Georgia poppy Kicker

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Hey, poodle, you got your ass kicked by Bama, roll tide. Trask is going to tear it too, so go sniff some rear end....isn't that what you dogs do? No wonder you are so ugly!!! you don't have much time left!
Everyone has seen enough of you losers, just go disappear somewhere....
Go sniff because that what you dogs are good at!!
Just stop whining. What is it with puppies? go back to your cage!!lol
Kirby dumb dog and the british ugly dogs are losers! tradition continuous!!
You need a new is the same every year! lol
We know what it means, georgia is a typical loser dog, never disappoints to fizzle out! lol
georgia media is better off showing dog shows!! lol
Stop whining you little baby cry dog. You guys are losers. It is in you dog dna, lol
Bunch of baby cry dogs, I told you before, Bama is going to roll over you poodles. kirby dumb dog and the uga are nothing but a disappointment. lol, once again a typical embarrassing disappointment. Roll tide!!!
You haven't won anything yet crotch boy...stop barking
They are like their mascot, poor excuse for a dog! Useless and ugly.
The rise of the sleeping giant. It will be a surprising Gator with demolition of jimbo. As the Tide Rolled, so will the Giant Gator!
I get Bama and Florida. Georgia is fake. Kirby is just not good enough. He lost his opportunity already. He is playing catch up now. Can't properly develop players. Auburn was way overrated. Bama will destroy uga.
Crotch boy, you will be crotchless after Bama tears it. Role tide!
You all stop barking cause Bama will put you back in the cage and make an obedient poodle out of you ugly british dogs! Lol
You worry about kirby dumb dogs style. Uga's time is never, ever end of the story. Go buy a 1980 poster and drool over it in your own cage dogboy!
Hey, nigandog, what i want to know is when is uga's time? Oh wait, I have the answer, never!! Lol. I have said this before and I say it again, go back to your cage dogboy!
Crotch the moron will be sniffing like a good gig! Lol. Ugly british dog!!!