I'm more than likely the most passionate University of Tennessee fan in the history of man. I love my Vols. Nuff said!

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People just don't understand how outstanding Tennessee is going to be this year. We are fielding what will potentially be the best defense in the country if we stay healthy. We are a little thin at LB but 8 deep at de and 6 deep at Db. Oh BTW, our top 2 LBs are as good as anyone in the country. No way appy state slows down #RunCMG .. Tennessee rolls 63-0
Am I the only one that thought by appropriate they meant family friendly enough to share???
The fact you don't have the number 92 for Tennessee is pretty ridiculous. It's more sacred than 16 or 45 will ever be.
Jalen Hurd at 8th is somewhat hilarious to me. He had zero help last year and a VERY young offensive line. Not to mention he was coming over shoulder surgery which kept him from working out the entire year leading up to fall camp. The kid is bigger, faster, and stronger this year and also has legit help with Kamara. Hurd is at 6'3 245 pounds with 4.4 speed. Not sure how anyone ranks him outside of the top 5...... Oh well, guarantee they won't sleep on him next year.
Lmao, when this kid gets on campus, is game over for you bammers. #AintNoMcKenzieEverLostToNoBammer
You had me believing this story until that very last line that says "Vanderbilt fans have already bought in." Sorry but everyone knows that Vandy doesn't have fans so this story is false! haha. Honestly though, it was an excellent hire. However, I don't see them getting anywhere close to winning the east......ever.
You're definitely biased. You lost to Tennessee. Wake up from that dream your having. USCe isn't gonna win the east this year, next year, the year after that, or the year after that.
Under Armour All-American Game - Thursday January 2nd - 4 pm est.- ESPN Offense/Defense All-American Bowl - Friday January 3rd - 5 pm est - ESPN 3 Army All-American Game - Saturday January 4th - 1 pm est - NBC Simper Fidelis All-American Football Bowl - Sunday January 5th - 9 pm est - Fox Sports 1 that is all the ones that I know of.
Also you are missing Tennessee commit Emmanuel Moseley from North Carolina.
So Tennessee plays the top 2 teams in the West and Oregon out of conference and finishes 7th on the list. It doesn't make much sense to me. Oregon, Florida while they were at full strength, UGA minus only Gurley, USCe, Mizzou, Auburn, Alabama... sounds pretty tough to me.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is laughing all the way to the bank right now...... 2 game suspension for him, Couch gets perma banned
Because I'm am not that ignorant. There is a difference between SEC Offensive Player of the Week and favorite for the Heisman trophy. If Josh Dobbs goes on the road and leads TN to a victory over a top 10 Mizzou team in his first career start, I have no choice but to believe he would be the SEC Offensive Player of the Week. This game rides on his shoulders and everyone knows it. This kid is special. As far as Michael Sam, I'm not worried. In passing situations, TN has the best offensive line in the country. Ask Florida and South Carolina, who are both better DL units than Mizzou in my opinion.
Vols win larger than expected 31-17.........
Josh Dobbs will win SEC Offensive Player of the Week honors after this game, the kid has "It" I can't really explain it, but against Bama whenever Dobbs came in, I felt confident in our offense for the first time this year. He led the Vols to 10 points against Bama, and without a couple of drops, could have probably been more. This kid is a gamer.
Vols finish 8-4, Dobbs solidifies himself as a starter for next year, Tennessee finishes with a top 3 recruiting class landing Clifton Garrett and Josh Malone, Butch Jones is the second coming of General Neyland. That is how the world looks through Orange Colored Glasses
I was surprised Tennessee contained him as well as they did, and by contained I mean only allowed 130 or so rushing yards. This kid is a man child and the best back in the NCAA in my opinion.
No, it won't die. However, it is still vandalism and criminal mischief. I understand it's all in good fun but it won't be very fun sitting in jail. General population in the Knox county detention center isn't fun.
I'm not stupid enough to do anything to deface any universities property. I'm just saying that some drunk Tennessee fan will be that dumb lmao
Number One sign that lets you know it was a Bammer....... Couldn't spell Tennessee ... had to put TN
As we all know, the SEC takes cycles. Seems like the East has hit a pretty low point though. Still believe Tennessee wins 4 of their next 5 with a loss only to Bama. Mizzou is in the drivers seat for now, but they better not sleep on USC this weekend. If USC wins, and then TN rolls in and pulls the upset, I think they will fold under the pressure. I could very well be wrong but that's how the world looks through Orange colored glasses.
Honestly though, did the dumbass bama fans not learn their lesson after Toomer's Corner?
Pretty good list. Would you have Bryan Randolph and Aj Johnson on second team you think?
Still feel like Tennessee gets to 6 wins...maybe 7 if they keep improving week to week as they seem to be.
Kirby Smart... and I know he wont get a shot at these schools but Coach Azzani is possibly the best position coach in the country. That guy will be a head coach before it is all said and done.
I'm going to predict a 3-0 Tn victory over Flori-Duh as this may be two of the worst offenses in all of the league going at it. Unfortunately for TN, we have a worse defense so hopefully they can hold out and pull the victory.
Keep in mind, those have also been some of the worst Tennessee teams to ever take the field. I'd like to see rematch with Oregon 3 or 4 years down the road
Yea, that didn't turn out too well lmao