Geaux Long

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Fairley was a thug punk and played that way for Detroit and New Orleans too.
That was horrible and I am embarrassed for all Penn State fans...his scholarship offer should be pulled.
Whatever dude. The SEC Network did a segment on who should be DBU and Florida was THIRD!! Bama was 2nd and LSU was first.
I hope De'ricky gets thrown de-ball during de-game.
This kid reminds me of when LSU had Trindon Holiday who became an all SEC player and went on to a pro career. If your OC gets creative he will become a weapon for you....speed kills on the highway and the football field.
Just like Bama poaching the national championship trophy out of your grasp.
EXACTLY!! Nkemdiche is a thug punk. If he wasn't a decent athlete he would be living the thug life.
For Kirby to kick someone off the team then YOU KNOW IT WAS BAD! You may think Kirby does it right but his haircut is all wrong! What size Tupperware bowl do you think Kirby's barber places on his head before he cuts Kirby's hair?
I am sure Saban gave Kennedy the money to do his Down, sit, stay....just a joke guys.
Oh let us not forget what state Honey Boo Boo is from? "We is trailer park proud in da Peach State!"
The only thing worse is 85,000 Dawg fans "between the bushes" drinking pappy's moonshine and thinking they are Bo & Luke Duke or a WWF wrestler.
3 teams SEC play Monday but only 2 have a chance to reach Omaha.
Winning nor fashion.... Gainesville is the jort capital of the world.
If all verbal pledges stick this 2020 class will be a strong one and will beat our record of 17 4-star signees several years ago.
If those 3 schools remain Arch's top 3 schools 5 years from now LSU would have a legitimate shot at him b/c he could be his own man at LSU and not living in the shadow of Peyton at Tennessee or Eli/Archie at Ole Miss.
Horrible hire for A&M in my opinion....still scratching my head.
Barnes totally played UT and made the athletic department look like fools! Barnes got his fat payday but he doesn't want to be in Floppy C@ck Tennessee.
NEWSFLASH!! The Jort Nation and the Gators just lost another 2020 commitment. Stop drinking the Mullenade! Cousin Eddie needs to shut his pie hole up and quick. The Dawgs stomp FU again....Dawgs by 17. Enjoy the Mobile Bowl.
I too predict Auburn will win 10 games....over this year and next year!
When the author of the article stated Jake Fromm being a heisman trophy candidate I was surprised when I read that. I think Fromm is one hell of a quarterback but do you think that Georgia's offense is too limited (meaning not "flashy" or wide open enough) for Fromm to generate the stats needed to be a legitimate Heisman candidate?
Ditto....and most all LSU fans feel the same way towards (F)Aggie athletics. Word coming out of Baton Rouge is that Woodward reached out to LSU first....very interesting.
Very deserving of the extension.....with that excruciating loss Bruce handled it all with class, dignity & grace.
Nor does anyone give a flying fu@k about your post!! Show some class and support an outstanding young man who gave so much to your program.