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I agree. Defense is on fire. Offense gotta get it together.
Yes, I'm just loving all the SHADE, especially since Dawg fans are always so angry.....lolol!
That's why I wait until the end of the game to post! lolol....GO DAWGS!!!
I died 10 times during that game. Credit to Notre Dame for taking it to the wire.
Yes it aged quite well, didn't it? GO DAWGS!!!!
Thanks for being so interested in Jake's stats. We're good.
And to think the Vols "stole" Chaney from UGA......THANK YOU! smdh
I agree. If you are an undergrad transfer, it's automatic you will sit out a year. It may make you think before transferring and before picking a school in the first place. I think once you have your degree you should be allowed to transfer as a Grad with immediate eligibility. Make the rule to same for everyone.
And I'm very very disappointed with Enos for ripping a young man to the public like that. Fix mistakes in house. No wonder Enos never stays with any team for very long.
Enos sucks. You fix playing issues internally but don't throw a young man under the bus!!
Losing to Texas A&M on purpose??? No, no, just no.....
I think the trend of the players who are going to the NFL sitting out of the bowl games will make the non-CFP games mean less and less. I don't like it but it's their decision to do what's best for them.
Franks is gonna have to get some thicker skin. You can't "clap back" at everyone who doesn't pick you or who boo's you.
Funny that people are looking for smoke were there is none. Good luck Skinny QB! I hope you show out this year!
So what you are saying is that UGA has higher ranked 2020 commits from the state of Florida than the FLAGSHIP university of the state of Florida? How does THAT happen?
Florida doesn't care about recruiting rankings since they recruit from the portal.
Maybe Mullen will try that failed flea-flicker on the first play as he did last season. I know he remembers how it was successful against Miss State on the Dawgs first play and since Georgia is always on his mind......