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And they will blame the police. The world we live in now. Ridiculous
If 19 tested positive, how many of those 19 were in contact with other players and/or coaches that will need to be quarantined? I’d think most if not all. So no way the number available for the game doesn’t grow. If multiple starters are out, no way Florida plays.
But coach o said our defense was way ahead of last years defense. and what moron was calling all the pass plays with 3 of their DL’s out. We could have run the clock and saved our Swiss cheese defense some embarrassment. Horribly out coached. What are all the analysts doing with the game planing????? Have they watched any film of who we are playing.
He started the dumpster fire then bolted. You’re taking a look at the future of A&M football. Enjoy.
7 players are from LSU. Guess that’s when he was a GA. Lmao.
Funny coming from a Aggie fan. You must have been pissed at Sumlin for not throwing Johnny crackhead off the team.