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I wish LSU would go back to playing Tulane every year. I wish Alabama would play their own in-state schools. I wish Arkansas would play Arkansas State in football yearly, or at least on a more regular basis. Missouri should go back to playing Kansas yearly.
Wouldn't it be something if Kentucky somehow pulls off a stunner and wins it all? They arguably have the worst odds of all 8 teams, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them perform well as long as their bullpen stays intact without having to lean on it too much. Never count out Florida. They are sneaky good right now. North Carolina is extremely lucky to be there, and wouldn't be if not for one misplayed ball by a true freshman. Should be LSU. That being said, don't be surprised if you see UNC at the very least fighting for one of the spots in the CWS Finals. Tennessee did not perform well last year in Omaha, so will one year change that? Seeing what teams are there, I think they perform somewhat better. A&M took a hit with the injury to one of their biggest offensive pieces, so that is something to watch. Opposing pitchers won't be nearly as timid as they probably would be.
Have you looked at the RPI, or the strength of the schedules? That's probably why. And Florida is a brand name like LSU is. Cal is far from it.
The rest of our original SEC schools should do to Texas what they do to visiting team fans at DKR...put them in the nosebleeds as a Welcome to the SEC.
Too bad LSU won't be matched up against Kentucky in the Super Regionals if both teams make it that far. I like LSU's chances to win the UNC Regional and either have to travel to Arizona to face JJ's old team, or be at home at Alex Box against a very game Dallas Baptist team for Super Regionals.
As long as Patty Gasso remains OU softball coach, they'll continue their streak of dominance of WCWS championships. The SEC will present more of a challenge for them, but one I suspect they will navigate successfully. Their biggest challengers will be Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, LSU, Texas, Georgia, possibly Missouri.
Florida this year hasn't been the Florida everyone is accustomed to. Same thing for LSU. Both teams squeaked into the tournament based on their schedules. Good luck to both.
Poor Arkansas and DVH seem snake bitten by chances to win their first CWS championship. How many chances have the Hogs gotten since what...1988?
Seems every SEC team has a potential challenging regional game except for Tennessee. The committee rewarded the #1 team with the easiest possible regional, but paired with a potential Super Regional opponent in Wake Forest. Good luck to every SEC team. 11 enter the tournament. I believe 8 advance to Super Regionals, and 5 advance to Omaha... Tennessee A&M Arkansas LSU The USCe/UGA Super Regional winner I think the other 3 will be Florida State, Oregon State, Oklahoma State
After LSU beat USC 23-3 in 1984, USC has avoided LSU ever since while LSU has attempted numerous times to schedule them. Finally, LSU gets them on the docket, and Lincoln Riley wants out because he knows he can't win. Has nothing to do with "tough" conference games. He just doesn't want to start his season with an "L" against the team he cannot beat. 3 months out and I believe LSU wins by 14.
Vols rewarded with the easiest path to Omaha possible. Good for them. If both Tennessee and LSU make it through these next two weekends, they could be facing one another again in the Winner's Bracket game in Omaha. LSU is due to win :o)
Sensitive Tennessee fans so upset their team chokes year in and year out. So what he gave positive attention to LSU? Deservedly so after starting the SEC schedule the way they did. Back from the dead! Tennessee is playing good, so be happy about that, and just hope y'all don't have to run into LSU again until the Winner's Bracket (2nd game) in Omaha...
Possibly so, but the SEC is still king. I think Wake Forest, Virginia, and Florida State make it to Super Regional weekend while the rest fall to mostly SEC teams.
Watch out for LA Tech. They are a dangerous team.
Ehh...I like LSU's chances best to win the North Carolina regional. Jump and Holman are just as good as UNC's pitchers, and the LSU offense may not be what it was in 2023, but still has the ability to put up plenty runs. White and Jones both have 24-25 home runs each. Expect LSU to pitch possibly Ackenhausen the first game, saving Jump and Holman for the all-important winner's bracket games.
Would be great to see Florida shut up all the haters who said Florida didn't belong in the NCAA Tournament. I actually believe the Gators have a great chance to win the Stillwater Regional.
Hopefully, LSU can continue its great play through the postseason. I believe LSU has a great chance to win the North Carolina regional and be matched up with either Arizona or Dallas Baptist in the Supers.
2007 was LSU's mulligan. 2011 was Alabama's. Things broke just right for both teams those years.
This team deserves a lot of credit for not throwing in the towel on the season. They deserve to win. D1 has the Stillwater Regional matched up against the College Station Regional. If that holds true, I like LSU's chances of reaching the CWS just as long as they continue to play this well.
Anthony Thomas...highly rated prospect from Winnfield, LA near me who became a big star at Michigan, and a very good RB for the Bears.
Anybody see Tommy White tip his helmet in respect to Brinling after he robbed him of his home run?
I just looked and the only pitcher for us that would NOT be available the rest of the way are Jump, Holman, and Little. Everyone else is available.
Did Herring go over 40 or so pitches? He would be limited if he were still available? I forgot about Moffett unintentionally.
Ole Miss, LSU, and Oregon I could see as potential 2024 CFP champions outside of the favorites Georgia, Ohio State, or Texas. After that would be Alabama, Michigan, USC, potentially Tennessee or Missouri.
What a game!! Glad LSU came out on the right side of things! We still have a litany of pitchers not used yet... Anderson, Coleman, Dutton, Not, Johnson...
Baseball America and D1 Baseball have very different takes.
The Tigers will devour the chickens. Both teams are playing well at the right time and are locks for the NCAA Tournament. Now comes the jockeying for a 2 seed rather than a 3 seed.
Who should be favored to win the SEC Tournament now? LSU? Miss State? Vandy? Tennessee, Arkansas, or A&M still?
The top 4 are no doubt super regional hosts, but everyone wants to win. To a team like LSU, getting hot at the right time is crucial to how far they go in the NCAA Tournament. Winning against USCe today puts LSU in perfect position to win the SEC Tournament and climb to a 2 seed rather than a 3 seed in a higher ranked team's regional.
I don't know that I fully agree with that, but to each their own opinion.