Geaux Long

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When you get home from work at the junkyard make yourself a mayonnaise sandwich, pour yourself a tall glass of pickle juice and watch a replay of the beatdown on the SEC network. Have a good day Billy Bob cornhole.
This is as embarrassing as Florida getting stomped by Nebraska in '96 in the NC game.
Bammer fans are on suicide watch. I dare the pom-pom waving inbreds to sing Rammer Jammer now.
Trayveon says "If it weren't for football I wouldn't be playing football today." A
But I guess a fake championship is better than a "within 1 minute of a champuonship".
McCoy forgot to thank the A&M boo$ter$. I am sure it was a planned "oversight".
Surprised Finebaum ranked LSU so high solely for the fact that he rarely shows LSU any love on The Finebaum Show.
A very classy and insightful post. Continued success to UCF and its football program. Geaux Tigers!
What has 32 teeth and an I.Q. of 140? Tuscaloosa on game day.
Way to embarrass the conference Dawgs. What a crappy, uninspired effort. Will you now stop drinking the Kirby kool-aid?
ND doesn't stand for Notre Dame it stands for "Not Deserving".
Cece drop the crack pipe dude....your logic has been clouded. Nice to see the Gators trending the right way again but one step at a time.
That's the most excitement Ole Myth fans have had in V-H stadium in YEARS!!
Urban Meyer? What about his heart condition and brain tumor? Lol What a LOSER! Urban needs to become a used-car salesman or be selling time shares.
Anyone but a Florida homer writing this article wouldn't call Florida DBU. The only moniker Florida can be unquestioned on is JWU.... jort-wearing university. Nice bowl game win Gators.
Thanks for embarrassing the SEC Gamebuzzards!! A pathetic and disgusting performance.
Coach I didn't know it was Ostarine I thought the label said Ovaltine. It was an honest mistake coach!
What could she have been celebrating regarding Arkansas football? That the Razorbacks won the coin toss?
I hope Santa stuffs Gus' stocking with a bra to secure his growing man-boobs. Gus needs some testosterone injections quickly.
Your description of Les' roll at KU sounds eerily similar to scrODOM's roll at MizzWho.
I also wish that Santa stuffs Bummer's and All-Barn's stockings with a bra b/c tricky Nicky and Gus both have man-boobs.
Pray for Urban and his "brain tumor"....yeah right. Lol Save Ferris