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Downward move...Will Muschamp..., making 1.25? Texas is not downward, Musahamp is (downward) and I believe that Horns could match any offer if they so wanted. Wow, more delusion-alism.
"Booing has always been a motivator"?! Maybe when directed towards refs who made or have made several bad calls during a game...never against the team you support. Never understood booing personally...a grown man screaming at the top of his lungs...B0000000ah - dumb.
Pretty sure I read an article about another Georgia transfer and toxic environment...don't try to make this about revenge. It is 2 football teams, one established and the other finding out where they are with the program. I think UGA wins because - 1) we have no consistent pass rush, 2) we have had some difficulty in containing the edge 3) our secondary has given up too many big plays on 3rd down
Our best Lineman period is Trey Smith....Cade only started because Johnson was hurt / out.
No doubt! And what's with all the spastic / ADHD capital letters.
Carolina might have something to say about that...we need to play all 40 mins on defense!
Sounds like it's gonna be fun for Smart the next couple of weeks on the court... he'll be hearing about this I am sure!
Seriously?!....still have too many holes to fill...but good step forward!
the only people squawking about Phil coaching, meddling or otherwise leaving Pruitt alone were the people on these boards...never heard any talking head or read any article questioning otherwise...please produce!
Have you talked/know or were a former minor league player...? The pay sucks, the travel is endless, the seasons are long, and the boarding is awful!
Tennessee SOS 24th and Auburn is 26th our RPI is 4th Auburn is....14th. Saw where some Vandy Fan was spouting about our schedule...please tell me how VA, or Meechigan is any better?! His excuse...Zags and Kansas were formerly ranked #1 & 2 at the beginning of the season...they are both still ranked in the top 7 (#5 - #7) halfway through the season. Regardless, it is all about where you end up in March!
Apologists? If he served tenderloin you would be commenting on his arrogance...
It's been purported...the coaching rumor mill has anonymous source who wishes to remain anonymous...
The only thing this guy did not have to work with was an offensive line...WR's and RB's are talented and proved it...when they had the opportunity. With Morris, Lampley and possibly others..fingers crossed, rabbits foot in pocket et. al. Wright; help will be on the way! However, we will still need a couple of recruiting classes to shape up this offensive line.
Because, other conferences play a nine game schedule. I happen to think he is right on the money with his comments. Truth hurts sometimes. about cuz LSU made you play @ 45 percent? big a story as Tua?! Yes, it's not like Fileds hasn't had his chance to demonstrate that all year long, whereas the other guy was inserted in the 2nd half of the national championship game and won!
CrankE, you have been a loong time poster on various Vol sites, and I have always found you insightful, but I believe you to be off base here. I don't see where he is "coaching" anyone - unless this has been reported elsewhere? Why wouldn't he offer support (not a vote of confidence) this team needs it and quite frankly so does the fan base, hell I do! Why/how could anyone find it surprising that he might take special interest in the football program, which is the lifeblood of UT sports, besides the fact he is the AD, a former HOF coach and the main reason why he was hire a successful coach capable of bringing back championships.
Stay Committed Wayna, you are a difference maker that can help turn this thing around. Can't wait to see you playing with Trey!
Good to hear, this is exactly the kind of attitude, leadership and culture this team so desperately needs.
Well, we can't block anyone or get pressure on the Quarterback..should be a marshmallow game. The team that makes a play on special teams here probably wins...and Callaway seems to play fair catch alot instead of returning a ball
Agree with most of what you stated with the exception of never having a winning streak similar to that of Florida's over a team. Tennessee has had two of the longest winning streaks in NCAA history.
What "thing" are you referring to, the fact we are still the 98' NCs?. More likely the fact that SDS is the one doing a week long celebration of the 20th Annie of the 98 team. The University of Tennessee and our "ridiculous" fans will officially recognize and celebrate the anniversary of the championship during the Florida game.
Hater? Seems like he makes some pretty good points?!