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BT, are you serious? It would do nothing to ease to problem that the conference has now. Of course it would make the path for LSU much easier.
JR - As a UT fan, I agree, but it's "the rule". By the rule, they missed the call. Look at the targeting call that was called against UT, Gilaspia got throttled because he lost his vision of the field. He was definitely NOT defenseless and the hit originated as a shoulder to shoulder hit. The real problem is that "the rule" is a stupid rule and is not interpreted the same by any two people. Same thing for a catch (who the heck knows what one is anymore). Don't even get me started on "replays" and "the booth". Good luck to TxA&M, we might get the chance to see each other again in Dec.
Forcedtorque, that was Capstone's point, just like Clowney is from SC and Russell is from Mississippi. You have to keep your state's talent in state.