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If Cincinnati wins out, they're in. My projected seeding: 1 UGA 2 OU 3 Michigan or Ohio State 4 Cincinnati
This dude keeps dissing Damone Clark. What's he got to do? Play offense too? All he's done is lead the nation in tackles with 100 in 8 games. He's also sacking the QB, has TFLs, has INTs, had forced and recovered fumbles. This kid is on the fringe of the first round. Definitely a second rounder at the least.
Brennan has a big decision ahead of him next season...come back to LSU, transfer, or take a risk going to the NFL. Personally, I think he would make a very good coach. Maybe he should be a GA for LSU especially since the QB room will still be loaded with Johnson, Nussmeier, and Howard.
Who or what are you watching? Burrow is playing like someone who deserves praise and credit. You dispute that? What roomie or 2nd year QB is playing as good as he is behind a porous O-Line that went kaput once Whitworth left for the Rams?
I'm sure coaches have already attempted to slither in like snakes. So far though, they e only suffered one de-commitment. He will probably re-commit after taking other visits and waiting on the new coaching staff. Credit Coach O for keeping the class together.
So? Personally, it's not what I'd want my players or son doing, but, it's easy to let out emotions and steam like that if you'd lost 8 straight to a big rival..many of them close.
Ehh...I don't know about that. Is he going to leave the whining behind? He can't even win at Clemson now. How's he going to win at LSU? I still think Kiffin or Napier should be given priority. Then Tucker and maybe Fickell.
I would love Coach O to stay on as recruiting coordinator for the new coach. At the very least, after 16 months bring him back as an analyst, D-Line coach, or some capacity. I think it's important his strong ties to recruits and the state remain at LSU. Also, I think it would be smart for the new coach to keep Corey Raymond and Mickey Joseph on staff, and try to get a very good RB coach. Bring Tommie Robinson back. Greg McMahon hasn't been bad as Special Teams Coordinator.
Corso...bless his heart...smh The top 4 teams are, and should be UGA Cincinnati Oklahoma Bama. How I think they will end up is the same, except the Big 10 champion at 4.
Probably because they think UGA passing game isn't good enough to beat Bama. Personally, I think it becomes a defensive game, and I trust UGAs defense more. was supposed to be PSU. Thanks for the heads up!
How do you know he won't go to LSU? Are you psychic? You can see the future or something? Smh It would really be something if LSU does indeed sign the 4th legacy QB for the 4th straight class... Max Johnson (Brad), Garrett Nussmeier (Doug), Walker Howard (Jamie), and potentially Arch (Archie/Cooper/Peyton/Eli)
Possible, but he's in his 60s, so I don't see it happening.
Isn't Pitt ranked too low? Or would the committee jump them up? My picks: UGA Cincinnati Oklahoma Big 10 Champ OSU/LSU/Michigan
LSU rebounds and finishes 9-4 including a loss to Bama and a bowl win. Even Coach O said the team is much looser now that there is no uncertainty surrounding his job.
Nothing but respect for the Mannings. They are a good family with good family values. I will, however, always remember 2003 Eli falling down on a 4th down attempt in that 17-14 loss to LSU that sealed the game.
A fitting ending to this game would be Coach O beating the first team to fire him. Looking for a fairly high scoring game. LSU 38 Ole Miss 34
I agree. Saban had a 4 year size to see the progress he made with them. I hope they don't jump the gun on this one. Kiffin and Napier should be at the top.
There aren't many true rivalries inside the SEC. Here's what divisions should look like IMO with Texas and OU. West Division Arkansas Oklahoma Texas Texas A&M Central Division LSU Miss State Missouri Ole Miss South Division Alabama Auburn Tennessee Vanderbilt East Division Florida Georgia Kentucky South Carolina
So we get to listen to Danielson bristle about having to say something positive about LSU playing well during the game. Seems it pains him to give credit where it is due for most teams.
Tucker would be my 3rd option behind Kiffin and Napier. Sucks that LSU lost Miller for the season. I picked him to be Newcomer of the Year. Yet, they still have Missouri transfer Pinson and Cincinnati transfer Eason, both starters for those schools. This team will still be better than anticipated, but I think somehow, Kentucky reclaims the title. Bama lost a big piece with Primo and the other guy..Petty. Petty is gone, right?
Corral or no Corral, I think LSU finds a way to win a close game. Especially since Ole Miss has a bad defense.
And Texas is the only school I’ve seen make visiting team fans sit in a corner of the nosebleeds. I hope our current members repay them in kind. Before last season, LSU was goi g to out Texas fans in a corner of the nosebleeds.
I agree it should be a good game. But, because Ole Miss has a worse defense than LSU, I think they get the W.