Geaux Long

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With Biden as President America IS the underdog.
Yeah all those Leghumper fans keep drinking Kirby's kool-aid. Not since 1980 and the clock is still ticking....
Tennessee coaches are scrambling right now trying super-size Ty's McDonald's bag.
That is Georgia's scratched year, next year, next year, next year.
Dan Mullen says the problem is that he is a mullet clown living in a mullet town.
Good move....Steele is tied into Auburn's meddling good ol' boy boosters network.
Ironic that a Georgia Heck fan is talking about another team being a pretender.
What hs 32 teeth and an I.Q. of 121? A David Wasson family reunion. Garbage writing by a wannabe journalist. Time to go back to your employment recruiter and search for another temp job.
What has 32 teeth and an I.Q. of 130? Tuscaloosa on GameDay.
Yes Kirby has a higher average team ranking than Richt but Kirby has a lot more money & support than Richt ever did. If Richt had the same resources as Kirby then gap between them would be much tighter.
Where was Georgia on that list? Oh wait, I forgot....nevermind.
Can someone find a trumpet and play Taps for Georgia's CFB playoff dreams?
2 losses....who is the dumba$$ now? 1980 and STILL waiting.
Still waiting on the (f)aggies to win a NC much less a conference championship.
The media darlings, Georgia, had their annual hype train derailed again. To everyone but a Georgia fan this is expected. Kirby "Smart" is Mark Richt 2.0.
You sir need to put down Hunter Biden's crackpipe.
A&M will always be an SEC contender wannabe and Texas' little sister.
....and Kirby "Smart" is Mark Richt 2.0...good recruiting classes, has good W-L record for the season, has trouble beating SEC West teams, and can't win the BIG game. What's disappointing about Kirby is that he is at par with Richt but is doing with substantially more money & resources than what was provided Richt.
What makes me feel better is that I'm not a Georgia fan.
Hell yeah Georgia is overrated... happens every year!! The annual Georgia hype train derailed in Tuscaloosa last night. Georgia fans can talk when they win a meaningful game. Georgia is the Oklahoma of the SEC.
What about...cough, cough... Georgia? I don't think that Saban's style of coaching meshed well in the pros because of all of the big egos you have on pro rosters.
How can a game with Georgia be a game of the century when they haven't won a NC in 40 years?
Kirby let Scott Cochran call all the offensive plays in the 2nd The Georgia hype train derailed AGAIN!!
We still have THREE more NC's than UGA aka "The Great Pretender". When Georgia TRULY becomes relevant let's talk. Until then enjoy your underachieving 1,431 5-star recruits.
The annual Georgia hype train derails will be another year removed from 1980. STILL waiting!!
Can someone find a trumpet and play Taps for Georgia's 2020 season?