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Big,Big I mean Big I really like our chances to win the SEC not just the SEC East gotta make it happen fellas if not next year I don’t know when Kirby is going to win the championship or if he is even capable team is going to be loaded time for the excuses for Kirby to stop get it done or get somebody in there who can... Barring any injuries I don’t wanna hear any excuses injuries are not excuses they are actual facts or reasons
I personally would prefer an 8 team playoffs, However I think this one would be awesome
#3 is the only one I agree with,You can’t put a guy with one leg out there if he’s not quite ready he’s just not ready no fault of Kirby’s own, now to throw to your TE you need to have a quarterback that is accurate enough to get passes down the seams we didn’t have that so how are you suppose to use the TE when the receivers barely was getting it... Guess they just need something to write about
Why is everyone trying so hard to get Ohio State in the playoffs when they’ve only played four games?You have other teams out there that have played a full schedule or close to it.Going thru the grind of the season playing games through injuries all that matters they haven’t had to do it because they haven’t played any games so how do we know they’re one of the best four teams when they haven’t been through the same things as all the other teams, all the more reasons this year if not any other they should’ve expanded the playoffs to at least eight teams...jmho
@Nashvillegator So I hear you’re giving oh Danny boy a pass for losing to the best coach of all times...Where is that same pass for Kirby Smart the man lost like eight games in the past four years three of those losses have come to the greatest coach of all times just saying
Yeah sure UGA has no excuses not to win this game I mean your starting quarterback opt out before the season even begins half of your defensive starters banged up or not even gonna play.Not to mention the second best receiver out for the year best receiver may not play we should do just fine against UF......Man if UF doesn’t beat UGA this year by at least 10 it says a lot more about them than it does UGA also if Dan Mullen can’t beat Kirby Smart and UGA this year he never will gator fans
@usmcvol1371Game is over move on don’t be so upset your team played hard Pruitt got those guys headed in the right direction.
Well are any of you willing to go work for food and not money but could also get injured on the job and end up with nothing.No so don’t expect the players to do the same it’s time for them to get paid.... It’s a Billion $ business you want someone to play for free Don’t wanna hear anything about a scholarship is there money no stop it. We got offensive and defensive coordinator‘s making over $1 million a year just to stand on the sidelines,But the players they get a scholarship and supposed to be fine in what world is that right.........
Let the kids play if they wanna play they already have an opt-out option.B10 needs to grow a pair
Gators worried about UGA but shouldn’t until the game actually arrives. I got UF with 3 L’s by end of season.Tenn,Texas a&m,and UGA not getting to Atlanta sorry guys.I’ll be back in December to remind you of this psychic reading I gave you guys
@Sparky Gator You sure sound mad bringing up UGA’s schedule which is still harder than Uf’s btw...I love these schedules if anybody got the shaft that would be Missouri
It’s hilarious the gators supposed to be so good but crying about a schedule because they get Alabama and A&M bring it on us Dawgs don’t give a d**n who we play bring it on.Just goes to show you they don’t think they are good as their mouths are pretending to be.Nothings fair about any schedules in college football conferences not equal stop crying let’s play ball
JT Daniels will not see the field for UGA unless Jamie Newman gets hurt.Yeah he’s gonna play that good all you doubters sit back and watch I’ll just be here to tell you I told you so at the end of the year.Honestly looking at the schedule I don’t see a game he’s gonna lose besides maybe Alabama and I’m not too sure UGA loses that one.That’s JMO
@Gator out west Yeah so you’re telling me you think they will let high school students play football but not college students and they generate way more money than high schools for the state I know exactly what I’m talking about and what I’m reading.... Question is can you comprehend anything?Being a gator and all.
Wow I can say I’m honestly shocked while also happy at the same time this means I’m gonna have me some college football for sure I was in doubt for a moment
Problem is Connor the gators D has been pretty good against UGA it’s the head coach that you and everybody else praise as this offensive guru he’s the one holding the gators back against UGA his offense can’t score more than 20 points But just overlook that fact keep talking about the defense until they score at least 28 points Mullen is never going to beat Kirby but hey this is the year right??I doubt it but you and the gators fans please keep your hopes alive we did lose the South Carolina last year so I guess anything is possible only difference is y’all won’t slip by the Dawgs like the Cocks.Pretty sure Mullen and the gators will have Kirby and the Dawgs full attention so if you do win it will be a well earned W
@GatorFan9696 He was pretty good but he was just inconsistent most of the time good player need more consistency to be a starter
Gonna be a couple more in the portal we have to lose 4-5 by August 20 was at like 89 got to get down to 85 no surprise here
Not true Bama is going to get Ferguson out of UGA this weekend I hate to say but I do think we get this kid Mims
Do thing UGA has a chance for the #1DT Korey the Cali kid
Nothing to see here LSU lock these kids love to troll other schools
He still would have a hell of a lot more than Dan Mullen cause he’s just a beater coach and better recruiter stop making Excuses for the man just because he’s your coach he hasn’t won anything in 13 years as a head coach not even a freaking division title.If your team is good enough to become number one in the country I’m sure they’re good enough to at least win the division he just didn’t get it done facts are facts
@Marshgator89 What I can tell you is in 4 yrs of head coaching Kirby smart has way more hardware than your coach has in 13 years 2 schools but he’s the better coach who in the hell is going to believe that with a straight face.I for one thinks Kentucky coach is a better coach than Dan Mullen but that’s just me he’s a good coach but the hype for him and the gators is greatly overblown in my opinion if they don’t beat UGA this year what will your excuse be for all the gator fans you have to win that game I’m glad the pressures all on you now even better for Kirby and the boys
Think Tars Heels beats UGA out on this kid seems pandemic really cost us with this one
I don’t know why everyone’s assuming UF is gonna make it out of Tennessee with the win I honestly think Tennessee is going to beat UF this year not sure about UGA chances against Bama although I will say I like our chances more than most so Yeah UF must beat UGA if they want to win the East don’t care how nobody try’s to spen it...They absolutely must not gonna win the East without beating UGA point blank. So I guess they won’t be winning the east anytime soon HaHa
White is about to wake a lot of people up this year he’s got his Explosiveness back everyone knows you’re better the second year back after knee surgery than the first that’s why I don’t know why everyone is so high on Dylan Moses third game against UGA he’s not gonna be nearly as good as he’s going to be at the end of the season for that simple fact alone UGA chances of winning goes up.Then with Jamie Newman and a new offense there’s no way we’re gonna be worse.To say the least I like our chances in week three more than most people may think
Better go ahead and put George Pickens on that list you heard it here first
I for one definitely will be pulling for the young man but I also wish the media would pump the brakes