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I love when Auburn fans jump in and try and throw stats at UGA without doing research. Florida actually has the most SEC arrest not UGA. Your obviously am idiot so I did the research for you. Get a great education? I hope your not serious. How many Rhodes scholars does Auburn have? Not as many as UGA. Auburn is a second rate school that takes in all the trash from other SEC schools. Auburn only has 2 wins against UGA in the last 11 years!! Scam Newton and Marshall.
Never would be the wrong answer bud we have two national titles. Although the last one came 35 years ago. Which is what makes Georgia fans so crazy. We have consitantly recruited some of the best players in the country and have had some of the best rosters in the country but can never seem to put it all together.
They don't like coming to Athens cause we throw things at them and chant don't pick us!
Looking foward to this game. These next two weeks are going to be really tough with Mizzou and Arkansas. Mauk is going to put up some numbers on our terrible secondary. These guys wont add many numbers to their sack totals this week. Only because Georgia isnt passing much this year with the running backs we have. Not just Gurley watch out for Chubb too.