Georgian in exile

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I love this! Auburn is now a homecoming opponent! Of course, FL needs to remember what happened at LSU when Troy was their homecoming opponent!
This coach is disgusting and so are the people who put up that billboard.
It should be pointed out that in the calendar year 2018, Georgia was within minutes of winning a national championship and winning the SEC for the second year in a row, both times losing to the AL juggernaut.
"Whatever will you do with the quarterback position?" Great ending line!
No reason to put Justin Fields on this list-he hasn't done anything yet
If GA had beat AL or LSU, SEC would have had half the playoff spots two years in a row.
I'd like to see a comparison of Clemson's graduation rate to Alabama's. What I love most about Nick Saban is how much he stresses the need for players to get their degrees.
Notice the DC isn't named-he doesn't want AL coming after his team.
Rodrigo is Georgia's version of Jalen Hurts. However, as a kicker, he is less likely to have a career ending injury than is a running back, although Todd Gurley is the gold standard for being able to come back for a severe injury.
There was an article in the Wall Street Journal last Saturday about hotel rates and meals in San Francisco being high next week because of a Biotech Companies and Investors Conference being held there starting tomorrow.
This type of commitment to the recruits' best interests should help his recruiting at Maryland. What parent wouldn't want their son to play for this coach?
Well Texas is located in the same state as that Scum School Baylor.
If Georgia hadn't played in a conference championship game (as ND did not), they would only have one loss.
My husband thinks his chances of being accepted are excellent.
JF knows he will look better against Big 10 opponents than he has against SEC opponents.
People can say what they like about CNS, but his players seen unanimous in having great memories of their time playing at AL-of course, winning national championships would definitely make it more enjoyable.
He came back for his Senior year. That's when his team needed him to play in games that really mattered.
So a mediocre SEC team is 78 points better than the Big 10 champ? That's really funny.
If Alabama fans paid players like certain other schools are reputed to do, this would be the player to pay-except he has too much integrity to take it.
The Alabama defensive coaches are better at making adjustments in the second half than are the Georgia offensive coaches.
The Alabama defensive coaches are better at making adjustments in the 2nd half than are the Georgia offensive coaches.
Justin Fields is no Jalen Hurts either on or off the field. I was at Jalen's graduation and he got a standing ovation.
Why Nick? This isn't Lane Kiffin or Butch Jones who lost their jobs primarily because of unacceptable win-loss records. If I had a son playing football, I wouldn't want the Maryland coach in the same town as my son's team.
And as a previous poster pointed out, the Heisman Committee is partial to players who have more talent than character. As talented as Tua is, his character is superior to his talent.
I think Tua lost because 1) He looked mortal against GA in the SEC championship. 2) Apparently the voters forgot that he single-handedly won the National Championship in Jan 3) anti-AL bias I think the playoff committee could do a better job choosing Heisman and their representative wouldn't be a Russian with a foreign accent. How did that man represent American college football? Oh right, it's New York.
Of course, that is what happened in the Peach Bowl last year. But Ogeron is a good coach.