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With LSU having DOUBLE the number of national championships in football than Hillbilly U, if LSU is a baseball school then what is Tennessee? ** NOTE- I am only counting the 2 nattys that the NCAA recognizes not the other 4 bogus nattys you rednecks claim....fuzzy math.
Poor little Webels. Another year at the kid's table.
Seriously, Langford is a class act and will be a great pro. Congrats on his big step!!
Angel Reese didn't start the ring celebration pointing was Joe Burrow when LSU was thrashing Clemson.
Always fun beating the Gators in any sport. Good season for both programs.
Florida a "storied program" in baseball...NOT EVEN CLOSE! One NC in a sport doesn't make you a blueblood of the sport much less a storied program. Is Coastal Carolina a storied program? Well they have the same number of NC's as Florida.
Until Missouri becomes relevant in any SEC sport....HUSH!! ?
That's right, players do reflect their coach....I totally forgot about the Urban Meyer years at Florida.
LSU's natty in baseball is more recent than Florida's in football !!
Terry brought stability & culture to a program that could have veered off with the unexpected removal of Beard. He definitely deserves the opportunity to carry forward with his work. He's a class act and will promote the UT basketball program well.
Calipari needs to stop recruiting nothing but 5-star prima donnas who all want to showboat, be the man, and are allergic to strong defense.
Post about something you may know which obviously is not LSU football. LSU doesn't consider Arkansas or MSU a rivalry and Ole Miss is a lukewarm rivalry which hasn't been relevant in 50 years. LSU fans consider our rivalry games to be Bama, Auburn & Florida with Texas A&M gaining traction.
LSU fans in Orlando and State fans in Tampa? Governor DeSantis has placed central Florida on high-alert!! Lol
It is such a good feeling knowing that the LSU football program finally has a competent head coach leading the program. Coach Oh-no! was a bumbling fool who was in waaaaay over his head. Kelly is definitely laying the foundation for gridiron success.
You are ignorant and misinformed. Apparently your tight jorts are restricting blood flow to your brain. Dumb lil' gator.
Napier wanted the LSU opening REALLY BAD. Now Gator fans are starting to understand why LSU's AD didn't even interview Napier.