Florida grad relocated to Georgia. I love the Gators but I also love all college football. Nothing like a Saturday Down South. Nothing like being at a SEC football game.

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I agree completely with Freddie and I don't think of it as poor sportsmanship. Even the announcers were saying that if you just looked at the play on the field without the score Florida was playing better. I do recall a 6 play drive that started at the Florida 1 and resulted in -1 yards and field goal. That being said UGA took what we gave them (gift wrap turn overs) and capitalized. My boys played great on Saturday and every UGA pooped themselves a little bit when we took the lead (for about a minute) in the second half. The Gators got in their own way on Saturday. The only reason why UGA fans don't like this is because it's true and UGA and Florida aren't as far apart as they were last year. I will say that the UGA O-line did play better than expected. Also the 4th quarter was clearly all UGA. We are not a playoff team for sure, but UGA is not either. Post your trash below.
I thought this was Saturday Down South and not Saturday in some some part of Indiana no one cares about. But congrats to them. Now can we please get back to stories that are important like what teams are wearing this weekend in a conference where they play real football. thanks
What if we do 6 teams? 5 power 5 champs and 1 at large bid. Here’s the kicker, we keep the committee around because the teams ranked 1 and 2 get a bye in the play offs which is HUGE!!!! That keeps the regular season games importance at a premium. Yeah you can make the playoffs with 2 losses but you aren’t gonna earn a bye week with any more than 1 loss.
Definitely sounds like a school I'd want to commit to if I was a top prospect.
If they touch a single person on the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz I will cry. The rest of them... do what you have to do ESPN.
Florida’s Offensive MVP should be Johnny Townsend. That kid will be punting on Sundays.
This is news? Who wouldn’t be interested in Jimbo Fisher? Hell, I am reporting now that Florida is interested in him for their already open head coaching vacancy.
I was at the game and even if it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful it sure as hell appeared that way at every turn. It was our Homecoming game and at every turn it seemed like the LSU band was trying to disrespect/disrupt all of our traditions. This included drowning out our post 3rd qtr singing of the Boys of Old Florida and drowning out our post game Alma mater that we sing after every game win or lose. Like I said, earlier even if it wasn’t intentional disrespect that’s the way it appeared and it was disappointing that during our homing game all the alumni that showed up weren’t able to participate in this traditions because of our guests.
I’m thinking Kentucky looks the best in the east so far and no I’m not talking about basketball.
Your boy John Kelly is a beast. He looked like the only Sunday player on that field yesterday. I’m not saying he’ll be the only one but both teams played like trash yesterday. I was so bored watching the game inside the damn stadium. Was about as exciting as watching paint dry. Kelly was the only bright spot on the field. I don’t know how we pulled it off but neither team looked competent. If there was a clause in the NCAA rules that would have allowed both teams to lose it should have been enacted.
Yes there is still plenty unknown, but I know enough to know that playing this game on Saturday is a bad idea. The state of Florida needs to devote resources to those that will be affected by this storm. Some part of the state will be hit. We don’t need police and ambulances and firefighters at a football game. And if Gainesville is spared from this storm, the hotels and lodging should be used for those displaced by the storm, not people in town to watch a children’s game. I lived through hurricane Andrew... this storm will be worse! If you don’t need to stay in the affected areas please evacuate.
Just because West Virginia started lower than us doesn’t mean they should drop out. I’d be in favor of dropping Florida from the ranking and keeping West Virginia in there. They scored an offensive touchdown, you know, something all top 25 teams should be capable of doing. This is coming from a Gator fan who was in Texas (flight required) this past weekend and will be in Gainesville (5.5 hour drive required) this next coming weekend. #NotMyOffense #InAllKindsOfWeather and for those who are curious, Yes it is still great to be a Florida Gator.
I believe their eligibility is directly related to them paying back the money they profited from their student athlete benefits.
I hope that they are suspended as long as needed, no less and no more.
Just playing devils advocate here... but could this be said of almost all domestic violence cases that occur in college and professional sports environments? Seems like this only difference here is the sex of the victim.
Would an insurance company be willing to insure against draft stock drop due to injury?
This was actually a great interview if you heard the whole thing. Le Batard is the best in the business.
I know opening day for my Augusta Green Jackets just got a lot more exciting.
I totally agree with your statement that body of work is more important than head to head, BUT when they put 2 teams back to back in rankings and the lower ranked team beat the higher ranked teams, it does make you scratch your head a bit. That being said I don't think my Gators are even a top 20 team so finishing at 14 is generous and probably says more about the notoriety of the name Florida and the SEC conference than anything we actually accomplished on the field. I'm just happy were ranked higher than all of the other SEC East teams.
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my only contribution to this post. This makes me absolutely sick. Things are only gonna get worse with Butch Davis, Charlie Strong, and Lane Kiffin coming to the state. We might have the worst college football coach in the entire state of Florida.
Yeah but have you been to the Palm Beach / Boca Raton area? I'd love to be king in that town.
A few years back UK had the 20th rated class in the country. That put them solidly at 12th in the conference. Not even a question of where the best talent ends up.
I lost a home due to this fire so all I can say is THANK YOU Joshua Dobbs!!!
Rabble rabble rabble rabble!!!! How is Johnny Townsend not the SEC 1st team punter?!?! I'm furious!!! This site is a joke!!! Rabble rabble rabble rabble!!!!
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