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The pitchers outside of Skenes need to continue to pitch well also. I was encouraged by what I saw out of Floyd, Hurd, Herring, Guidry..even Cooper and Ackenhausen had moments. But, as long as the hitting stays hot, we can limit ourselves having to use too many pitchers that haven't performed well.
Yeah, and if Jayden Daniels wasn't limited by an ankle sprain in the SEC CG, LSU may have put a much bigger scare into your pups. Who knows what may have transpired had he been a full-go.
It looks like we are back to playing some of our best ball at the perfect time of the year. Our 2nd and 3rd starters are pitching much better, and our relievers are stepping it up at the right time. That is extremely important. I predict we beat Kentucky in 2, though I expect a tough fight from them.
Once this Sooner softball team gets to the SEC, no more SEC titles for the likes of Bama, Tennessee, LSU, or Florida unless they can out-recruit them or poach any coaches from them.
I believe we are better prepared this time around. If Johnson wants to put Kentucky away in 2 games, have Skenes go as deep as he can, then insert Ackenhausen or Guidry, then perhaps use Hurd as a reliever to Floyd in Game 2, then have Guidry pitch the 9th inning.
It's a nice story, for sure, but given the way LSU has played recently, including the way Floyd, Hurd, Cooper, Ackenhausen, and Guidry has pitched...advantage LSU. Not to mention guys like Coleman, Little, Money and others who weren't even used. I expect a tough out, but I believe LSU wins in 2.
Three great candidates, but this is Skenes all the way and it shouldn't be that close. The close vote should be who finishes second to Skenes. Anyways... LSU owes Florida for 2017. It's our turn now.
Daniels for much better as the season went along. He'll definitely be a Heisman contender if not a finalist. I'm a big believer in his ability to get us to Atlanta again and possibly the CFP. I'm also a big believer in Nuss. I really don't think there is a better QB room or situation in better shape or position across the country.
Would love for LSU to have Alabama, Florida, and Ole Miss as the permanent rivals. If Florida were removed, put Arkansas or A&M there. Florida should have UGA, LSU, and Tennessee. If LSU were removed, put Kentucky there. Bama should have Tennessee, LSU, and Auburn. No ifs, ands, or buts there. Tennessee should have Florida, Bama, and UGA or Kentucky. Auburn should get Bama, UGA, and LSU. If not LSU, then Miss State or Ole Miss.
Volbeef... The Vols certainly don't act like they did last season. Whoever the bad seed, or seeds were must already be gone. Sounds like Vitello let his players do the leading rather than himself last season. This season, it seems he's taken over the leading himself...which a coach should do in order to keep his players in line and in check. Someone obviously talked some sense into him after last season. Here's to hoping they put USM away, and LSU puts Kentucky away so our teams can square off in Round 1 next week.
Wake Forest and LSU would make a perfect pitcher's duel in the winner's bracket in the CWS if JJ holds Skenes for that game.
I trust Jay Johnson will evaluate top pitching coaches around tje country and make the right hire.
The best thing Saban can do is just sit back, and have his team ready to play as best they can. Quit the whining. You're going on 72 yrs old...act like the mature elder statesman that you're supposed to be. You already play the three teams each season that you're crying about, so whatever schedule is issued out with the same three teams should be no big deal to him.
Can Tennessee repeat Ole Miss' performance vs Southern Miss from 2022 and blank them in a 2 game sweep?
What has Texas won lately in anything? When you win consistently, then maybe you can spell your little horns down in all caps.
Just go out and prove just how good you matter where you play. Home field didn't help them none last season, so see if playing on the road works better.
Greg will always pick Alabama. Personally, I think Alabama will have a down year in 2023. 2022 was a good year for the Tide, regardless of what anyone thinks. Over 100 other teams would love to win 10 games a season, 11 including a bowl win. Everyone was down on Kelly and Denbrock coming into 2022 at LSU, thinking they would only reach 7 wins. They ended up far surpassing any projections. Bama could follow that lead with 2 new coordinators, and new pieces at key positions, but it doesn't automatically spell success. While they move to a more run-oriented game, don't forget other teams are only getting better at stopping the run, including LSU, A&M, Tennessee, even Texas can pose a problem. I can see Bama dropping a couple of games again this season. While not projected, I could see them lose potentially 3 games in the regular season for the first time since...2007?
6 SEC teams remain and 4 play each other unfortunately in Super Regionals...meaning there will only be 4 that has the opportunity to reach the CWS. My CWS field is...(seeding included) #1 Wake Forest #8 Stanford Tennessee #5 LSU #15 South Carolina #7 Virginia Oral Roberts TCU
Antonio Langham, Dan Hampton, Richard Seymour, Bradie James, Tim Couch, Michael Oher, Josh Heupel, Willie Gault all SHOULD be no-brainer HOFers.
Nick should go out and prove he can still beat those teams with regularity. Tighten his belt up a bit more. He'll be okay, he just needs to calm down and see beyond the first line of trees in the forest.
The strong should pick on the weak teams? Why not strong teams play strong teams and see who emerges victorious? Why not have Superman face off against Batman? Top team vs top team?
In the grand scheme, a conference champion won't matter much for the SEC, since our conference will probably grab 4-5 of the 12 playoff spots each season. Looking at UGA, Bama, LSU as teams to make it each season, and a pick your teams out of A&M, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma and possibly Auburn in 3 years.
Basing your thought before every regional is completed is baseless. I will say Wake Forest has looked unbeatable, and South Carolina looked really good. Tennessee and Virginia are very good. LSU has a great chance to beat probably the top or second best #2 seed in the regionals, and they would still deserve to be ranked just behind Wake Forest IMO.
Ssoooo....none of them know a dadgum thing other than spewing their own makeup stories from their heads.
Well, my grandpa used to say that when things get tough, tighten the belt on your britches and keep moving. No one's gonna feel sorry for you. You have to fight. So, Nick, tighten your belt a bit more, and just accept you're going to have to play them every year. Think Kelly would be happy about playing A&M, Oklahoma, and Texas every single year as well as Florida from the East? Everything always works out in the end, it just takes some time to see that. It'll be okay, Nick. Just calm down. You and the rest who voted against the 9 game schedule.
I like LSU's chances to win the regional today, and not have to play again this evening. The pitching is in great shape with Coleman and Little still available as starters as well as the bulk of our relievers. Guidry has been impressive in the closer role also. I absolutely LOVED seeing that strike 'em out-throw 'em out by Floyd and Travinski yesterday. Was a thing of beauty. Here's hoping the rest of the SEC today continues to lift the banner high...Kentucky, Florida, Arkansas, A&M. Having 8 of 10 SEC teams moving on to the Super Regionals would be awesome...then having a great chance to have half the CWS field.
Some of the most exciting, heart-stopping, nail-biting LSU-Arkansas games were aired on Black Fridays.