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Lots of excellent teams on this list. It's yet another reminder of just how good the SEC is, year in and year out. 2013 Mizzou is another worthy one: Finished #5, with the losses to #2 and #4, and both games were very competitive. And, on that note, the #4 that year was South Carolina. Also worthy.
Try again, governorstoops. Mizzou holds a winning record in football vs: Arkansas (9-3) Ole Miss (7-1) LSU (2-1) South Carolina (6-5) Tennessee (5-4) Vanderbilt (8-4-1) Also, tied vs: Florida (5-5) Mississippi St (2-2)
Well, since the whole point of the article was to highlight programs who outperformed their recruiting rankings, why nitpick? Was LSU's 2020 team so much worse than their 2019 team that Mizzou fielded a more talented team during their matchup? Not even close. Mizzou beat a more talented LSU team in 2020, fair and square. Deal with it.
I'm not sure why the UGa poster used the arbitrary #4 used for the cutoff. Mizzou was as high as #5 in 2013, so they've been in the AP top 5 three times in the 21st century (2007, 2008, 2013), the latter of which was as a member of the SEC.