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It doesn't matter how many teams are in the playoffs or the rules that you come up with to try to equalize things. The real problem is that you have the best coach in the history of the game at Alabama and another coach that could be on his way to being one of the best at Georgia, plus another one at Clemson. Meyer would be in that conversation if he could handle the long term stress and stay at a school. Those are generational coaches. After Stallings and until Saban flamed out in the nfl and came back to college and fell in Alabama's lap, Alabama wasn't really in the conversation on a yearly basis. When Saban steps away, Alabama will most likely come back to earth. They will most likely still be contenders on a regular basis and even win some more natties, but there is only one Saban. Kirby Smart may get to that level once Saban is out of the way but he may get happy feet like Saban did at LSU and go to the pros. Who knows. Can you imagine if Saban had stayed at LSU, what they may have become? I know the nil changes things and players are going to be chasing the money also, but the top teams that are in it every year are there right now because of the coaches they have and their ability to recruit and coach once they get the players there. Until those coaches step away or the next Saban emerges, nothing will change. Clemson had a down year because the sure thing replacement at QB turned out not to be all that. They will be back also because Dabo is that good.