Tigers fan through and through bleed purple and gold GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!

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You seem to be underestimating LSU we still have 1 more point to prove though. Dabo so great but coach O is the coach of the year and he isn't gonna slack off anytime soon!!!!
Nah if he was he would be holding the Biletnikoff award!!! BTW stats don't lie especially if you play in SEC west and he couldn't get it in the ACC. Who doesn't even have another ranked team!
You are a hater gotta be a bama fan or maybe A&M regardless whoever you like WE SMOKED EM!!!! Go ahead and keep doubting us like they did all year and this is only our 1st year passing the ball. So go ahead and say your prayers buddy cuz LSU is here to stay!!!!
If I'm not mistaken Ensminger didn't want the OC job but took it anyway. So maybe he is gonna take a lesser role and give Brady the promotion. Anyway I don't think he gets enough credit and is overlooked a lot
Could he isn't a salary cap in college but there is one in the Pros so I beg to differ
All the SEC teams is that pic is wearing the coveted #7 Jersey an LSU tradition!!!
This guy doesn't know what he is talking about didn't even mention the Texas game. And Georgia fans have my respect except the troll no bad mouthing at all RESPECT and hopefully looking forward to playing y'all in the seccg!!!!