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Agree. I never expected this to be a great year for the Ags, due to having an unknown QB situation and losing Mike Elko. Those are difficult things to overcome. So my expectations for this year have been very low. Next year and the year after, I expect conference championships and playoff appearances because of our recruiting. That's all I can hope for, because we are stuck with the head coach no matter the outcome.
This isn't even in the top 10 of worst Aggie wins that seemed like losses that I have witnessed in my lifetime. We are what we look like, a bunch of great athletes that are not being coached properly to become a team. I have seen this so many times in the past 25 years of Aggie football, I think I am now a conspiracy theorist and believe something else must be behind this. No team can have the exact same outcomes every decade and never get beyond mediocrity. Hell even Gaylor has recently won a conference championship and a Sugar Bowl for god's sake. 90 minutes up the Brazos.
He's too inexperienced to have any hot sports opinions about the guy. Why don't we give him a few games to get his bearings and start complaining about game 5 like Aggie tradition says we should.
If there's one thing I hate, it's non-Aggies underestimating our ability to be national laughing stocks. C'mon man!
I value Lee Corso's football opinions just below the opinion of the retarded kid at the local fireworks stand. No offense to fireworks stand workers.
I like us at 9-3, but who knows. We don't even know who is starting at QB. We should be great in 2024 with all of the talent we've stacked up, but this year? Who the f knows. The only thing I feel certain of for this year is that we will lose to one of the Mississippi teams. Seams to be a hallmark of an A&M football season.
This is the best news to come out all summer for Aggies. This guy is a bad ass, I would hate for him to not play because of poor decision making. Apparently he's good. Thank the Lord.
Count me in the "I'll believe it when I see it" crowd of Aggie fans. The last time we were really good was in 2012 with JFF and crew. Otherwise, meh. He's a great recruiter, but I don't see Jimbo having the right game-time coaching abilities to take us to the level we are willing to pay for. And all I have to do is point at what's going on at Baylor and say "see what I mean?"
Baylor says "Hello!". Or whatever they say in Waco.
As an Ag, I always believe the Ags are overrated before the season starts. It's called battered Aggie syndrome (BAS). I think the AGs end up top 20 by season's end, but there are too many unknowns, like QB and Oline, to have us thinking we are a top 10 team. I do believe the future looks bright though. I really love being in the SEC. Best thing that has ever happened to Aggie football in my estimation.
It's always lowercase tu. Always. Or T sips. Or Just Sips. Can we all land on Sips? Would be helpful. TIA.
As an Aggie since 1986, I can say that I am just thrilled we are in the mix and being talked about so much. I think our team is heading in the right direction, maybe not there yet this year but I am happy with the place Jimbo has gotten us to. And before it is said yes I know my bar is pretty low. Welcome to being an Aggie.
I will go to my grave knowing that Mack Wilson hit on Speedy Noil was targeting and Mack should have been out of the game. You will never convince me otherwise.
I tend to think of us now as I used to think of Clemson. Remember when "Clemsoning" was a thing? The Ags have tended to have the same issues - we have come up short or embarrassed ourselves in primetime games (77-0 anyone?). I think we are turning a corner just like Clemson did 7 years ago or so. I think Jimbo is the guy to get us around that corner...we will see
I think OU/A&M would be a fun game to watch. I do not think A&M is an elite team this year at all. And I am an Ag. The last A&M team I could argue was elite was 2012 with JFF. I do think we are getting better and that Jimbo's recruiting will have us elite in 2-3 years. But we're not there now. We're on our way.