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Lock will be at the 90th percentile or above for NFL prospects on character. Young people are sometimes volatile and often unpredictable with major new stressors or situations. But the young learn quickly and usually do not regress to most of those problem behaviors. The NFL knows all the risks, and contracts or cuts accordingly. But I agree wolfman, the NFL does some enabling, maybe more than the colleges.
If he has coachable talent from his QB skills and good hands he might make a good tight end, especially with MU's focus on blocking and pass protection from tight ends.
Big thank you, Adam and other SDS writers, you guys bring a lot of info and ideas about the Tigers to all the Mizzou zealots. Not wanting to rock the boat too much, but can you update as possible on coaching progress at MU football? Questions like who handles the QB development? Dooley's mentor for progress and OC improvements? Does DC Walters and Brick Haley have goals for pass rush improvements and defensive end development that can be written? Can you guys ask for Coaching interviews?
Hey! wolfman, very fine breakdown on the kicking game issues! I really appreciate your take. BTW Do you ever check Dave Matter's St. Louis Post website articles, weekly chat on Thursdays 11 AM or occasional podcasts with BenFred? (all searchable from Post's sport page online?) He offers pretty good dialog with fans.
Point taken, wolfman. No question this is on the job training for Mizzou HC, OC and DC -- LOL. Tackling was abysmal at first and still needs further teaching, along with Gibb's forcing of turnovers - which could be the single biggest factor on this defense that could improve the team's future. - - -- wolfman, do you think I'm off about wanting a better place kicker?? STL is a soccer center, at least in the USA. Can't we cultivate or recruit somebody better on point after and maybe field goal? Or is blocking a bigger problem during kicks?
Gibbs brings a lot of experience, he's improved defenses at all of his stops. He can get Mizzou forcing more turnovers and cut points allowed by at least three per game on average in 2019. Welcome to MU, David Gibbs !!!
This is a promotion for Brian, hope he gets more money. If Walters and Barry are happy with Hargreaves they shouldn't need another LB coach. My thing is bringing back the devastating defensive ends. If Sterk and Odom can bring a defensive end specialist coach from the pros or Top 25 on a short contract he could beef up Brick Haley's impact and recruiting - kind of like getting Monachino and McGee for a time. - - Now, if they could just find an elite placekicker from the soccer world.
Zoucat, I'm not against either Odom, but I have questions. Brian left OU, he works for his brother now, might want to move up, might want to diversify an Odom power base in FBS. I also think it's redundant to have two linebacker coaches when areas like defensive end or placekicker could use a boost.
Crockett was explosive when well, but not as dependable or durable as Rountree, who is also capable of explosive production. Between the two most coaches would choose Rountree. Badie is good, and he's followed by Bakare and more youth coming on board. I think MU could have a top 5 running game and top 10 passing. And if Walters can hold opponents to less than 24 points on average in 2019, I believe we are Top 10 in polls and a real force in the East.
If AO connects well with Bryant, McGee and Dooley he could break more records and enter Kellen Winslow status.
I read very little about Odom's effectiveness with MU, but he's Barry's brother. Having two linebacking coaches to me is a bit redundant especially when there are some other areas that could use a dedicated coach, but I also don't know Hargreaves status, or which of the two coaches is the best recruiter. Aside, Mizzou needs find a scholarship placekicker.
Somebody remarked Dooley must have thought he was calling that play for Kelly Bryant, but that was a very bad call for anybody whenit's 4th and 1 for the last chance to win the game. No blocking and no release valve to receive.
I don't fault the official for being used as a screen. I'm not upset by the time out call for the 1 point after, either. I am not sure who to blame for the very bad last offensive play by Mizzou with 4th and 1. Dooley called that or Lock let it go bad. MU is getting a rep with this giving the game away late in the 4th.
Nothing but OSU black jerseys on the right side. No blocking if this was a called play.
For a gain of one yard, in a possibly game-winning down, you would want a safe 1+ yard call. Running would be preferable, but then where were the blockers if there was no pass option? Running wide, Lock could have had more blocking from receivers, backs, linemen, etc. And on a team like this, why would there ever be a play called in which there was no pressure valve, no receiver or back available to take a pass or lateral?
