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Muschamp should of had said "I suck as a head coach and topped-out as a defensive record at UF and USC doesn't lie". USC needs to cut their losses and drive the for sale sign in Muschamp's front yard NOW!!
Drive the For Sale sign into Taggert's front yard NOW !! Cut your losses now because Nole football is in a tailspin they can't pull out of.
Most of the students and locals were attending the annual Tofu Festival...wingnuts!
Thanks for embarrassing the conference. A lack luster effort by the Buldogs which allowed the inferior team win.
Herman chose (SL)UT over LSU because Austin has better strip clubs than Baton Rouge.
Hate to hear about his season-ending injury. I really enjoyed watching him run the 1st 2 games....seems to be a talented RB.
Burrow should have shared the honor with Mond b/c Mond said he is the best QB in the SEC....NOT!!
Now wait a minute!! How can you say that about Mond when he said he is the best QB in the SEC? Show the QB, with an inflated sense of self-worth, some respect!
Hate to hear that about Wilson....keep pushing Cats! Love seeing you all relevant in the East.... next man up!
Maybe Franks doesn't get the ove b/c of the intense pubic growth growing off the bottom of his chin. Lol
Have you ever noticed that when you close your eyes and listen to Jimbo Fischer speak that he sounds just like Ross Perot? Lol
Tonight's game reminded me of the LSU-Georgia game in Athens in 2012 when we had Mettenberger/Odell Beckham Jr./Jarvis was an offensive shootout but we lost by 2 or 3 points.
It was our 2nd game....the defensive will firm up and the kinks worked out before conference play. You have bigger things than LSU's offense/defense to worry your visit to Tiger Stadium October 26th.
Trust me Coach O is NOT pleased with the defensive performance tonight. The defense didn't play too well tonight but you have to give a lot of credit to Ehlinger... he was a lot of our defensive problems. Ehlinger is a hell of a quarterback!
Herman chose Texas over LSU b/c Austin has better strip clubs.
The reason UT gets so much love is that most of the residents of Texas are Longhorn fans and 3 of the 5 largest cities in the U.S. are located in's all about viewership & ratings.
Hell yeah Tennessee needs a win b/c their fanbase is on suicide watch. Is Pruitt in over his head?...having flashbacks to Butch Jones. Maybe Tennessee should cut their losses now, let Tee Martin become the interim head coach, and if he fairs well, give him the job.
It is phenomenal not fenominal. I see that degree from Auburn is paying dividends for you.
That may as well be the highlight reel of Ole Myth's 2019 season. Fear the Landsharks...SO GAY!! LMAO!!
Is Ole Myth's concessions going to sell Pe-Paw's moonshine?
Ole Myth football...catch the fever. YAWN!!
Shelley is just glammed up white trash. If she wasn't Urban Liar's wife she would be filling my order at Burger King. She needs to shut her pie hole and know her place.
The other ones were left out b/c they are good players. Unbutton your jorts b/c they are restricting the bloodflow to your brain. "I'm proud I'm NOT a Florida Gator, I said I'm proud I'm NOT a Florida Gator!"