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If LSU brings their A-game to the tourney they should beat Yale then Louisiville/Minnesota to reach the Sweet 16. The Sweet 16 match will be a challenge on a whole different level assuming they play Michigan State.
Coach Barnes also said in his post-game press conference that one of the refs in today's game was found on social media holding up an Auburn t-shirt. Good game Auburn...peaking at the right time.
That's total bull$hit!! If that was truly the case then Calipari wouldn't have allowed the Mildcats to win the SEC Tourney the last 3 years. You're and all Cat fans are on suicidewatch for 20 more hours. This loss is eating you all up like a cancer.
Great game from both squads. Congrats to the Vols...very deserving.
I have met a lot of pricks on this site but you sir are a frickin' cactus!! Auburn earned and won the game over the jort wearing Gators.
Now the MSU athletic department has a legitimate reason to now buy a trophy case....albeit a small one.
Just ridiculous!! One of the best dunks of the year for sure. Heard Schofield talk after the game and that kid is a total class act...I am a fan!
3 GREAT basketball games between these 2 schools.
If all of this pans out to be true then LSU should be penalized and take its licks. It is so ironic that an All-Barn fan talks about another school being a criminal you happen to remember Scam Newton or do you have selective memory? How do you think Cadillac Williams got his nickname?
FlaGator85 shouldn't be casting stones when he obviously forgets that he is a member of the white trash, tank-top lovin', jort wearing Gator Nation. Goodnight Ricky Bobby.
A Gator fan talking about cheating? WOW! What would the Jort Nation's record would have been without all the cheating that occurred during Urban Liar's reign?
Just as Bama fans have been cheated from the gene pool they pulled from.
Yes I am aware of LSU fans buying me it's a waste of time & you are a waste of my time. Goodnight Harvey Updyke.
and dem Bammer fans love eatin' dat pigs feet chased with a tall glass of pickle juice.
You do write the check but it's with football. Money roll tide!
Point understood....makes more sense now. Thank you for the insight.
Coach Johnson says "I am committed to Alabama b/c, win or lose, they pay me $2.8M per year. Now that's what I call a committed coach!!
What do both Coach Barnes' honeymoon and Tennessee's basketball season have in common? They both climaxed too soon.
An Alabama grad chosen as the Bachelorette? Please make sure she waxes her back.
Why is Tennessee's primary color orange? So they can hunt in the morning, pick up trash along the interstate during the day and attend an UT game at night without changing attire.
For Bama to make the NCAA tournament they will have to buy tickets like all of the fans watching in person.
Not a big loss...a decent pro player but certainly not great. In college he was a good player running behind a great O-line. Most any back could have looked like a heisman contender.
Oh no the sky is falling! LSU had to get rid of 3 to 4 players to get down to the 85 man roster limit. I am sure the coaching staff is encouraging these players to part ways.
I would find it hard to be believe that the LSU administration would even entertain the idea of allowing Wade to coach if, as "your LSU people" say that "....more than one player was likely paid and that it's going to be worse than what we know." Your posting sounds fabricated.... seriously doubt "your LSU people" have any credible inside information.
I agree that Auburn is in position to be the dark horse of the tourney.
OBJ & Jarvis Landry back together again....will be fun to watch the Browns!
No one would know better than a Mississippi Stink fan. I'll follow your lead.
A fan from an irrelevant SEC school needs to be careful before casting stones. Until SC accomplishes something significant in conference (sorry women's basketball doesn't count) you can continue to eat at the kid's table. Geaux Tigers!