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wow...how about cuz LSU made you play @ 45 percent? Fields...as big a story as Tua?! Yes, it's not like Fileds hasn't had his chance to demonstrate that all year long, whereas the other guy was inserted in the 2nd half of the national championship game and won!
CrankE, you have been a loong time poster on various Vol sites, and I have always found you insightful, but I believe you to be off base here. I don't see where he is "coaching" anyone - unless this has been reported elsewhere? Why wouldn't he offer support (not a vote of confidence) this team needs it and quite frankly so does the fan base, hell I do! Why/how could anyone find it surprising that he might take special interest in the football program, which is the lifeblood of UT sports, besides the fact he is the AD, a former HOF coach and the main reason why he was hired...to hire a successful coach capable of bringing back championships.
Stay Committed Wayna, you are a difference maker that can help turn this thing around. Can't wait to see you playing with Trey!
Good to hear, this is exactly the kind of attitude, leadership and culture this team so desperately needs.
Well, we can't block anyone or get pressure on the Quarterback..should be a marshmallow game. The team that makes a play on special teams here probably wins...and Callaway seems to play fair catch alot instead of returning a ball
Agree with most of what you stated with the exception of never having a winning streak similar to that of Florida's over a team. Tennessee has had two of the longest winning streaks in NCAA history.
What "thing" are you referring to, the fact we are still the 98' NCs?. More likely the fact that SDS is the one doing a week long celebration of the 20th Annie of the 98 team. The University of Tennessee and our "ridiculous" fans will officially recognize and celebrate the anniversary of the championship during the Florida game.
Hater? Seems like he makes some pretty good points?!
Sure would like to see some dominating play from this position again! Seems like it has been along time since we had a couple of LBs that would hunt and destroy.
I agree. Also, the UT administration's did themselves and the program no favors by not publicly quelling those "Grumors" making the fanbase look even more fanatical, and stupid. This is likely another reason we have a new AD!
Can't disagree more! Kirk has always demonstrated his non-biased opinions and I think gives great analysis to all games, is spot on most of the time with how he views the games from a tactical standpoint. He has often praised the SEC when it is warranted. Those who disagree are just haters, nothing more.
But wait, you missed that the Tennessee coaching search continues to either "drag" or "wear" on. The most important piece of journalistic information provided with each one of his articles.
Protecting him? Nice interpretation. We should be taking ownership of the fiasco that has been happening for far too long and allows fan bases like yours to make comments to fuel the fire.
Let's not start bashing Gruden now. This has been what has made this whole coaching hire a joke. Jon Gruden wasn't coming, and tons of fans kept that noise going, and Currie should have stopped that mess early and that is why (a big reason) he is gone. Yeah, Gruden could have said I like what I am doing and I am staying, but did he have too, no. Stop saying he is no friend to the University, just because of how this thing with him turned out, this is the UT administration's fault. Jimbo said it in his presser yesterday and Phil has said it for years, it starts all the way at the top, from the BOT, to the University Pre, Chancellor, on down. UT has been abysmal in this arena for 20 years and this is why we are at the bottom needing to work our way up.
A smile is all you've got Urbie, that wasn't an answer.55 says it all!
CClausen71, Mr home Decor, please go hang some blinds, sell some, make recommendations to my next door neighbors wife, or whatever is that panzy occupation but please get a life and stop waiting on the next Vol coaching article to post your bulldog loving opinion on us hillbillies. We all know Ned Beaty's purty mouth sure did "squeal like a pig" in the hills of Jawja! Gotta love it thar precious. I think I'll take the Sunbrella shades!
No thanks. I was kind of excited when I heard he was coming in to coach the DL at the beginning of the year. Sadly, I have been unimpressed. Maybe it is the gutting of our linebackers and secondary, not sure. Whatever it is, just hasn't worked out. Next!
OMG?! Really, is this the excuse we are going to hear from Dawg fans?! Awbun kicked it plain and simple. You guys were kidding yourselves thinking you were actually #1 in the country. I posted before and today proved it, Bama. Even with the injuries, Bama still beats AU and UGA.
Lose Kirkland before the season starts, Jennings the first game, our other LB the 3rd game, Kelly our AA KR, player suspensions for one reason or another and now down to a rotation of what 7 now maybe 5 OL? FSU was talked about like the 2nd coming. They lose one player and everybody gives them a pass. Do people really look at why a season goes awry?
I posted in an earlier article about Frost's pedigree. I would much prefer him coming to K-town over anyone. He would understand the culture, and would not have to have the 5 stars to be competitive. Can coach both offense, defense and develop players. Unfortunately, I would not be surprised, if Dr. Tom hasn't already placed a call for his son to come home. I am sure they aren't sitting on their dam thumbs waiting until the season ends...to see how things unfold, or whatever UT is doing!!
Jawja is good, but does anyone really believe they are better than the tide?!
I remember when Florida fans were calling Grier a Prima Dona, when it was rumored he was going to transfer and telling him good riddance. Well, "how do you like me now"?
This has been the recurring theme of the Butch Jones era...
Why, because we have actually won National Championships?? Hell even a conference championship would be nice for you. Who is delusional. BTW, despite the crappy season we are having, still a pretty solid class coming in, unless it falls apart with the coaching change. Check the last 5 recruiting cycles and tell me top recruits won't/aren't coming. Ho back to fishing.
#7! Imagine if Tennessee was actually winning!? Haven't been in the big dance since 14' struggling in football, even lady Vols BB has been painful to watch. Thank goodness for... Softball.