Georgian in exile

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His conferences and divisions make a lot of sense, which is why this will never happen. Clemson totally belongs in the SEC and Vanderbilt fits in much better with the brainy schools in the ACC.
This quote has to be said: "TN's uniforms are that puke, inside a pumpkin, orange .
Kirby Smart is not a hotseat 3, because of his other 3's: 3 straight SEC East titles, 3 years in a row in the top 5 at the end of the season, and , very importantly, 3 straight wins against FL.
Yeah, Georgia players know about offensive scheming that didn't allow them to shine.
Another question: will this be the year GA finally beats AL? Probably not, but it is possible.
In the Florida game, Jake Fromm was still Jake Fromm.
Fromm would have been a different player in 2019 if he had had a different OC and decent receivers who could be relied on to play in every game-not even one receiver met this standard .
If I were a coach, I wouldn't take this job. The expectations are too unrealistic. Mullen was to Miss State what Spurrier was to SC-a once in a century hire that is extremely unlikely to be repeated.
Meanwhile all's quiet on the Plains? Even Tennessee wins its bowl.
Another reporter that needs to be fired. Total lack of compassion on her part.
I don't recall hearing about any AL players that are academically ineligible for their game. CKS needs to step it up at GA.
His lack of work ethic will not appeal to other major programs. GA needs receivers, but not one who appears to think he's entitled to play without putting in the effort.
How do we feel about him? We love him-I'm saying that even as a GA fan living with two AL fans. He deserves every good thing that happens for him at OK.
Kirby Smart and the GA AD need to look at this list and take note (after they get rid of Coley-how else do you explain Fromm's regression?) OK maybe not recruiting enough good receivers was also a big part of the problem.
Ungrateful athletic director, but at least Luke doesn't have to deal with next year's schedule-5 teams currently ranked in the top 11 in the first 7 games. You'd have to be insane to take this job. Of course, there are the millions you'd get from the buyout when they fire you in two years.
Beating AL when their defense is mostly freshman and the quarterback's experience is limited to Miss State and Western Kentucky is not worthyof an A+. There were times when Auburn really tried to lose the game.
Georgia beat 3 teams who are currently in the top 15. How many teams did Clemson beat in the top 15? Is Dabo really so stupid that he doesn't see this?
Coach Saban: Whining about unfairness is not a good look. Take responsibility for your unAlabama defense, inadequate quarterback and inadequate kicker.
Georgia needs to stop playing Tech. Injuries and starting a fight that got Georgia's best remaining receiver ejected for the first half of the SECCG. Not to mention that they hurt Georgia's strength of schedule.
Those are the exact words of the GA athletic director a year or two before he made the decision to fire Mark Richt, supposedly when he was driving home from Athens after GA beat Tech.
Cager and most of the starters should sit out the Tech game.
The only thing good about Georgia's offense yesterday was Rodrigo.
How is this news? Everyone knew this would happen-that is, everyone but the Western Carolina defense.
It will never happen but Clemson and Vanderbilt need to swap conferences.
If I were Jake, I wouldn't waste another year on Kirby's poor OC hires. Notice that all his previous receivers left before this season. Unlike the AL QB coach who really helped Jalen improve last year, GA doesn't seem to be doing much to develop Jake.
Kelly Gramlich, please explain what about Clemson's resume is (or ever will be this season) playoff-worthy.
Jake Fromm can't singlehandedly overcome poor play calling from an OC that's in way over his head.
Just another cupcake on the schedule. 2017 anyone?