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Rowdy should be tops for Auburn....the most decorated athlete in Auburn's history.
ARE YOU FRICKIN' KIDDING ME??!! Bummer fans are HANDS DOWN the worst fans in CFB!! There has been articles written about it!!
UGAGrad417... In your username does the 417 mean that your class rank was 417 in a class of 417?
I think you are mistaking confidence for cockiness.
I think Newman, for at least part of the season, will struggle to adjust to the speed of SEC defenses and playing road games within a loud & hostile environment.
Joel Klatt with FOX Sports said he talked to quite a few NFL team scouts and many look at Burrow in having Joe Montana's throwing style and Steve Young's pocket presence. Pretty strong comparisons.
Any grounded LSU fan that has a realistic view about the current state of our program doesn't think LSU will be winning the next 3, 4, 5 games against Bama. Everyone is just excited to see what potentially can be achieved by LSU every year with competent quarterback play...a lack of that along with outdated & predictable offensive play calling has been our achilles heel since 2008. If LSU had a quarterback who could have passed efficiently and had better offensive play calling LSU would have probably won 2 or 3 of the games within Bama's 8 game winning streak. LSU having effective quarterback play and having a non-predictable offensive scheme creates parity with Bama again and we all look forward to the competitive games we all have been accustomed to.
To "The G fan 43": First of all, I am passionate about my Tigers as are you towards your Bulldogs but the quality of my life, nor my happiness, has absolutely no correlation to the number of wins or losses LSU gathers within a season nor is it dictated by a bunch of 18-22 year old kids who suit up and play for LSU. Happiness & the quality of your life starts with yourself and it is a personal choice you make and I make it everyday. Georgia fans, as a whole, do not bother me at all...matter of fact I have quite a few friends who are Georgia diehards and I respect Georgia's program and its history. I read all the articles on this site and pay respect to opposing teams when its merited. I, along with other non-Georgia SEC fans, are tired of hearing about "how elite you are & how dominant you are going to be" when you haven't won $hit...I guess I am more vocal about the tired story than others. When the day comes, if ever, when Georgia wins a natty then maybe we'll allow Georgia to come eat at the adult table and, at that time, true respect will be earned from your conference foes. Good luck with your season.
"The G fan 43" I can assure you that I am not miserable b/c my natty happened 2 months ago where as your 1 & only natty was GENERATIONS ago. Additionally, I am not delusional about the state of my team going into this season as are many, not all, Georgia fans are. LSU will undoubtedly take a step back this year and will probably go 9-3 or possibly 10-2, miss the CFP but still go to a NY6 bowl. Later runt.
The annual Georgia hype train has officially left the station with your post. The Georgia hype train leaves every Spring loaded with Georgia fans who say how "elite they are & how dominant they are going to be this season". This train is sure to derail at some point in the season making all Georgia fans understand what everyone else in the SEC already knows....Georgia isn't who they thought they were. In other words, the production on the gridiron doesn't match the hype. Georgia football...same story, same results, different season. Sounds sort of like a scratched record.
Joel Klatt with FOX says he talked to several present and past NFL scouts and the common comparison to Joe Burrow is Joe Montana with his throwing motion & reads and Steve Young with his pocket presence.
The way the game has changed for QB's in the pro ranks (going to QB's who can scramble and extend plays) I think Fromm's 40 time and the perception of his small hands is going to haunt him and he possibly won't get drafted. I hope I am wrong.
If you don't think your school is doing it too then you need to take your blinders off. College basketball is probably the most corrupt sport in is a dumpster fire that's burning out of control.
Dale Brown chartered everyone of Maravich's made shots during his 3-year career at LSU. If the 3-point line was in play during Maravich's time Brown calculated that Maravich's "average points per game",for his LSU career, would have been 57 points per game. His record will never be broken.
What you are stating is along the same lines as the Georgia hype train that leaves Athens every Spring and is loaded with Georgia fans who babble about how elite (I use that term loosely) they are and how dominant they are going to be when it will be another season of underachieving.
You say "sometimes you just tip your hat and say thanks for all you did" and that's what LSU did with Robinson. He was thanked for his service to LSU football and was told that his contract wasn't going to be renewed. That is why Robinson was interviewing with different teams. Without a doubt Robinson is a very good coach & recruiter but Orgeron feels that Faulk will exceed his efforts. A&M got a good coach.
Faulk is an SEC great who also has 3 Super Bowl rings as a starting running Faulk instant credibility with high school coaches plus opens doors with recruits we may not been able to open otherwise. Good hire.
Much like the cold hard cash Georgia uses to recruit high school players? Why do you think Georgia's recruiting budget is SUBSTANTIALLY larger than all other SEC teams?
"We know that Colin Cowherd has a decent sports talk show, not special," Joe Burrow says. "He now has a big mouth and we know he has average rhetoric & insight, not great. Let's be honest about it... Colin Cowherd is a good journalist. He is not a great journalist. He is an opinionated a$$hole, and viewers tolerate opinionated a$$holes..."
The only legitimate hype train in the SEC leaves Athens, GA every year in the Spring. The train is loaded with Dawg fans telling everyone around how great & dominant the Dawgs are going to be.
So if a program is going to spin it, as you say, then what was A&M's spin when Woodward left Aggieland to take the athletic director position at LSU?
I am glad Ms. Mary Ann gave Ole Miss fans something to cheer about.
The way Bama fans love "fuzzy math" when it comes to claiming national championships they go ahead and claim "18" because Butch will make the Gumps champions of life!
Tua is a phenomenal player but HE IS SOFT and unfortunately most NFL teams view him that way and don't want to gamble on how long he will remain healthy.
And no one is buying the hype surrounding Georgia's "new & improved" offense for 2020. Your graduate transfer quarterback (can't remember his name) will struggle mightily with the increased competition from playing in the SEC as well as him having trouble adjusting to the speed of SEC defenses. His woes will account for 2 losses.
That poor guy is just injury prone....seems like it is always some injury he is trying to shake.