. :)
I agree generally, Wolfman - but they are better than when they played Purdue or Texas.
I'm not down on Odom or the coaches this week. You could tell Mizzou was ready, especially the defense. True we missed a field goal, we dropped a couple passes, Lock was not his best. But our defense was for real until the secondary got sloppy late in game, better than with Purdue. Our run game was strong against a top defense. Lock got good protection against #2 Georgia, the O-line was functioning in both passing and running. And don't forget Georgia aggressively cause fumbles ad stripped the ball, even when the play should have been blown dead by the refs. This game was certainly better than our loss to Texas in the Texas Bowl. I still have MU as a 9 game winner.
I was surprised to see the all gold uniforms and helmets. BUT, I like them, a lot! I'm not crazy about the change of the tiger's head logo. It took me a while to get used to the regular tiger head, this one isn't as well defined.
UGA has no reason not to unload on MU, they have a real title shot. So, I think these teams both give 90% of everything they've got, much more than either team has dialed up so far this year. Both teams will probably bring more pass rush, but only UGA would have to do so, and that would be only if Lock successfully uses more time in the pocket. MU may not have enough pass rush to matter.
I think UGA and MU have both been holding their pass rushing to season their secondaries.
After seeing the MU Purdue game, I feel certain of a UGA win. I think UGA is even powerful enough to dictate the final score on both sides. Aside from Kirby Smart's allowing some dignity in an SEC score, addressing a 14 point line, both coaches testing depth or sets on either team, or both coaches holding plays or players in reserve - I think HC Smart will keep it interesting for 1-2 quarters, blow MU out in the third, then let MU score one last time in the 4th against UGA's reserves.
I would tend to agree with TonyTiger on MU's potential. Maybe Odom was holding something back, or maybe he hoped to send the message that MU has no pass defense when it wants to stop the run. VirtualKelly - what are you talking about? Mizzou has had a good defensive unit at times, just not during Odom's linebacker-dynasty-days. Three years in and we have no defensive improvement after letting the bottom fall out of it, with Odom and Walters giving up the pass defense and Haley giving up the pass rush. The biggest dynamic I see is good offense, poor defense - maybe messing with point spreads.
Mizzou offense showed fight, BUT MU defense showed poor coaching and play calling. Odom's hotseat depends on defense, that Haley and Walters are not improving.
MU almost gave the game away to Purdue with no pass rush and spotty secondary coverage. Is Odom they trying to lure teams into passing, maybe abandoning the run in the SEC? Odom's defense has not improved on the line or the secondary - his seat should be getting much hotter again.
I see these 6.5-7.5 point spreads and can't believe it. I give MU 27 points - MU 48 - Purdue 21.
I don't bet sports anymore, but if I did I'd put a load on Mizzou to beat this very meager spread. 6.5 points underrates MU terribly. I'm picking them MU 48 - Purdue 21. I'm being generous with Purdue's scoring too at 21, I hope MU's defense holds them to 10, considering the small scores Purdue generated against softer teams. So, for me a 27 point spread is not a stretch.
I agree, Mizzou needs mental toughness every game in the SEC. Odom seems more adjusted, the coaches seem dedicated and focused, the players sound and look better too. I hope to see real ball and clock control in this game as well as a running game improvement. I think we can make it MU 48 - Purdue 21 and play deep into the depth charts on offense and defense.
Yes, Mizzou definitely needs to run the ball in this game, even though Purdue has a softer passing defense. Purdue has been poor on both sides of the ball against weak teams, and allowed those teams to control the clock with longer possession times, but they are still capable of putting up a fight at home. If MU keeps possession of the ball and the clock and scores 4 TDs by passing, then the MU offense should be able to run 30-40 times and/or play most of the team's defensive and offensive depth charts in the second half. MU 48 - Purdue 21.
Emanuel Hall could be in the mix for many records and awards after this season, not to mention helping Drew Lock as a Heisman contender and power MU to challenge in the East. Aside from that, I'm very impressed with that young man's presence in the media interviews. I say this kid gets and deserves the best in whatever area of life he proceeds. Go Hall !!! GO MIZZOU !!!
