I'm a sophomore in high school in Louisiana. Always has been a huge LSU fan since I can remember.

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Please tell me why are you even on this article. Matter of factly, Jamal Adams never really considered Bama. It was Texas, LSU, or UF. Also, don't be bitter that neither player chose Bama. Please have a good day sir and get on articles that concern Bama.
Plus the offense is stable and the defense is one of the best in the nation.
The confidence is coming from the fact that LSU went blow for blow with probably the best Bama squad since 2011 and they've blown out everyone else. Also due to the fact that Florida is even more injured than it was the weekend of October 8th.
My good sir, us LSU fans feel for you in terms of experiencing hurricanes. However, our malice is not towards the team nor you the fans. It's squarely on two people: Jeremy Foley and Greg Sankey. Foley for concocting this scheme that keeps them at the top of the East and Sankey for letting him enacting this plan and not using his power as league commissioner to say you will play this game on Thursday, Sunday, Monday, any day of the week and therefore not losing any games or any of the teams losing revenue from a lost home game. Well Foley's plan made both teams lose a home game. Florida loses they're Presbyterian game while LSU loses next year's home game against Florida. If this game were in Florida, us LSU fans would be griping much much more because we would've been ending the season with 3 straight away games in a 12 day period because of Texas A&M's tradition of thanksgiving football. We are very tame right now. This worked out the best for both teams but Florida got the better bargain.
Seriously, why do y'all hate us? We just have a feeling of indifference towards y'all.
No no no, my good sir. Foley pulled a fast one and got his team more time to heal up for this game. They knew they weren't going to win in October. Doubt they win this time around anyways. The only that's truly different is that the defenders that aren't hurt (Florida has numerous that will miss the game) have a chance to be in Leonard Fournette's highlight tape for the third straight year.
Funny thing is that y'all were gonna lose if this game were to be played. Your whole starting defensive line is out. Your quarterback's status is up in the air. Y'all were going to lose to a team that lost to Auburn. Well boohoo. Why not just play the game in BR & in 2017, have the game played in Gainesville instead of BR?
Sure it hurts from an experience and leadership standpoint but we still have some talented young bucks to turn to plus Travonte Valentine is back.
He just wanted to be a part of DBU.
JaCoby Stevens will be a safety.
Cmon lighten up old boy. This was just a good natured prank. He'll announced his decision soon enough.
Then what is it? If it looks like a powerclean, if it's said to be a powerclean, it must be a powerclean.
And Ole Miss fans still talking about LSU. Maybe just keep your mouth shut before talking about LSU. How about you worry about Dalvin Cook and Florida State first cause that's the first game on the schedule and they return a bunch of talent. And lastly, shut the hell up. Keep LSU out of your mouth if you can't stand LSU.
Hey DBU is still going strong now that Kevin Steele is gone.
Where will you be once Ole Mi$$ falls back into the abyss of irrelevance?
No he doesn't. He only speaks Devil-incensed Ole Pi$$ gibberish.
For someone that is an Ole Miss fan, you sure seem worried about the Bayou Bengals. Now, you will say that you ain't worried.
He was a member of the 2015 class and redshirted.
It's like some fans are thinking we are the Philadelphia Eagles.
Just because y'all had some success doesn't mean y'all the next hot thing. Y'all have yet to make a meaningful impact in Death Valley. Your dreams will die in November.
Hey remember the phrase "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"?
Y'all need to worry about Florida State big fella. That's a dangerous team big fella. Did you get your heart broken by a girl that went to LSU?
The Boot is the best in my opinion.
How's Harold Brantley doing? Also, I think they could push back Mizzou's d-line (and that's no sleight to them) but this is probably the best pure run blocking o-line LSU has had since 2011.