Geaux Long

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You are ignorant and misinformed. Apparently your tight jorts are restricting blood flow to your brain. Dumb lil' gator.
Napier wanted the LSU opening REALLY BAD. Now Gator fans are starting to understand why LSU's AD didn't even interview Napier.
At least the Gators are champions of life (version 2.0).
Or "am" inbred? I see that useless degree from Ol' Myth is paying dividends already!
With this latest poll Vol fans must be on suicide watch because the Vols beat LSU and Bama yet both are ahead of UT. Good ol' floppy c0ck, WOO!, floppy c0ck Tennessee.
I and other LSU fans appreciate having Moo State as a second-tier member of the conference. Our guaranteed wins against State helps pad LSU's conference and overall record. It's pretty sad, when considering, Mississippi State's whole trophy case could fit in a shoebox.
Ben needs to toughen up and stop being hypersensitive. It was a joke ....PB trying to have some light-hearted fun!
Weak rebuttal. Better run to momma because she wants you to fix her another mayonnaise sandwich. She's in trailer #17.
How many generations has it been since Leghumper U won a conference title? Crickets....
MSU...where one can get a degree in cow-tipping, inbred psychology, trailer park management,welfare finance & tobacco spitting.
Floppy c0ck Tennessee!! I KNOW you wish the CFP was expanding THIS YEAR so you could possibly still get into the playoffs....but it's not. Tennessee back to being "Tennessee".
Napier wanted the LSU opening BADLY but the LSU AD didn't even acknowledge Napier...not even a phone call placed. The Gator Nation is starting to understand why....
Ol' Myth fans need to remember that a redneck wearing a starched Polo button-down and a bow tie is still a redneck.
The problem with A&M is, with the 5-star talent they brought in, those players chose A&M for the money and not truly wanting to play for A&M.
Mizzou needs to go back to the Big 12.
This young man is an AMAZING player with much more upside to capture. Watching Perkins take control and dominate a game had me seeing him as today's version of Bama's Derrick Thomas from the late 80's. Incredible player!
Typical response from a Gump who's still bitter & salty from their loss. Better book your tickets & room for the Duke's Mayonnaise Bowl before it's sold out!
Jimbo says Putin is the cause of A&M's football woes. When you close your eyes and listen to Jimbo speak he sounds just like Porky Pig....just throwing it out there.
Jimbo says Putin is the cause for A&M's football woes.
This year Texas A&M has taken the throne from Tennessee for football incompetence within the conference.
LSwho? The LSU who has beaten Jort-U 10 of the last 13 times. Proud I'M NOT a Florida Gayturd.