Georgian in exile

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UTPHD-if Texas plays GA in conference game, the game will matter and players will not opt out like some of them do in the post-season.
And as long as a Saban assistant is coach at Texas. The Texas fans need to be reminded of Saban's record against former assistants.
Why would any school that's serious about playing football want to join the Big 10 after their behavior in the summer of 2020? Yes their commissioner was new, but the college presidents could have refused to go along. SEC schools would probably like the addition of Michigan. We can always use another cupcake in the conference. Michigan even lost to South Carolina.
Saban is not going to Texas. He's rooted in AL now, plus he knows that the Texas boosters are even crazier than the AL boosters, who now bow down to him.
Oklahoma would have to improve their defense, but otherwise I think they would be a good fit. Not sure about Texas but it would be a good joke on "I'm going to kick Nick Saban's ..." A&M. Notice you don't see cowardly Clemson making this request-they'd rather be the biggest frog in a small pond.
I only read part of this but it's totally ridiculous. I live in AL and although I'm a Georgia fan, I have a lot of admiration for the way Saban runs his program, especially his graduation rate. My daughter graduated from Bama and she can vouch for the fact that the players do attend class. Saban doesn't have time to be involved in dirty tricks against other programs.
Quoting Manziel is as relevant as quoting Prince Harry.
Two words that explain the importance of playing this past season: Mac Jones.
The National Championship game was pretty much the only thing Michigan had to smile about this year. Cincinnati would have blown out Michigan.
It's interesting how quickly Beamer hired Bobo's replacement. It makes me think Bobo knew something about his relationship with the new coach that we don't. I can't help but wonder if the school pressured Beamer to keep him so they wouldn't have to pay his buyout.
Arkansas is a team on the way up. Odom may get other opportunities next year that aren't as unstable as jobs at Texas.
Why would you hire anyone who coached at the train wreck that is GA Tech? I'm wondering if the FL OC would be a good fit? He might be looking if Mullen goes Pro or if he's tired of Mullen's antics.
Pickens' behavior was unacceptable, but Kirby described it appropriately when he said "what are we-7 years old?"
Call me crazy, but I think Kiffin has grown up a little since his time at TN. Plus, anyone with sense would look at the coaching carousel called Auburn football and steer clear.
Maybe they'll be merciful. After all, Arkansas isn't LSU.
A team that was behind 4 touchdowns and a field goal at half-time when playing Bama will also be roadkill against FL-but manybe not as flat as quickly.
I'm surprised that they didn't employ this strategy to avoid playing Alabama. Oh I forgot, Nick Saban said they thought they could have some success in that game since they won in 2019. How thoughtful of them to give the rest of us something to laugh about.
Since Bobo only has one more year left on his contract, it would make sense to retain him, for his ability to recruit if nothing else. I predict that next year's SC team will be as bad as this year's, given that their new head coach is currently occupied elsewhere.
If Kentucky's overall grade is 2.2, USCleast's grade of 2.8 is way too high.
His conferences and divisions make a lot of sense, which is why this will never happen. Clemson totally belongs in the SEC and Vanderbilt fits in much better with the brainy schools in the ACC.
This quote has to be said: "TN's uniforms are that puke, inside a pumpkin, orange .
Kirby Smart is not a hotseat 3, because of his other 3's: 3 straight SEC East titles, 3 years in a row in the top 5 at the end of the season, and , very importantly, 3 straight wins against FL.
Yeah, Georgia players know about offensive scheming that didn't allow them to shine.
Another question: will this be the year GA finally beats AL? Probably not, but it is possible.