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This season was saban’s final chance. It’s all downhill from here.
It must be so embarrassing to be a gator fan now. What an absolute sh!t show this Florida football team is.
I heard that the bama locker room is a special place for them. They all probably have STDs.
And we won’t face a Bryce young next year either.
This comment didn’t age well lol. You were only a few days late.
I’m not r@cist voltard. That program doesn’t let many white people in and that is by definitioN, P R EJUDICE!!
He will transfer somewhere else and win the heisman.
Jalen milroe still isn’t a good qb. JJ McCarthy is a real qb.
The Florida a&m n iggers are about to cost me 10,000 grand.
The moon landing was obviously fake. Why would we actually go to the moon?? There’s nothing there, like absolutely nothing lol.
Drink is an idiot that got lucky with a QB Brady cook. Florida State didn't deserve to be in the playoffs.
Just so he could get wrecked by Georgia again. Good for him.
Florida State owns you. We own you. UCF own you lmao.What a joke.
Did you have a difficult time trying to write something about Florida Andrew? The death of the Florida football program is incredibly satisfying to watch. This is embarrassing for the SEC.
The LSU coaches need help from an AI because they can't coach. This explains a lot.
Being 5-7 can only take you so far. Y’all lost to a backup quarterback. Congratulations.
It was great while it lasted. Our downfall starts here.
This is the best “overreacting” article I’ve read this season.
With a 4 team playoff the committee has to see it that way. I 100% agree with this.
The new playoff should’ve started out with this bracket in the first place. Too many teams have been left out. With that being said, in a 4 team playoff, the sec could be left out. I’m not arguing against bama but if the committee looks at the season as a whole then idk how you don’t put Texas in. If Texas is in then Florida state would have to be out in order for bama to be in the playoffs. Either way, I can’t wait to see what they go with. Congratulations bama, I’ve been trolling all season but I gotta give credit when it’s due. Good luck.