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Perhaps someone should publish a retraction. Mc Bride was next up for the position. Saturday down south is getting to be a real rag and just seem too print whatever they want. About half of what SDS posts is BS.
Typical Alabubba comment. No class or intellect required.
And......Your sayin Alabama isn't s tough game.
He was wel enough to kick the Gators. As $&$. Just sayin.
No excuses. We' ll play you tougher than anybody will this year and if we can have a mistake free game spank your arses and send you back to that backwoods hell hole known as Alabubba.
Still pissed about getting worn out by the Vols? Get over it.
A very sleazy comment. Your intelligence (lack of) is showing.
This post was in reply to SevenT.
You really need to get s life.I remember you from GVX free site. Just a kid or foolish adult who seeks attention. No merit to anhydrous of your posts. This is the only comment I will make on this article in reference to you. Too simply crave attention and I refuse to give you what you're after. To all my TN family, simply ignore this loser.
And this concerns you , how? Be afraid be very afraid. Another a$$ kicking coming your way again this year.
Well, well. Ole "I don't have a team so I'll troll a real team" Seven T". Still the Loser.
Thought you had gone away when they closed down the xtra website. Glad see you're still alive and miserable.
More exposure and more time to prepare for VT. Sounds good to me.