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Tee-hee that's funny. I bet they're especially pissed that Georgia is #3 since they're back and all......
Jeudy, Jeudy, Jeudy.....dude is bad!
Let's just go with overall record because anyone can focus on a time frame that would be favorable. So Florida says 51-43-2 Dawgs and Georgia says 52-43-2. Either way Dawgs on top.
2 weeks later and it didn't age well at all......lolol
If you really want to do a fair, comparable comparison, Mullen's first year as head coach in the SEC at Mississippi State he went 5 - 7. If you want to compare Mullen's head coach years against Kirby as a DC at Bama, Kirby's record will still come out on top.
Yeah, good luck with recruits and their families reading this mess.
Why didn't the gators make it to the SECC? Oh I forgot UGA, and Kentucky, and Mizzou.
Not really. We just hate head coaches always talking she-ot and not able to back it up.
But for now, stomping gators suits me just fine. 11-02-2019, Part III of the beat down.
Sorry but I have worked in higher education for over 25 years and just finished a 3-year project at UF. If you have a football team on the level of UF and the coach tells housing that a football/basketball player needs to be moved, housing FINDS a room IMMEDIATELY.
Maybe time is better spent addressing the concerns of your players instead of thinking of stupid ways to troll other teams. I'm glad Kirby doesn't talk smack cuz karma is a beeyotch.
I hope LSU KILLS Texas and ends all that "We're back" crap.
Bless your heart wagdaddy. Your day will come.
Uh, yall are just keeping it real. I can't even talk smack. I'm going to another site.......lolol!
Mizzou beat gators by more than we did last year. Got 'em with the 1, 2 punch! Gators play at Mizzou and gonna get double-spanked again.
Why is Florida so worried about our trophy case? Instead of keeping 'Georgia On Your Mind" you need to be worried about the epic "kirb" stomping coming your way on November 2nd, Part III.
Kirby will provide his reply in Jacksonville on the football field in November.
We lost to LSU by 20 points, not by as much as the "curb stompping" that Clemson put down in the Natty.