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Nelly, Coach-speak. He’s answering questions without answering the questions.
Boxster355 I can understand the frustration of UGA fans. The best QB is ALWAYS on the sidelines. But seriously, I think JT tore his ACL and had surgery at the beginning of the 2019 season but had to have repeat surgery in January 2020. You are spot on correct. Smart and the coaching staff is being prudent. Putting Daniel on the field if he is not physically or mentally ready would not only hurt the team but it might hurt him.
I have to agree with this. Even if they beat Florida and win the East, they won’t beat Alabama in the SECCG, at least not without a miracle. But even UGA makes the playoffs, they probably won’t get past Clemson or Alabama a 3rd time. But I think it’s a complete overreaction to claim that Kirby is somehow a failure in all this. No offseason, new offensive coordinator and questions at QB before the season even started. Dawgs are doing great considering the circumstances.
Go Dawgs but I’m more nervous than a young dog at the vet on neuter discount day...
Pickens is all man athletically but all boy between the ears. He may win us some games but I suspect his antics will lose us some as well. He needs to grow up.
That Ole Miss offense is legit. Kiffen is going to keep defensive coordinators up at night.
The Junkyard Dawgs have a nasty defense, that’s for sure, but they better figure out that offense real soon, Tim. Alabama’ offense looks like they can hang at least 30 on anyone. I’m not sure UGA can match that on offense yet CONSISTENTLY against a better than average D. I think Alabama’s D has looked suspect mainly because of who they’ve played the last 2 games. I hope I’m wrong but I listened to too much Larry Munson.
I said this on another article and I’ll say again... Pruitt will have UT pushing Florida out of second best in the East within a few years and UT will be pushing UGA for first not long after that. Pruitt is building something great along the trenches. All he needs is the right skill positions and more depth. That will take time but as long as UT doesn’t bail on him, it’ll happen.
I suspect UT will be beating out Florida for second in the East within the next few years and will be knocking on Georgia‘a door soon after. Pruitt is doing it right in Tennessee.
Don’t even get me started on VanGorder... Most Georgia Southern Eagles alumni will not even recognize he was their head coach for a year. Worst hire ever...
Agree on all, especially concerning Pickens. He is all man athletically but all boy between the ears. Bad combination
I don’t think Zeus has good vision. He’s fast and strong and runs with good effort but he’s seems to run into the backs of his blockers or into traffic a lot. Minton and McIntosh have impressed me a little more than Zeus so far but I am disappointed that we haven’t had any long runs this year from our RBs.
I may be wrong, but from my observation of Grantham’s defenses, his problem is not necessarily scheme but fundamentals: tackling, correct angles, eye discipline, etc. His first few years are relatively good at any location but worsens the longer he’s there. I don’t think he teaches fundamentals vert well. I think he did the same at UGA and Louisville.
@Kirby Smart “...grainy 2017 film..” Awesome reference to the Patterson-Gimlin footage of 1967. Wish I’d thought of that. You win the best post award this time.
At the time, I didn’t have an opinion either way. I knew Chaney could be predictable and didn’t modify his offensive plan much during games but Coley... I never watched Miami games when he was OC there. No opinion at the time. I have seen enough now to offer an amateur opinion. I think most of the issues with the vanilla play calling stems from having such a young and green receiving corp. Coley does not trust them, but I also don’t think he and the wide receiver coach is putting them in a position to succeed. I think a better OC would figure this out better than he has so far. I don’t know if Chaney would be doing any better, though.
For the sake of my cardiovascular health, I may just have to skip watching this one and check the final score. I have no idea who will win this one. I do know if Cager isn’t healthy and these young receivers don’t grow up fast, this will be a long 3-4 hours for us Leghumpers.
Yes he was under used. As much as Richt deserved criticism, he at least knew how to utilize a good tight end.
I appreciate your concern for my dad. My dad’s tough. Plus, being an Georgia alumni, he’s pretty used to disappointment when it comes to football.
I think we have the athletes. If we do, then it’s on the coaches to teach them if they are failing. If we don’t, then that’s also on the coaches who didn’t recruit.
Watching the game on TV, ESPN paused the action on one play and zoomed out. All the receivers were covered. There was nowhere for Fromm to throw. He had a clean pocket, too. My father (UGA alumni and 82 years old) said the receivers looked like they were lost. Poor routes and poor route running. Plus the middle of the field was open enough for a tight end to sneak in behind the linebackers or into the flat. And my dad is recovering from heart surgery. I don’t now how safe it is for him to watch this offensive hot mess.
WRs not getting separation is absolutely on the coaches.
Agree completely. I am confident that Smart has the defense he wants and they are playing well. No issues there, other than downfield tackles could be better. This offense will go no where against Florida or Auburn. The WR are green but I expected they would be more developed by this time of the season. That’s on the coaches. Fromm is accurate enough to make defenses pay for stacking the box. But that depends on WR getting separation and that’s not happening. As much as a hate to say this, Florida will win the East and Georgia will end the season with 3 losses. But Dan Mullen still looks like Uncle Eddie from the Vacation movies....
Fromm stays because UGA is not winning the SEC or getting in the playoffs.
Bobo, despite what some UGA fans say, was a good OC, especially the last 2 seasons. No one calls a perfect game but his offenses put up points, and he was an under-rated quarterback coach and OC. Good recruiter, too.