Good observation, Wolf Man :) I very much agree with need for improvement on all three - o,d & special teams. There wasn't much glamor anywhere except Lock's long balls against this lightweight team, but damn, at least no profuse fumbles, drops and penalties. I haven't seen any reports on MU's o-line and d-line performances. The D-line may have potential but they didn't exactly ravage UTM's backfield, maybe Haley and Dooley want to focus against the run? Mizzou running backs didn't exactly get to turn on the jets either, but UTM supposedly has a veteran line-backing group, and maybe Davis and Dooley wanted to do an energy check of linesmen over longer possession times. I'm picking MU 48 - WY 21. I'm hoping our punt returners, kick returners, rushing, sacks, hurries, Okwuegbunam, Blanton and Downing all have a big game. - - But I am not disgusted like I was after last year's opener :)
If MIZZOU is going to have a "good" year, this is it. The Tigers and Odom need and deserve a good year in 2018. I believe MU gets wins over SC and FL with strong showings against UGA and AL. And here's hoping we don't drop the Purdue or Memphis games.
I'm predicting in excess of 2900 yards rushing for MU in 13 games, almost none of it from Lock. I get the feeling that 600 or more could come from other than Crockett and Rountree. Fatigue will hurt our O-line in a read offense if we can't field the young players on certain drives, or to the right or left of center. But overall, I'm an optimist for 2018 because there's lots of potential and there's too much downside for this coaching group not to be creative.
About #3, I'm looking for more rushing yards per game by committee. MIZZOU has 3-4 running backs that can really deliver. It's about whether our offensive linemen can protect Lock, giving him an extra second or two for read and release, while still expending the energy to bust holes for the rushing game. We have some depth on the O-line, I just hope they can rotate in some youngsters when Lock needs only 2 seconds in the pocket on some uptempo drives for lightning strikes. GO TIGERS !!!
Stadium condition is about a #4 reasons for fans to go or not go, and "college game day experience" can still happen 6 times a year with 1 FCS at home, a paid off W at home, and 4 SEC homers. Neutrals in STL and KC with real rivalries are better for MU as a school and as a football team than reciprocal travel every other year to a non-rival.
I think the Tigers can pick up at least two more wins than what have been listed here. Go MIZZOU !!!
Wow!! This guy has been a true playmaker on punt returns. I hope he's back 100% as soon as possible.
Brick was made senior associate head coach after 1 year. I don't know what he makes, but his title means Odom and the AD like him. He's supposedly good on recruiting, which couldn't have been the easiest job over the last two years for the defense. I hope his D-line Mizzou busts up the SEC OLs and stuffs the run !!! 2018 is our break out year !!!
Not everyone wants to land in CoMo 8 times a year. People in KC and STL, two large markets for media, recruiting, donors, future fans, all appreciate an annual game - a game that Kansas and Illinois like for the same markets. Ruin is not really a decent description of results for a neutral site, but especially for MU's situation. It also brings student enrollees to CoMO. Illinois and Kansas are better foes than Middle Tennessee and meets our Power Five reguirements. More reasons? Less payola than for a chumped up softee schedule.
I'd like to see MU spread the games around to other in-state schools besides only SEMO. MSU was good, doesn't Warrensburg and Kirksville have teams. It's good for fan-base, recruiting in-state, coach-coach relations with high schools. And of course I'd like to see Kansas and Illinois every year in KC and STL.
I am very glad we're picking up talented potential at safety! Go MIZZOU !!!
I hope Corey wins it for Mizzou!!! Yeah, very bad clip - why not show 2-3 of his excellent punts in the clip?
I'm guessing Sterk and Lock had more say about who was hired for OC than Odom.
Young Drew Lock is ignoring the real story. Fans and foes trash talk Mizzou because they were badly coached in some areas last year. When MU's defense gives up with Missouri State, until a certain coach wakes up, what do you expect? That's why Mizzou has recruiting problems, ticket sales problems. Odom and everybody else knows he's on the hot seat, but there is no real explanation for MU's bad showings, other than areas of poor coaching, which seems to escape coaches and media. But I'll say the Texas Bowl loss was on the players too, who forgot the basics at many positions, despite the Texas punting game. And the Texas Bowl was a last signoff against recruiting, especially in Texas.
Sounds more like Terez Hall's turning point. You don't hear much about what position coaches have said each time MU's players seemed to forget the basics, but I'm glad some of those coaches got the can. Odom and the coaching staff need to be in these kids heads with solid direction. The players and coaches should be in the "zone" out there, because their opponents will be.