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UGA will go undefeated just watch say what you like.I’ll be back at the end of the season just to say I told y’all so book it.Our Time Has Come
Gonna be a good football team just a tough schedule
Agreed you're only as good as your last game we lost our last game to Florida last 2 to be exact but Georgia has won 3 out of the last five games played in this series and still up 8 on you guys but it doesn't matter to recruits only when the Gators win I guess yes the Gators are better yes they should win but for some reason I'm not buying it I like my Dawgs in this one to make the series record 51-42-2 UGA advantage so all of uou Gator fans remember you're still playing catch-up so when you brag about beating Georgia remember you guys are eight games behind
Put Eason On Alabama roster and then we will see who stats are better he will blow hurts passing stats out the window not rushing but passing not even close
Big Dawg fan here but we suck what team are you watching we can't beat any SEC teams left on our schedule we might just go winless the rest of the season this is terrible Kirby has got to do much better....A lot of it has to do with coaching some of these young freshman he has are playing their hearts out, keep trying to run the ball but clearly it's not working the passing game was going so do what's working stupid play calling, this team is just not talented enough to have bad coaching... UGA is 4 - 3 one can argue with better coaching we could have beat Tennessee and Vandy which would give us a 6-1 record not giving up on him just yet but when he does get his guys in here he still has to coach much better the staff as a whole has to coach much better I won't even get started on special teams...At this point we can win out or we can lose out I'm not sure which way we're going to go...Go Dawgs
You gave me 9 reasons Tennessee will win the game and I'll give you 1 reason they won't... it's Alabama
Auburn we have beaten Georgia twice in the past 11 to 12 years what have y'all done to make you think anything will change this year you guys win a game and now you say you're on a Championship run yeah right you still suck and will definitely lose to Bama,Georgia and Ole Miss maybe Arkansas... you guys will finish 3 -3 at Best But I'm honestly looking at an 2-4 finish enjoy it while the sorry Dawgs in the east finish with a 10-2 record once they went out
Okay we get it you love your Vols but let's not act like a Hail Mary doesn't involve a little luck no matter who it is... it may only be completed one out of ten times that's not a little lucky???
They're actually both as are most championship teams...Yes even Alabama championship teams have had some luck... not quite sure Tennessee is a championship team but they are good and they are lucky... Let the Season play out and we all will see
Great game.... man I love my Dawgs and I think Kirby Smart cost his team the game in the last 3 minutes you never throw out of your own End Zone with a true freshman and a shaky oline... with all that said great win for the vols this team keep fighting and some of you Tennessee fans need to wake up and look around see what is going on with your team it's something special just look at how they're winning sometimes to win championships it takes things like that to get there it's only going to make them better as the season goes on all they have to do is get one of the next two games and I think they will you guys may be in the college football playoffs wake up and support... SEC championship game is a lock with wins over Florida and Georgia so book your tickets
One hell of a game don't ruin it by saying Tennessee was beating themselves we actually we're working them physically... first game of year I would be at all I actually looked more physical than the other team until the second half that is.... Tennessee experience senior quarterback Junior defensive end took over the game... love Kirby Smart but he definitely cost his guys the game in the last 3 minutes no way you pass out of your own End Zone with a true freshman and a shaky oline
Missouri is going to be LSU,UGA is going to upset Tenn & Florida will beat Vanderbilt...The rest no need to explain we already know who will win those...Ain't it's funny how things play out UGA looked so bad last week but after this Saturday they will be in first place in the east just watch....
You guys will lose Saturday in Athens book it.... bad as we looked all season Watch What Happens.... that's just the way the game goes
Lol... laugh now cry later have a good weekend cause next weekend it won't feel so good when UGA upsets Tennessee in Athens just watch...despite how bad we looked they're going to beat you guys I can just feel it.......
Yeah but they got too much speed and D for our dawgs too.... hate to say it but the Gators are going to win the East again defense too nasty Tennessee and Georgia offensive line not good enough...
WTF no way in hell Tennessee gets 30 points on that Gator D.... big dawg fan here but Florida is going to win the East again Tennessee and Georgia O line it's absolutely TRASH..... our receivers and D line 2... give Kirby 2 more years and we're going to be hell to beat
Big Dawg fan here but Fla not only will beat tenn they will win the East.....UGA & Tenn O-line is just trash combine that with the fact that Fla D is just NASTY....Don't think neither team beats that unit
Pass was not lucky look at the tape E-ZPass to make no safety on the top too bad Florida quarterbacks can't make that play your defense save your ass every season this year we may just have a quarterback that can beat them...albeit that's a mighty Big Might I'm a big Dawg fan but the Gators D is just nasty
When he does that to Ole Miss I want you to get on here and explain exactly what it is then
The East is wide open I love my Dawgs but we just not good enough on offense or defense line,The winner of this game will definitely be in the driver's seat with that being said I will pick Florida to win the East again their defense is just the best out of the two other teams....Tennessee & UGA not quite there yet
You should know by now the way you play one team don't mean that's the way you will play another look at the way you play VT and look at the way you played App State these teams are struggling against lesser opponents aren't playing with any passion or will to win they only do that against good competition that's what separates Alabama from the rest of the nation they want to destroy any and everything in their way as for my Dawgs we are just not there yet let the season play out to see where we go from here way too early to call who is the best in the east we all know who is the best in the SEC and the nation...Bama
Actually agree with everything you said big dawg fan here but these rankings suck we need to just let the season play out because right now there's no way Georgia is a top 15 team period maybe not even top 20 but the games will speak for themselves keep winning and that can change don't care how you win long as you win
U smoking crack Chubb is BACK....U ALL SIT BACK & WATCH
"BIG THINGS COMING"....All my dawg bros. just sit back let the haters hate,while we celebrate change is here...Tenn,Fl,Ole miss all going down then the respect will follow😆
It's not like Georgia is going to win the national championship this year to go 9 and 3 with a freshman quarterback is great I pray they start Eason Let him get his lumps early out the way it will pay off next year when they certainly have a chance to compete for the college football playoffs...going 9-3 with Greyson Lambert will only make us wonder what if. Also I don't think we lose to both Florida and Tennessee this year I think we get one of those games Tennessee to be exact
Wow I'm a big-time Georgia fan but even I expect Tennessee to win the East this year. With that being said if Eason lives up to the hype we definitely have enough talent to take it I think we're a decent quarterback away so next year and years to come look out Dawgs will have the east on lock and the SEC trust me
For a division that supposed to be so weak I see three teams that can possibly compete for a playoff spot don't know about you but that's what I see.that's weak I'll take it and if you take a good look at the West they only have three legit playoff contenders let's be real LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss in the east Georgia,Florida Tennessee enough said
Agreed they are in the same boat as Georgia one quarterback away from being very good if Eason some how lives up to the hype look out for us we will be playing in the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship...
Death,taxes,Georgia running back hurt and Georgia kick Auburn ass once a year you forgot about that one....