Georgian in exile

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Not happening after the way Clemson looked last year and this year. I think Lanning would be the frontrunner right now-commentators have said his defense looks like an SEC defense and he turned sows ear Bo Nix into a silk purse.
Continue making much of their compensation each year contingent on results. Limit contracts to 5 years with a new year added each year that the coach meets the school's criteria for success. Learn from A&M's mistake.
SC was buying out coaches' contracts decades(in the 80's and 90's) before anyone else was doing it. The fans' expectations for the Gamecocks are completely unrealistic in a small state without many options for NIL money. When Beamer does recruit a good player, they leave the next year in the transfer portal.
Oops. Need to learn my state abbreviations. Alaska would be a better fit for the All Coasts Conference.
Burton didn't like the way GA QBs throw to so many different receivers.
People need to realize that schools like SC and AK and probably Miss State, KY, and eventually MO, will not be able to compete due to NIL and the transfer portal. SC lost lots of good players to the portal last year. Players who have a good year at lesser schools will sell their services to the big guys the next season. And the big guys are not safe either-the top receivers at both TX and AL played on one of the GA National Championship Teams.
Georgia will not play in any championship games with that caliber of field goal kicker.
Bo Nix is the ultimate example hype without justification. As a GA fan, he was a joy to play at both his schools. I stopped watching a certain national college football pundit's show when he said Bo Nix deserved to be at Heisman ceremony instead of Bennett.
who couldn't win his conference's championship or get his team to the playoffs and who played against Pac 12 defenses.
Heisman finalists are almost always offensive players. The requirements should also include those who played on a national championship team and those who received MVP awards in playoff games.
Hopefully the defense will be as different in these playoffs from their performance in the SEC championship game as they were last year.
Isn't this what college football is supposed to be about? Playing football one last time with your teammates, some of whom you will soon be playing against.
I find it ridiculous that Klatt listed Hooker and Nix-both of whom could hardly even stay on the same field with Bennett in the head-to-head matchup. I guess all his MVP awards in big games don't mean anything to Klatt. I won't be listening to anything else this dufus says about college football.
If you're rewarding perseverance and hard work, it's Stetson, hands down. And none of the other quarterbacks mentioned have playoff, national championship, and conference championship MVP awards. None of them have won any of the above-mentioned games, either and one or more will not even have the opportunity to win a playoff game this year.
Nothing would be better (except GA going 15-0) than an Orange Bowl with two orange teams that lost to SC.
I am hoping for that too. Two orange teams that lost to SC in the Orange Bowl.
I think he turned it down because he's already experienced the firing thing. The only reasons for anyone to take the Auburn job is if a)He wants to be a head coach in the SEC or b)He's ready to retire and needs the big buyout money to do so. I don't think either one applies to Kiffin.
If mothers are concerned about their sons' morals, they will not want them playing for Freeze.
Those jokes brighten the day of our daughter who is a Bama grad.
Gator fans are wishing they could have played FL State's previous coach this year. At our house, we can bring laughter by saying only 3 or 4 words: "A and M", "Vanderbilt and Florida" or "SC and TN".
As a GA fan, unless MI has improved a lot since last December, GA wants Michigan.
I agree. The only reason to go to Auburn is to get all the buyout money when you get fired.
That's what I'm thinking. And FL is a much better place for recruiting than AL while Saban is still there.
I hope Kiffin has enough sense to stay away from Auburn. Does he really want to go through the whole firing thing again? Malzahn was a good coach and at some point will be head coach at another Power 5 school-If I were GA Tech, I would be giving him serious consideration.
At least AtM won't suffer the embarrassment of being invited to a lesser bowl.