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The way Bama fans love "fuzzy math" when it comes to claiming national championships they go ahead and claim "18" because Butch will make the Gumps champions of life!
Tua is a phenomenal player but HE IS SOFT and unfortunately most NFL teams view him that way and don't want to gamble on how long he will remain healthy.
And no one is buying the hype surrounding Georgia's "new & improved" offense for 2020. Your graduate transfer quarterback (can't remember his name) will struggle mightily with the increased competition from playing in the SEC as well as him having trouble adjusting to the speed of SEC defenses. His woes will account for 2 losses.
That poor guy is just injury prone....seems like it is always some injury he is trying to shake.
Correction- Georgia has won 5 football SEC championships since 1980.
The annual Georgia hype train has left the station and is certain to derail in Tuscaloosa & Jacksonville.
You are a complete dumba$$...."bandwagon recruits"? LSU had a top-5 recruiting class BEFORE the season started, a top-5 class DURING the season, a top-5 class at the early signing period, and a top-5 class to finish the 2020 recruiting class. Georgia's "season of the century" was in 1980 and we all know what has happened since. What's truly going to be fun is to watch Georgia fans observing the SECCG at home on TV....the gap officially closes this year and Florida represents the East.
Georgia looking to unveil their "recruiting national championship" banner in Sanford Stadium at their Spring game.
BREAKING NEWS.... Georgia is planning to unveil 2 "National Championship in recruiting" banners at their upcoming Spring game at Sanford & Son Stadium.
Why do you think they call it the Rocky Mountain high? Weed in the Rockies, beer & bourbon in the South.
Burch packed and ready to head to Baton Rouge but momma holding on to his leg.
Burch is not torn....he wants to go to LSU but his momma wants him to go to S. Carolina.
Speaking of's the weather in Gainesville this morning Jort boy?
My mistake. I misunderstood The G spot fan 43's post. I looked at only the current program the head coach is at and not their whole coaching career. Back down little leghumpers...good boy.
Looking at Georgia's history I guess I would rather be LSU and win the NC as "a fluke" instead of Georgia waiting 40 years (and counting) and actually "earning" their NC.
TRUST ME...we're not!! LSU absolutely LOVES playing Georgia... particularly in the SECCG!!
Too bad he couldn't get a NC ring from his Georgia days to compliment his Super Bowl ring....was close though.
If Georgia doesn't start winning meaningful big games their recruiting budget will be frowned upon like Jimbo Fisher's contract.
I hope Mississippi State wins so they can finally place something into their trophy case.
Dude you've got too much time on your hands....impressive research though.
Unfortunately it looks like Tua may become the football version of Sam Bowie who played center for Kentucky basketball. Both are immensely talented but are/will be always plagued by horrific injuries that suppresses & limits their athletic greatness.