Georgia poppy Kicker

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Another waste...he won't be developed as Kirby Dumb has proven in the past few years...
Stop winning and live up to your so called BS 5 stars you baby cry dogs! i meant to say puppies.
Typical Georgia poodle. You will never win a National Championship...losers.
What a baby cry dog! Stop barking poodle. No wonder all these 4 /5 stars from Georgia can't win a NC. Man up you little puppy. Typical Georgia player.
Poodles! Dogs are good at licking!LOL
Wishful thinking. You guys should have won 2 NC but your couch can't develop players. He sucks, like a dog...fitting.
Bold prediction: Poodles fizzle out again..deflated like a popped balloon. Georgia is a relic. Never ever a natty for poodles. Kirby dumb can't develop players. Proven fact! LOL
Shut up poodle. Kirby dumb can't develop players. That is the only thing he has proven. A dog is only good for kicking. Specially if it is british and not American. Poodle boy!
Accept the fact. You will never ever win a national championship. Kirby Dumb can't do it. With Al the 5 stars you have had, it is embarrassing to be a dog, I meant a poodle!
The difference is that unlike the poodles University, players are developed at Florida. You develope baby cry dogs.