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Barnett is from Nashville and is loved there. If that's the draft order and he's available at that pick the Titans are taking him. For the ticket sales AND because Jon Robinson loves workhorses and Barnett is an absolute workhorse. He's not a freak athlete he posts the numbers he does because of his work ethic.
It's stuff like this that make me want to see Tim make it. He's just doing what he wants to do and following his dreams. What's so bad about that?
Huge J'Den fan. Would love for the rest of the SEC to add wrestling again. Last year the Vols had a team in the 80's they finished 3rd at the NCAA's with 3-4 All Americans and a national champion. Then the program was dropped.
Suwannee (University of the South) was in the original SEC
I was thinking the same thing. J'Den Cox is on the fast track to Olympic gold this summer and didn't get a single mention. Two natty's to his name. Writer didn't do much research. The TN wrestling community loves Mizzou wrestling!
Jackson was a savage. But I'd like to add thinking points: For the SC folks- Jackson was born just a few months after his parents immigrated to South Carolina and when he was 7 he was orphaned because Tarleton's men slaughtered his parents on the front steps of the home during the Revolutionary War. That's why he hated the British so much. After the Creek War where Creek tribes fought alongside him and his men to eradicate the few tribes who were murdering and raping villages of white men and civilized creeks he had a treaty signed that resulted in the creek nation leaving relatively peacefully. If you think Jackson was president during the Trail of Tears you're wrong. Jackson tried to remove the Cherokee but in Cherokee Nation V Georgia the SCOTUS determined the Cherokee Nation was an independent sovereign nation within the borders of the US and should be protected by the US military and not removed. Jackson wasn't happy but he said fine and dealt with it. After his second term as president William McKinley came in to office and about that time gold was found in the Georgia mountains. McKinley used that opportunity to override the SCOTUS decision and force the Cherokee out of their homeland. Check the dates of the TOT and Jackson's presidency. Lastly, this isn't about Jackson. This is about the 50,000 men over two wars that altered our nations history. The Volunteers had a lasting impact on our nation's history including the dark marks as many have mentioned. We sent the British packing and told them we meant business when we wrote the greatest breakup letter of all time. Then we aided to the kinda messed up idea of manifest destiny that Texas can thank us for. The war that is the only reason we debate on who the real UT is. Look at how many major cities in Texas are named after Tennesseans. The Tennessee Volunteers have had arguably the biggest influence on American history than any other mascot, at least of a Power 5 conference team. (Obviously barring the military academies)
Because he now has a chip on his shoulder and wants nothing more than to beat Bama. Like Patrick Willis. Tennessee boy who wanted to play for Fulmer but never got the offer so he went to Ole Miss and the rest is history. I'd love for a TN signee to say that stuff about Florida or Georgia. Gives them that extra fire.
Coming from the man who represents Tom Brady and Sean Peyton I could care less what he says.
How many times this preseason did I say on this website that Trevor Daniel would start? y'all said it was between Renfro and Townsend and never gave him a look.
How many times do I have to tell you that Nate Renfro is our #2 punter and Townsend is a longshot #3. Trevor Daniel out kicks both of them.
Gaulden is out for season and Trever Daniel will be the punter
It's a three way battle for punter. Trevor Daniel is leading Renfro for the start. He's got a stronger leg and more hang time but Butch is drawing it out to look for consistency.
Imagine the momentum goingintoTuscaloosa after a win over UGA and a bye week... Might be a Winnable game
I think Kentucky Will be undefeated at home going into the Auburn game. And that game will be interesting for Thursday night and the hype in the atmosphere. UK will go bowling
You will not beat both Tennessee @ Neyland andLSU @ Death Valley. I totally see you beating Auburn. And maybe one of UT/LSU but not both.
Yeah I agree, I think if they can beat Louisville then they're set at 5 wins and all they have to do is get another SEC win. Realistically they can put a scare in the rest of their SEc slate its just a matter of notch one or two wins
How can you not have Cam Sutton on here? Especially after his hit on that poor Oklahoma receiver?
I like the VT and UVA idea, I don't see UVA leaving the ACC though. I DO see FSU and Clemson/GT coming over.
Are you serious? I would be embarrassed if UT stormed the field after a Vandy win. How about UGA after a 6-7 year drought? Maybe Mizzou if that game determines the East. But for Vandy that will never happen.