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In the 4th quarter the Gators got behind all 54,000 fans in attendance and rode the momentum created to victory. The Swamp is back!! Lol...whatever.
Typical home cooking by refs for Bama games....get the same home cooking at All Barn.
It's not the Gators vs the world, it is the Gators vs their own fan base. Could get worse before it gets better....
Think what you want Bubba Joe or is it Billy Bob? Whip up another mayonnaise sandwich, pour a glass of pickle juice and go sit on the couch with your girlfriend/Momma and enjoy the 2nd half. Parole Tide
What has 32 teeth and a I.Q. of 140? Tuscaloosa on game day. By no means that was not directed at you because you were valedictorian of your G.E.D. class. LMAO!! Parole Tide
The altercation was indeed between a Bama fan and LSU fans but the issue that started the incident appears to have been involving the girl who was the niece of the Bama fan. She was very intoxicated (was escorted out of the bar) so I would tend to think that something was said or done to her or by her....a very sad story.
Whew!! Before reading the article I feared that the key missing offensive weapon was going to be OC Derek Dooley.
If Alabama loses the SECCG their whole fan base will be on suicide watch.
Most of the Florida fans are at Belk's because they have a one-day clearance sale today on jorts. Gainesville is America's jort capital.
Kirby is not fond of stylish haircuts either. Looks like Buster Brown.
The ONLY reason they have 1980 is Herschel Walker. No Herschel, no NC.....not even close!!
The only thing Willie Taggert should be calling is his agent and his realtor.
Auburn and the Belk Bowl....a Holiday tradition. UCF looking to accept their invite to the Belk Bowl after their last home game. Enjoy getting pasted and embarrassed again by UCF on a national stage.
LSU does have a top notch defense and is a legit top-10 team. Tua is a SPECIAL talent and reminds me as the 2nd coming of Drew Brees...his passing accuracy is phenomenal and makes solid game decisions on the fly.
Unfortunately ALL schools in the SEC have a part of their whole fanbase that do not represent their university in a positive manner....Alabama included. Several years ago a Bama fan pulls out his privates and places it on a passed out LSU fan's head....I hope you would define that as "classless". How about the Alabama fans in 2015 that bent the legs of multiple LSU tents and sliced them up with razors while tailgating in Tuscaloosa?....I hope you would define that as classless too. Again, we all have our peckerhead fans and fortunately the majority of all of our fanbases are fun & hospitable towards the visiting team. I was at the game this past weekend and I saw MANY LSU & Bama fans interacting and having fun together...THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. I find it ironic that you are talking about LSU fans as being classless while you end your post with "suck that"....HYPOCRITICAL.
EXACTLY....Tua ramps Bama up to a tier they have never been before and makes it very difficult for defenses to defend against. If you stack the box to stop the run you will get burned on a pass play and vice versa.
Yes LSU got beat good. LSU is a legit top 10 team and this game showed how special Bama is this year with Tua QB'ing...he is truly a special player.
Just like the beat down given Georgia in Death Valley 2 weeks ago?
Herbstreit thinks Jimbo is an elite head football coach b/c he won a national chamionship....he is not. Jimbo is a very good coach but he IS NOT elite!! If he didn't have Jameis "Thug" Winston on his team that year FSU doesn't even come close of bringing home the trophy.
Booby Wolfe smells a rat and refuses to drink the A & M Kool-Aid. Smart kid!
The War Chickens are kicking themselves to rushing into reworking Malzahn's multi-year, multi-million dollar contract....his buyout is too steep to afford right now so another 2 to 3 years of mediocrity. Malzahn played Auburn's brass into thinking he was entertaining the idea of going to Arkansas. Regardless of Auburn's record Malzahn is quietly laughing..... all the way to the bank.
Well I am glad it didn't actually turn into a brawl b/c Gundy probably had a switchblade hid in his mullet and would have diced up Herman. Hopefully Herman went to his favorite strip club after the game to cool off.
Just remember that when SOS was coaching at USC and had those "good years" Tennessee was down, Florida was VERY mediocre and Georgia was respectable....the top-3 SEC East teams (historically) were soft. Georgia is back, Florida is coming back nicely and Pruitt will have Tennessee back in several years. Therefore if you couldn't get to the SECCG when the SEC East was soft you will never get there now!! And remember.....the guy coaching Florida when they was soft is the same guy coaching USC now.
I AM reviewing history you douche. Go to cfbdatawarehouse.com and you can see where ALL college football teams rank HISTORICALLY. LSU is ranked in the top 10 for college football programs OF ALL TIME!! So yes LSU would be defined as an upper-tier SEC school. USC is a wannabe in a big boy league. Maybe one day USC can come eat at the adult table. Until you are worthy and have earned the right then stfu and watch from the sideline.
One of the typical thug players that USF tends to recruit.
Mizzou fans need to be realistic and accept that Mizzou will never be more than a mid-tier SEC team in football along with the likes of South Carolina, Ole Miss & Miss. St.
Only paying for the tickets during the 90's was rougher.