Georgia Peach

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I know right. Very unfortunate and a sad story all around.
"We compromised, and ended up with a corgi...." too funny! Yes, us women have a way of making you think you're compromising, HA! I couldn't sell my dogs for any amount of money.
OK, I did chuckle at "relentless effort".........HA! GO DAWGS!!!
I think I read somewhere 36k or something. I was curious, too.
The Vols are gonna be contenders if not this season it'll be very soon.
Tee-hee that's funny. I bet they're especially pissed that Georgia is #3 since they're back and all......
Jeudy, Jeudy, Jeudy.....dude is bad!
Let's just go with overall record because anyone can focus on a time frame that would be favorable. So Florida says 51-43-2 Dawgs and Georgia says 52-43-2. Either way Dawgs on top.
2 weeks later and it didn't age well at all......lolol
If you really want to do a fair, comparable comparison, Mullen's first year as head coach in the SEC at Mississippi State he went 5 - 7. If you want to compare Mullen's head coach years against Kirby as a DC at Bama, Kirby's record will still come out on top.
Yeah, good luck with recruits and their families reading this mess.
Why didn't the gators make it to the SECC? Oh I forgot UGA, and Kentucky, and Mizzou.
Not really. We just hate head coaches always talking she-ot and not able to back it up.
But for now, stomping gators suits me just fine. 11-02-2019, Part III of the beat down.
Sorry but I have worked in higher education for over 25 years and just finished a 3-year project at UF. If you have a football team on the level of UF and the coach tells housing that a football/basketball player needs to be moved, housing FINDS a room IMMEDIATELY.