Georgia poppy Kicker

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I love it!!!! I can't wait to see what so called other elite SEC team fans come up with when the Gators teach them a lesson........I wish that the Steel boy had ranked them Gators the worst team in the country...LOL, you boys eat your cereal the day you challenge the mighty will be running into your holes faster than your poodle girls..see you November 1st!! You will be choking on your words...
He doesn't need to. He knows how to coach and develope talent...unlike you know who....keep recruiting falling stars...
Next, another loss to Bama and Florida....that is how stars shine in rotten peach state...LOL
It doesn't matter, he can't win on the field...another empty bark with no bite from baby cry dog college...LOL..keep counting your stars till you pass out dog boy!!LOL
bark state cant win....that is why bulldogs are show dogs...pretty useless!!lol
LOL, dream never win shoud be called empty bark state university!!LOL you all have kirby dumb dog....the underachiever for 5 star (fake star) ugly dog u...LOL
Beat any baby cry dog overrated 5 star...see you here on Nov 1st!
You keep worrying about your stars dog doesn't matter. You are going to be so embarrassed after Mullen teaches kirby dumb dog another lesson in coaching...I wonder what kind of excuse ya all baby cry dogs are gonna bark out coming November 1st! LOL
Better than loaded underachiever 5 star dog pond...our 3 stars put your 5 stars on a leash...see you here on Nov 1st dog boy!
Aren't you supposed to sniff rear ends dog boy? You stay at your owners feet, Bama and Florida. british are a relic, including disgusting british rear end licking dogs!
Funny, playing with children is common in UGA, didn't you just have a pedephile in your athletic department? Georgia tradition. Lets not talk about how you treat women....disgusting british dogs....
Shut your smelly arse smelling british dog mouth. You are a relic of the past times. You will never ever win another natty. You guys make armies of 5 stars into 3 star average losers...proven year after year for the past 40 years, you have the brain of an ugly british dog to see it. But then again,, you live in the cesspool of the south...go what a dog does, sniff and lick arse and stay at your owners feet..Gators and Bama..LOL
dogs know how to lick each others arses, LOL. a dog deserves a dog...
After that georgia college will disappear every are not relevant anymore...never was really....
Blah, blah, blah, another season another BS predication about ugly british dogs.....aren't you guys tired of your disappointing existence in SEC? Your problem is that you have the british colors, have a british mascot....and live in a state named after the british king that fought United need to build up your foundation first...LOL you guys are bunch of drooling losers...Never Ever college of georgia will ever win a National Championship!! NEVER!
You know what dogs do? Lick arse, get on with ugly british dog..LOL
Dogs always sh111t on each other and then lick each others arse, enjoy dog boy!
Another criminal from the British dog university...bad dogs get punished. This punk needs to go to jail (cage). Typical ugly dog...
Who cares, you still lost to Mighty Gators! LOL. And Bama as always is going to put you in your cage....
Stop being a disgusting dog....i am sure it is systematic in UG. The truth about your cesspool will be exposed.
LOL, typical georgian, who is next? kirby dumb dog? Criminal U of G!! You guys are real dogs...You live up to your ugly name.
No one does the dogs better than us, you lost in Football and basketball, so stop barking and go do what you georgians are good at,
We put shoes in the rear arse of dogs in football abd basketball and you love it, good dog!
You are right, we gang bang you all the time, get used to it like a dog that you are! LOL
Dumbest hire of the year.This is great, I love it...loser dog going back to
Dog goes back to his cage! LOL, you all keep sniffing each others rear will never ever win a NC!!! Just be a good obedient disappointment of a good ugly drooling dog! So stupid to hire a loser dog..then again, what can I say about kirby dumb dog...
Don't forget your spot dog...that is what you are a dog. Stay at your owners feet. That is me. I alow you to sniff rear ends of other long as they are as ugly and drooling as you.