Georgian in exile

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No one except AL can stay on top more than a few years. This year exposed the problems in the ACC that we all knew were there. Venables sees it and escaped to a better conference.
This is what happens when players know their coach won't leave them.
Why would anyone want Cristobal? One win against Ohio State does not a great coach make.
I disagree with #2. Bama fans want their DC gone last year.
Hopefully the AL defense will be its usual self-less than stellar. Every Bama fan I know wants their DC gone last year.
"see Fields fulfill his potential elsewhere"? Jake Fromm came a lot closer to beating AL for the Natl Championship than Fields did last year.
Remember that GA had a different QB in Clemson game and the young wide receivers lacked the game experience of the veterans who were injured.
GA had adversity with injuries to its wide receivers and starting QB. Stetson has gotten it done with freshmen and sophomores and yes, Matt Luke's offensive line.
Both First Ladies and wives of college coaches should be off limits for this type of disrespect. Most of them did not know at the time of their marriages that they would end up living in a fishbowl.
If you are more concerned about beating your instate ACC cupcake than about beating GA, you're as dumb as GA fans think you are. I think most GA fans today would much rather beat FL than GT since the FL game actually matters in the SEC standings and in recent years FL has been much better than GT.
Totally agree. People do really love Sam-just ask GA fans.
Except in that one Clemson NCG, AL doesn't lay eggs in the playoffs. So there is justification for letting them into the playoffs with one loss. Hopefully by next week they will have two losses this year-and one of those losses will be a "quality loss" to the #1 ranked team.
And yet, look at what one-loss AL teams have accomplished in the Championship Games.
After what happened in GA's bowl last year, we shouldn't disrespect Cincinnati.
Iron sharpens iron. The SEC is the best conference because it's closer to parity among teams than other conferences. On any given day, A&M can slip up and beat Bama. Arkansas can beat A&M. LSU and AU stayed on the field with Bama this year and Bama will be better next week because of those experiences. Brian Kelly sees that and knows he can be a better coach with better competition.
I agree-without Bryce Young, AL couldn't score at all this year.
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Unless you'd rather run to a conference that is inferior to your current conference, the Big 12.
A pain that this didn't post where I intended-as a reply to Matt George's post.
Please don't tempt fate by saying things like that. Did you see the rest of that game? If you saw how awful AL was for 58 minutes and then look at the outcome, you would be seriously scared.
Do you really not know that SEC officials have an agenda when games are at Jordan Hare? I was really surprised that it was different this year when GA played at JH-maybe that game was the exception that proves the rule. Ask AK and AL and GA State fans/coach what they think of the officiating when AK plays at JH. I'm still laughing at Bo Nix complaining about officiating.
Oklahoma is a train wreck going into the SEC-maybe Riley left because he didn't want to be in the SEC?
Remember that Beamer almost lost to Vanderbilt.
I"m a GA fan, but Pittman has completely changed the culture at AK and he wasn't even a coordinator before. He deserves COTY.
I sure hope GA gets to play ND in first round of playoffs. I had a terrible thought today-if AL beats GA next week and GA is #4, GA could play AL two games in a row and lose to AL two games in a row.
I think Matt should show GA being happy they won't have to play The Ohio State and being concerned about how AL trailed the entire game until the very end of the 4th quarter.