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LOL, agreed, these British dogs are the real delusionals. TN might win a NC in the future, UGA already lost their opportunity and chocked on their food! They are set with their mediocre coach.
Well, we know that UGA can't never win anything regardless of how many stars they gather, put them on the walls boys... TN might find a good coach....UGA has Kirby dumb dog...incompetent as the mascot (poor excuse for a dog)...can't develop talent, can't call plays...1980
Crotch of Urban Meyer, how does in smell down there, take a sniff of that crotch like a dog that you are! LOL. Florida and Bama will beat your ugly British ass again and again and again...
Hey Crotch Of Urban Meyer, don't forget your ugly arse was torn by Florida and Bama. Now like a good dog go back to your cage before you get kicked have been in that cage since 1980.
Anything is better than having a #1 recruiting classes and still be a loser, fitting for a state named after a british king with a british mascot and british red jacket army colors. You lost the war a long time ago dog boy...just and your colors are a relic.
My 4 loss Gators beat your all 5 star stop barking british dog!
8-4 team beat the crap out of your team, stop barking...relic of underachiever uga
Mullen has decided to stay at Florida and make defeat you again. You were hoping he would leave, sorry to break the bad news to you poodle.
He has already done a lot more with the talent he has had compared to kirby dumb dog. That is why no NFL team will never ever even mention kirby as a potential (he has none). Mullen has decided not to go to NFL. He has decided to stay at Florida and destroy the british dog boys. You are done...sorry to break the bad news for you....
Lol, awesome...the fact is that even HS kids are noticing it. He can't coach. uga has had so many 5 stars it is astonishing that they haven't materialized. kirby is milking the dumb dogs! LOL...all bark and no bite...just like a useless british ugly bulldog!
No, kirby is a loser underachiever. Florida will not even piss on him.
You need to fire under achiever kirby dumb boy. Any coach would have won a NC with the talent he has had in the past few years..what a loser. No NFL team would ever look at him...the recruites have started notincing it too. No more top 2 recruiting classes, going down fast poodles! LOL
bettre than what georgia people dring...poodle piss!
You guys are over! Mullen decided not to interview and will be staying at Florida. He will not be leaving untill UF wins a NC. Something that uga will never ever achieve again. Just to be a thorn in your eyeball!!! LOL uga is going to be the 3rd best team in SEC east from now on....
Sorry poodle, Mullen has decided to stay at Florida and destroy you guys. uga and kirby are done! LOL
False. Mullen is staying at Florida...he has decided not to interview for NFL. Sorry uga fans, you are doomed!!
Look, it doesn't matter if uga gets every single 5 star under the sky, they have an underachiever coach (the word is out on recruiting trail..he cant develop players. He should have won a NC with all the talent he has had. Look at LSU!) who is a bad play caller and has poor judgement when it comes to choosing and retaining players. Mullen turns top tier NFL draft picks out of players that no one wanted (both Kyles). No NFL team will ever want a coach like kirby. Recruites have noticed and the word is out that uga is going to be what it is long as dumb dog is the coach.
On the other han, Mullen developes players, kirby dumb dog...can't and has underachieved with all the 5 stars that he has recruited...the word has gotten out.
Gainsville is where you go to become a better player, athens is where you go to ... well...underachieve every season...athens burns in the cant escape it...uga ie a sad relic...
No poodle boy, he understands that he will lose his hard earned stars at a college whose coach underachieves with all the weapons he has...
uga has a dumb dog coach that makes poor players out of army of 5 stars and achieves nothing...hey he makes good your expense!
Dumb dog is good at converting 5 stars to 3 stars. The ones that retain their stars transfer. Coach Mullen and coach Sabin, convert 3 stars to 5 stars. FACTS! college of georgia is a relic....
he is a nobody...he won't do anything