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The Bama postings on this site have dropped off SIGNIFICANTLY....the Bama fan base is on suicide watch.
Just remember that Missouri was invited to join the SEC not because of any prestige or athletic history or was SOLELY based on capturing the Kansas City and St. Louis TV market. Mizz-who will ALWAYS be looked upon as a bastard stepchild of the conference.
Georgia indeed has a strong defense and, at best, will slow LSU's offense down but won't stop it. Even with an offensive slowdown Georgia doesn't have the offense to keep up with the points LSU will score.
Of course it takes LSU playing in Oxfart to have SEC Nation to come to the Groove. Landsharks..... HOW DUMB & GAY!! Hey Ole Myth fans please remember that a redneck wearing a Polo short is STILL a redneck. Geaux Tigers!!
Dixieland Delight sung in Bryant Denny stadium is basically a 100,000 person redneck choir.
Grab a pig knuckle and pour yourself a glass of pickle juice....relax & chill Gump.
Stephen A's new contract doesn't run people b/c he's black it's because he is LOUDMOUTH & OBNOXIOUS!! Stop throwing the race card.
That pic should be titled "Arkansas Football....catch the fever!!"
Exactly. Florida fans always crying about a missed or blown call whenever they have lost this season. You lost...move on.
Tua definitely has a high ankle sprain but it doesn't appear to be the severity of the one he had last season.
Hopefully he plays....good player and a better person. Classy kid.
If our D-linemen weren't hurt we would have won. Oh wait..... next excuse!
With Urban's congestive heart failure, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, tuberculosis I hope he will be able to finish out his contract term. Prayers for Urban!
Clyde sounds like your momma....overhyped & trash. Clyde copied your momma's under the sheets spin move. Get lost bum.
Exactly....Burrow will be a better QB in the NFL. Better field general, doesn't crumble under pressure, and can take a hit.
If LSU beats Alabummer the whole inbred Gump nation will be on suicide watch.
Sounds like sour grapes b/c Tua will come up short for the 2nd year in a row. Remember that "Tua" sprained ankles is worse than having one. Geaux Tigers!
Such the typical Bammer fan... embarrassing!
As you can say Saban did it at LSU with players recruited by Dinardo.
Bama fans need to pour another glass of pickle juice, grab a pig foot out of the jar and just relax.
Ignore him. He is one of the biggest d-bags on this site.
Not crying at all. Life is GOOD! Hey while I got you...I will be coming through the drive-thru within the hour. Please pay attention to my order b/c the last time you shorted me a fry.
Neither does Georgia have the record. Fans, media, and recruits are starting to stop drinking the Georgia Kool-Aid.
Still waiting for Georgia to TRULY be relevant. Getting bored!