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Georgia's two rivalry games(which GT is not) must be permanent: FL and AU. The SEC championship matchup must be permanent: AL and GA. LOL A game with VB the following year could be the prize for the 2nd worst team in the conference each year.
I don't seem to remember Hutchinson being much of a factor in the College Football Playoff Game. A former third-string QB handled him easily.
Not having the same facilities as Alabama during his tenure as head coach was part of the reason Mark Richt never won a national championship at Georgia but Kirby did. Kelly may have been in the same situation at ND.
Mark Stoops is the Joe Burrow of Kentucky. Both changed the culture of their teams.
That's the only reason I can think of that would lead Saban to hire him.
I bet there's no one in the draft with a higher IQ than mechanical engineering grad Nakobe Dean.
No coach with any sense would take a job where they fired a coach who actually beat Saban on several occasions. Harsin's issues just poured gasoline on that dumpster fire.
A really fun-to-read article about some of the more entertaining things during this season-especially the ones about Mullen being a great coach and Clemson beating GA twice.
I'm sure Kirby will get paid. What I'm concerned about is the assistants. Moncken needs to be the highest paid OC in the nation.
Hopefully JT will have a successful and healthy season, just not for one of GA's opponents. He has been a classy contributor at GA.
Yuck-except maybe Bobo as QB coach. Pay Moncken if that's what will keep him. Considering who he had to work with at the beginning of season(and I don't think JT is that great of a catch for several reasons), he has done an amazing job this year.
You don't sit a QB who just won GA's first National Championship in 41 years. And it can't be denied that he has a great passing connection with receivers and a tight end who had no game experience at the beginning of the season.
Cincinnati was the only undefeated team. All the other contenders had at least one loss before their conference championships.
1. Jordan Davis said that the GA defense wasn't conditioned well enough in SEC championship. 2. AL was pissed because of the way the AU game made them look. 3. AL still had Williams and also Metchie for part of the game. 4. Kirby said that GA wasn't used to getting knocked down. GA players learned from that experience.
I'm a GA fan and totally agree-this is embarrassing. Act like you've been there before!
Yeah that Big 10 champ was just another cupcake. And which team looked better against Auburn?
If Ohio State had been in the playoffs, they would have lost to the SEC again. It's what Big 10 schools do almost every year.
You're a fine one to talk. I was at the AL team and TN did this same thing on numerous occasions. And your coach should have been penalized for being on the field.
So what teams should have occupied the #2 and #4 spots?
Remember that AL-GA Natty in 2017 was much more of a game than AL-OSU last year.
Yeah remember what AL did to Ohio State in the National Championship game last year and to Michigan in the Citrus Bowl the previous year.