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Go play in the ACC @ Duke and rarely get tested...iron sharpens iron. Go play at Tennessee or Ole Miss and live in the shadow of and always be compared to your uncles & grandfather. Be your own man and stay close to home....sign with LSU.
R.I.P. Coach Dye. Your impact on the game reached far beyond the Plains. You were an ongoing asset & ambassador to the game and conference we all love. Thank you
Tennessee fans need to enjoy their inflated high ranking while the rest of the pack catches up. Vol fans are looking at Fools Gold right now.
Rumor has it that someone mistakened him for Peyton Manning and asked for his autograph.
Pat Dye is such a class act and genuinely a good man. May God's healing hand flood his body and lift him up.
Sounds like a BOGO... Buy one (Cam) get one free (Caylin)
Loved going in there seeing Stabler blitzed out of his mind and talking SEC smack with him. Funny conversations...
Yeah Tanner has definitely petered out if he was considering Muschamp as his "big hire". That's SCARY.
How ironic that statement comes from a Georgia fan.... Georgia budgets & spends more money on football recruiting than any program in the country at $2.6M for the 2019-20 recruiting period. So we can assume that Georgia buys its #1 recruiting class and cash is king in Athen$ too.
Don't fall for the hype? That's an ironic statement coming from an OU coach. OU's football program is based on HYPE. OU coaches & fans have an over-inflated self worth and perceived accomplishments on the gridiron with them playing in a SOFT conference. OU's record in the CFP validates that! Geaux Vols!!
OMG...with the Vols recent recruiting success they must be printing more money than the Federal government right now. Lol Just kidding....nice to see the Vols back in the upper-tier of recruiting right now. Hopefully these guys will honor their verbal pledge to Pruitt.
The unranked punter is widely considered to be the best punter in America...good catch for the Bayou Bengals.
$2.7M to be Mr. Irrelevant...I'll take that!! Go Tae!!
He better pack on some weight & quick! Only 270 lbs.
You're spot on with Jamarcus. No issues from this Tiger fan. He got the fat signing bonus and then lost the competitive fire in his belly and got lazy. A definite shame b/c if he would have applied himself he could have been soooooo good.
Dude where did you go to school? Were you the valedictorian of your G.E.D. class? Your diploma from Tuscaloosa is shining bright within your post!: ** x-factor not ex-factor ** bengal not bangle ** sure not shore ** elite not elect ** throws not through ** great not grate ** knows not nose ** praised not praysed ** to not too ** board not bored ** do not due ** here not hear ** you're not your ** season not seizing ** greater not grater ** their not there
When Thaddeus was at the draft combine during his physical they found a fracture in his foot that ended up requiring surgery. Furthermore, because of the Coronavirus he wasn't able to have a follow up examination with any team that would of had any interest in drafting him. Also remember that he had another foot injury that kept him out the whole 2018 season. Too talented of a TE prospect....he will do fine with the Skins and make his mark.
Derrick Brown is just an absolute stud and I hope he flourishes at Carolina but I am surprised that Marlon wasn't scooped up sooner.
Congrats to Jalen!!...classy young man, a great role model, and very deserving.
Look at 17Tide's post above...SI used the same scoring system for DB's as well and LSU scored out at #1. If I remember correctly I think Florida placed at 5th on DB's.
You may want to do some more research b/c your inflated ego is making you look dumb. Within the last 3 days THIS SITE put out a story that stated that BOTH LSU & Bama has put more RB's in the NFL than Georgia within the last 20-25 years. Georgia has DEFINITELY had some good running backs come through over the years but they are not the RB football factory that they think they are.
We are Georgia and "we are RBU" can this hold true when Swift wasn't taken in the 1st round? Typical Georgia football... overhyped expectations with underperforming results.
Raven fans are going to be HYPED with this pick. Patrick Queen is a BEAST!!
Chase is OVERHYPED....his production dropped off SIGNIFICANTLY when OSU's schedule got to the meat of their schedule. Chase had hyper statistics against cupcake competition.