Georgian in exile

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He should be made to sit through the entire game with no shade. Then he'll be qualified to comment.
We have found T-mobile to be better than Verizon.
Jacksonville is not a short drive from Athens-it is definitely a road game.
No way Michigan makes the playoffs. Oklahoma, Ohio State or LSU for 4th spot.
They can't say that because they haven't beaten Vanderbilt, who in recent years often beats TN
Half the top 12 are SEC, but there are no SEC teams in the next 13.
I get tired of sportswriters stirring the quarterback pot at AL and GA. If they were as knowledgeable as NS and KS, they would be head coaches at top schools too.
Who would you rather coach-Fromm or Fields? Who would the other players rather play with? Fields appears to be a prima donna. He should fit in well with the culture at Ohio State.
He knows that great individual performances by himself are not enough to win championships-those require excellence from the entire team. Looks like he brought the field goal kicker curse with him from AL, whose kicker also missed two on Sat.
After the games yesterday, I think starting a losing streak to Vandy is more likely.
Probably not because Jake Fromm would only play until the game was out of reach.
Yeah If Saban had been FL's coach, the FL players would have been in big trouble after they played so poorly.
Joe Marks, GA fans are comparing Franks to freshman Jake Fromm's performance in the Notre Dame game.
I'm glad he's doing these again this year. So much truth in these!
As a Georgia fan, what I want to see from Florida is total ineptitude.
The elephant in the room-Tua-because we all know Georgia will play him, just not in the regular season.
What's the capacity of Alabama's other stadium-the Mercedes Benz Dome?
Kirby being outcoached by Saban just means he's like every other coach, with the exception of Dabo. On the other hand, those losses to LSU and Texas last year...
3. Kirby 4. Lincoln Riley 5. Jimbo Great coaches do it the right way and Jimbo does not. Saying that Jameis Winston was a fine young man after he both stole the crab legs at Publix and the Tallahassee police ignored the allegations of sexual assault against him?
This is ridiculous. If a player is kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons involving law enforcement, he should be done playing college football.
If AL continues to play GA every year, sooner or later Georgia will win one. I say that as a frustrated Georgia fan in a household of Bama fans.
I agree. Dabo was the best last year. But he had the luxury of spending his time all season preparing for his only good opponent, Alabama (I don't remember if he played LSU last year-that would make it 2). And Dabo doesn't have to play Georgia either.
That friend should have sued her roommate and the university. Peanut allergies are the worst.
What parent wants their son to go to a team where the coaching staff has so little regard for the player's legitimate concerns about his roommate?
Saban's discipline and his ability to recruit the best shows up in his APR.
The fact that Miss State had 3 first round picks should give GA fans some concern about the current coach at FL. 3 first round picks is same as Clemson and Alabama. GA only having one-does this means GA got more out of lesser players or does it mean GA coaching staff isn't as good at coaching them up?
Is anyone surprised? Now the players will never be able to take time off after an injury-after all, the 67 yr old didn't.
For sure one of the current head coaches will not be coaching in 2032.
Especially considering that half of those wins were as a true freshman.