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Barnes totally played UT and made the athletic department look like fools! Barnes got his fat payday but he doesn't want to be in Floppy C@ck Tennessee.
NEWSFLASH!! The Jort Nation and the Gators just lost another 2020 commitment. Stop drinking the Mullenade! Cousin Eddie needs to shut his pie hole up and quick. The Dawgs stomp FU again....Dawgs by 17. Enjoy the Mobile Bowl.
I too predict Auburn will win 10 games....over this year and next year!
When the author of the article stated Jake Fromm being a heisman trophy candidate I was surprised when I read that. I think Fromm is one hell of a quarterback but do you think that Georgia's offense is too limited (meaning not "flashy" or wide open enough) for Fromm to generate the stats needed to be a legitimate Heisman candidate?
Ditto....and most all LSU fans feel the same way towards (F)Aggie athletics. Word coming out of Baton Rouge is that Woodward reached out to LSU first....very interesting.
Very deserving of the extension.....with that excruciating loss Bruce handled it all with class, dignity & grace.
Nor does anyone give a flying fu@k about your post!! Show some class and support an outstanding young man who gave so much to your program.
Congrats on a successful season and an exciting tournament run. You all were screwed for sure!!
It is disgusting how the red missed that call but I am super proud of Auburn's grit and effort.... way to represent the conference.
$8 - $10 million a year??!! Great now Stephen A. is going to have a big head to go with his big mouth.
I am surprised that this didn't happen at UGA.... story fits & Kirby has lost control. The inmates are running the asylum.
Just taking a fun jab at Aaron with the AAF ill will towards Aaron at all! Aaron Murray is a CLASS ACT and is indeed a role model to all athletes.
Arrogant, opinionated, loudmouth for sure... whenever I see him on I turn ESPN off!
Hey Aaron good luck in your AAF game this weekend....oh nevermind.
I'm "high" on the Dawgs this season! Lol I hope Kirby hits the breaks soon.
All other schools that take pics of recruits in the team uniform has a blank photography backdrop or is taken in the locker room. MSU's pic is taken in a public restroom....only in Starkvegas. It's pure "More Head" magic!
How was the Elite "Ate" in Auburn ate your lunch!! How does Kentucky hold Senior Night when all of their players are one and done? Shouldn't it be called Freshman Night?
I'm "high " on the Dawgs this season. Lol Rough off season....hopefully Kirby can tighten it up quickly.
May God's healing hand touch Kelly & the Stafford family. I hope the tumor is benign and not malignant.
Can't see Clem, Cleetus or Jethro rooting for Auburn.
Maybe one day LSU can rise to the level of Bammer with the 53 national championships Bammer fans claim they have won....always fuzzy math in Tuscaloosa when it comes to claimed national championships in football.
I apologize to our SEC foes that we didn't represent well tonight.