Georgian in exile

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3. Kirby 4. Lincoln Riley 5. Jimbo Great coaches do it the right way and Jimbo does not. Saying that Jameis Winston was a fine young man after he both stole the crab legs at Publix and the Tallahassee police ignored the allegations of sexual assault against him?
This is ridiculous. If a player is kicked off the team for disciplinary reasons involving law enforcement, he should be done playing college football.
If AL continues to play GA every year, sooner or later Georgia will win one. I say that as a frustrated Georgia fan in a household of Bama fans.
I agree. Dabo was the best last year. But he had the luxury of spending his time all season preparing for his only good opponent, Alabama (I don't remember if he played LSU last year-that would make it 2). And Dabo doesn't have to play Georgia either.
That friend should have sued her roommate and the university. Peanut allergies are the worst.
What parent wants their son to go to a team where the coaching staff has so little regard for the player's legitimate concerns about his roommate?
Saban's discipline and his ability to recruit the best shows up in his APR.
The fact that Miss State had 3 first round picks should give GA fans some concern about the current coach at FL. 3 first round picks is same as Clemson and Alabama. GA only having one-does this means GA got more out of lesser players or does it mean GA coaching staff isn't as good at coaching them up?
Is anyone surprised? Now the players will never be able to take time off after an injury-after all, the 67 yr old didn't.
For sure one of the current head coaches will not be coaching in 2032.
Especially considering that half of those wins were as a true freshman.
My exact thought. Of course, now that (I assume) GT won't be running the spread, that game won't be such a waste of good pracdice time.
It sounds to me like this "rant" is about players sacrificing long-term financial security for short-term gains. Great perspective-"the purpose of college is to prepare you for when you can no longer play football."
They forgot that LSU was even kinder to Troy than Nebraska was-LSU invited them for Homecoming!
Maybe Auburn should quit thinking about football and identify as a basketball school. UGAARMYRet is so right.
I'm totally agreeing that Rick Barnes is a class act. If I were a basketball parent, he's the kind of man I would want coaching my son-caring more about the team than about winning is a good thing!
Oh no. I actually have to like something about Tennessee! This coach seems to think being together as a team is more important than winning.
Yeah, after Sony Michel scored the only touchdown in the Super Bowl the Patriots will want to add another GA player to their roster.
I think CNS earns that huge salary. I remember reading where he once helped the chemistry dept. recruit a faculty member. And he is largely responsible for the increase in out of state students because football has put UA on their radar screen.
I love this! Auburn is now a homecoming opponent! Of course, FL needs to remember what happened at LSU when Troy was their homecoming opponent!
This coach is disgusting and so are the people who put up that billboard.
It should be pointed out that in the calendar year 2018, Georgia was within minutes of winning a national championship and winning the SEC for the second year in a row, both times losing to the AL juggernaut.
"Whatever will you do with the quarterback position?" Great ending line!
No reason to put Justin Fields on this list-he hasn't done anything yet
If GA had beat AL or LSU, SEC would have had half the playoff spots two years in a row.
I'd like to see a comparison of Clemson's graduation rate to Alabama's. What I love most about Nick Saban is how much he stresses the need for players to get their degrees.
Notice the DC isn't named-he doesn't want AL coming after his team.