A lot of good, bold predictions. With possible moist weather, OSU's weakened run, MU's strengthened secondary, I will stick with my MU 38 - OSU 24 prediction :) If I had to break down the scoring, I'd say 5 TDs plus 1 FG: 1 Lock run, 1 Rountree run, 1 Crockett or Badie run, 1 WR, 1 TE or Defensive TD. There is no doubt this game could bring big surprises, but I hope they go Mizzou's way. Happy New Year Mizzou !!!
QBs are motivated by a chance to play, especially if they are the "best" in a given situation, healthy and energized. Having depth at QB is a strength that should not be wasted. Although MUs running game may preclude need for a dominant pass attack, some passing keeps the run strong and defeats ranked teams. If Dooley brings that kind offense while playing one year QBs, developing younger QBs and delivering big stats, he should get 2 mil or take the better job.
Yes, Wolfman, and I think Dooley can showcase more than one QB in every game depending on field position and game situation. He's not Locked-in to stats per se, other than wins and developing pragmatic offensive players for the pros.
I agree, Wolfman. Dooley can use a flexible and potent offensive design to play several QBs. Not the best recipe for Heismans, but it's very good for distributing risk of injury, developing and motivating QBs, getting exposure to scouts. Dooley could easily be the highest paid assistant next year in the FBS and get lots of wins.
I am very impressed with Mizzou's progress in recruiting and strategic positioning. With these new QBs MU has nearly inexhaustible depth at QB for the next couple years, in a flexible and powerful offensive rotation. If Dooley becomes a guru of offense and QB transitioning to the pros, he could make MU a real perennial power. I think he could easily become the highest paid assistant in FBS in the very near future, and justifiably so.
Great news for the Mizzou organization! MU has had lots of drama in its history, maybe more than most, besides being historically underrated, dropping a gimme, toppling a Goliath, in many years, etc. Coaches and recruits need to see growth, potential some stability - and Mizzou may finally be entering that area again. Here's hoping we surpass our own history.
Congratulations to Coach Brad Davis and the O-line hosses at Mizzou !!! They protected the QB and made MU a running game threat. We need to play QB Bazelak for 4 games and at least one other QB so we have real experience after Kelly Bryant heads for the pros.
I think Brick Haley might use him as a freshman, he could play in the SEC, probably transition to the NFL.
Dave Matter mentioned a smaller to moderate sized buyout for Odom in the St. Louis Post, but Odom gets a good array of incentives for wins, rankings in the 3 main polls, level of bowl game prestige, and some academic and social service levels. Money for getting and keeping real expertise and recruiting power around Odom, in his assistants, has yet to be announced, but I think Sterk and the board know Odom needs and appreciates a powerful staff. GO MIZZOU !!!
These are all interesting games for me. The SEC and other conferences have all had their ups and downs, and these games should resolve some issues I have about who has a better team or conference. I'm an MU alum so the OSU game in the Liberty Bowl will have my fullest attention :)
I agree tonytiger, MU should pull some of the 4 star "considering" and a Louisville or Tennessee prospect, among others. Yes, wolfman, we need a QB rotation to keep the QBs steeply on the learning curve. Maybe in 2019 Dooley can get enough breathing room to give Powell, Bazelak, or whoever develops in the spring and summer, some series. Picking MU, Bryant makes a great statement for Mizzou football :) - BradSTL
MU has DBs coming up, and new recruits. Good luck, Tyrone. Parting is not always sweet and not always sorrow, but I'm glad you have "mad respect for the program." Take a great step to your future.
I think it's a good match because we're old rivals, OSU is actually beatable for MU coaches (maybe), we need a bowl win, travel is not an issue, we still recruit Big 12 hunting grounds. Next year, when we're 10-2, we can play ND or Washington :) MU 38 - OSU 24.
I agree, Wolfman, OSU is as wild a wild card as Mizzou. They beat some ranked teams - Texas, West Virginia, Boise State, and almost beat OU. They kept it close with Iowa State, TCU and Baylor - but they lost bad to Tech and K-State. You laid out a great list of questions for MU on this game too. Memphis is a good spot for Wild Card vs Wild Card, both schools can test their fan base and attendance, maybe not leave the Liberty people with 40k tickets unsold :) I just want MU to play clean, work on every down and finish. As far as questions, I want to know how each of these coaches and players will execute? Those answers will dictate a lot about fan support, ticket sales, recruiting, salaries, retention of good staff, etc. MU 38 - OSU 24.
I like Tampa, Jax and Memphis - but I would think Nashville should be in this mix.