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@Kirby Smart “...grainy 2017 film..” Awesome reference to the Patterson-Gimlin footage of 1967. Wish I’d thought of that. You win the best post award this time.
At the time, I didn’t have an opinion either way. I knew Chaney could be predictable and didn’t modify his offensive plan much during games but Coley... I never watched Miami games when he was OC there. No opinion at the time. I have seen enough now to offer an amateur opinion. I think most of the issues with the vanilla play calling stems from having such a young and green receiving corp. Coley does not trust them, but I also don’t think he and the wide receiver coach is putting them in a position to succeed. I think a better OC would figure this out better than he has so far. I don’t know if Chaney would be doing any better, though.
For the sake of my cardiovascular health, I may just have to skip watching this one and check the final score. I have no idea who will win this one. I do know if Cager isn’t healthy and these young receivers don’t grow up fast, this will be a long 3-4 hours for us Leghumpers.
Yes he was under used. As much as Richt deserved criticism, he at least knew how to utilize a good tight end.
I appreciate your concern for my dad. My dad’s tough. Plus, being an Georgia alumni, he’s pretty used to disappointment when it comes to football.
I think we have the athletes. If we do, then it’s on the coaches to teach them if they are failing. If we don’t, then that’s also on the coaches who didn’t recruit.
Watching the game on TV, ESPN paused the action on one play and zoomed out. All the receivers were covered. There was nowhere for Fromm to throw. He had a clean pocket, too. My father (UGA alumni and 82 years old) said the receivers looked like they were lost. Poor routes and poor route running. Plus the middle of the field was open enough for a tight end to sneak in behind the linebackers or into the flat. And my dad is recovering from heart surgery. I don’t now how safe it is for him to watch this offensive hot mess.
WRs not getting separation is absolutely on the coaches.
Agree completely. I am confident that Smart has the defense he wants and they are playing well. No issues there, other than downfield tackles could be better. This offense will go no where against Florida or Auburn. The WR are green but I expected they would be more developed by this time of the season. That’s on the coaches. Fromm is accurate enough to make defenses pay for stacking the box. But that depends on WR getting separation and that’s not happening. As much as a hate to say this, Florida will win the East and Georgia will end the season with 3 losses. But Dan Mullen still looks like Uncle Eddie from the Vacation movies....
Fromm stays because UGA is not winning the SEC or getting in the playoffs.
Bobo, despite what some UGA fans say, was a good OC, especially the last 2 seasons. No one calls a perfect game but his offenses put up points, and he was an under-rated quarterback coach and OC. Good recruiter, too.
Yes. The WR are young and unproven, which was a concern of mine at the beginning of the season, but I guess I was thinking it would not show up this early. I thought we would see it when we played Florida and again at Auburn. Boy, was I wrong... However, I can’t blame the receivers. They are not be coached to separate. That’s on the coaching.
I have not posted in awhile but the comments from some of my fellow UGA fans after this loss reminds me of the same comments back before Richt was fired. So here’s my 2 cents and this goes to all college football fans: 1) Do not let the outcome of any game played by a bunch of 18-22 years olds and coached by a bunch of overpaid adults determine how happy you are in life. 2) Firing anyone after ONE GAME is nuts. And it’s not going to happen so stop with the online petitions. 3) I didn’t agree with the decision to fire Richt in 2015. I was concerned about Kirby Smart’s lack of experience as a head coach. However I think Smart has done a fine job so far. He’s still learning. Besides, how many years was Saban a head coach before he won his first natty? How bout Meyer? Dabo? Did any of them do it within the first 4 years of them becoming a head coach? Please correct me if I am wrong. I’m sure it’s on Wikipedia. I just haven’t bothered to look. Dawgs, be patient. I know it’s been almost 40 years but just relax. It will happen. The ball has to bounce into our hands some time. I have been following a lot of the comments but haven’t commented myself. There are some great posters on here (KirbySmart, Mountain Dog, Boxter, doubledeuce33, UGADAWG78) btw.
Considering Auburn was left for dead after the LSU game, I think y’all had a great year. Beat whoever you’re up against in your bowl game like a drum. Especially if it’s a BIG10 opponent.
That’s cool coming from a Gator. By the way, Mullen’s hire was a homerun.
I would love it if Miami upsets Clemson and there’s a possible match up in the playoffs, but I don’t think Miami has enough depth. Too many injuries on offense to overcome. Clemson wins easy. Looks like Dawgs versus Sooners in the Rose Bowl.
It was great to watch if you are a Dawg fan, just like the one 3 weeks ago was great to watch if you’re a Tiger. Thanks for being a good sport, and I truly hope Johnson gets healed up so y’all will wipe the walls with your opponent in your bowl game.
Thanks. I’m sure Erk would have been stoked with Georgia’s defensive performance. As Erk would say, “We kicked their @$$ and the horse that brought them here.”