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To glad2bsec Yep. I’m sure most of us do exactly that. I don’t think I have ever read a Negan post in its entirety.
If only I could be fired and still make $21mil..
USMC: 1) I never said I would be scared. I’m not playing the game so why would it scare me? I would just hate to see the slaughter of a team I love. 2) The Eagles secondary’s best defensive play this season is the dropped pass. They would pose zero challenge for the Dawgs receivers. 3) I would like UGA to play someone with a pulse. That means no Sunbelt teams, or UMass. They need at least a challenge. 4) I generally root for every team in Georgia as long as they are not play my Eagles or the Dawgs. Hell, I even want the Jackets to win most of the time. Just ain’t happened lately. And finally, i cannot thank you enough for your service to our country. Thank you.
Tidefan8x5: Though I would love to play “what if” about the WLCP now that UGA has a quarterback and an offense that’s humming and a healthier defense, it does not change that fact UGA lost to UF. So if UF ain’t got a playoff chance, neither do the Dawgs. I do like Georgia’s chances next season but then again, we always like their chances “next season”. (sad emoji)
LSUMC: Granted that Pollack is a Dawg and had his rose-colored glasses on when he said that... However, and I cannot read Pollock’s mind, I think what he said may not have been what he meant in the context of the discussion. I think his point was your point. This kind of incident can happen anywhere but good coaches call out their players and correct them. Florida looked as if they did not mentally prepare for LSU. They took the win for granted and disrespected LSU in the process and LSU made the pay. This loss is on Mullen but he’s not taken responsibility for it. He’s blamed the offense, the defense, the fog (sarcasm) but not himself. I think this is why Pollack said what he said. Florida did not look like they belonged on the big stage and that’s Mullen’s fault for not having them prepared. And by the way, major props to the Tigers for the win, and more importantly, being responsible for Florida LOSING. Football highlight of the year for me.
Not sure how another defensive minded coach is going to change anything for a Vandy. Sounds like a Derek Mason 2.0 hire ...unless ... Vandy is going to pour some major money into their facilities. And for the record, I have nothing but respect for Mason. I don’t really see how he was expected to win.
I really hope they can find a game to play for the seniors sake. Just not Georgia Southern, my alma mater. The Eagles secondary would get burned so often in Athens you could see the smoke from Statesboro.
Scribe: I am not a Florida fan by any means. I hated Spurrier but mainly because he was such a good coach. I don’t recall him ever throwing players under the bus. I don’t think he ever let his players overlook another team. They were prepared to play. Mullen is not going to create a winning culture at Florida unless he takes responsibility for failure. He let his players and coaches overlook a wounded but still talented LSU team that had no business winning that game. In the Swamp, no less. On a side note, my user name is a reference to Erk Russell, defensive coordinator at UGA for 17 years and head coach at Georgia Southern for 9 years before retiring. Won 3 IAA championships at GSU. Back in the early 90’s, he once said the BEST coaching job in the country was UF. I think he said it just when Spurrier was hired as head coach. Florida is, and always will be, a force in the SEC if they can find the right coach. I’m not convinced Mullen is him but I sure hope the Florida AD does not figure that out for awhile. I can’t say say good luck against Alabama because I hope you do lose, just like you Gators always want the Dawgs to lose. You’ll need more than luck to beat them anyway. But I will say I have many good friends and know many good people who are Gators. Hell, I might even pull for you if y’all play some ACC or PAC12 of BIG## team for a bowl game.
17Tide: Whether Mullen has a good point or not (he does) is irrelevant. He is the last person who needs to make this argument after a bad loss. And make no mistake, this was a bad loss. LSU had no business winning this game, or rather, Florida had no business losing this game. Mullen, rather than whining about playing more games than Ohio State and getting burned, should explain why he didn’t have his players prepared to play. He should explain why he didn’t play Pitts. He should explain why their defense is still undisciplined this late in the season. That’s all on him. But I suspect I know why Florida was not prepared... They were already considering playoff scenarios and thinking about Alabama and not paying proper respect to LSU during the week of preparation. And that’s on Mullen. So Mullen can let someone else make the argument that Florida is being punished for playing more games than Ohio State. He needs to answer why he did not have Florida prepared. And just for clarification, I pull for the Dawgs and my brother pulls for the Tigers so I was stoked about the upset.
Agree with BamaHeel. You don’t throw 18-22 year old players under bus but Mullen, despite his coaching experience, has not learned this. He may be a good XO coach but that’s a head coaching no-no.
Yes Smart did create the drama. I don’t disagree. However, hindsight is great. Before the WLCP, if JT was not game ready, the last thing Smart wanted to say was, “Stetson sucks but we don’t have a choice” which appears to be what some people (not necessarily you) wanted him to say. Besides, that’s in the past and personally I’m getting tired of speculating about what Smart should have said. He said what he said and if Smart and the Dawgs win, that’s all that matters going forward.
Fans love to play “what if” but I agree with you for the most part. JT is certainly better than Mathis or Bennett now but there’s no guarantee he would have raised the Dawg’s game enough to beat either Alabama or UF earlier in the season, particularly if he was not 100% and or did not fully grasp and could execute the playbook. I recall other players on the UGA roster that have rehabilitated from knee injuries, like Chubb on past teams, and Zeus currently. Though they started playing soon after they were medically cleared, neither looked like they were 100% until the following year. And with a QB, reps are more important than any other position. This year is what it is and about what I expected. I feel better about next year. And, no, I am NOT saying the Dawgs will when a natty (sorry Trolls) but I do like their chances.
Nelly, Coach-speak. He’s answering questions without answering the questions.
Boxster355 I can understand the frustration of UGA fans. The best QB is ALWAYS on the sidelines. But seriously, I think JT tore his ACL and had surgery at the beginning of the 2019 season but had to have repeat surgery in January 2020. You are spot on correct. Smart and the coaching staff is being prudent. Putting Daniel on the field if he is not physically or mentally ready would not only hurt the team but it might hurt him.
I have to agree with this. Even if they beat Florida and win the East, they won’t beat Alabama in the SECCG, at least not without a miracle. But even UGA makes the playoffs, they probably won’t get past Clemson or Alabama a 3rd time. But I think it’s a complete overreaction to claim that Kirby is somehow a failure in all this. No offseason, new offensive coordinator and questions at QB before the season even started. Dawgs are doing great considering the circumstances.
Go Dawgs but I’m more nervous than a young dog at the vet on neuter discount day...
Pickens is all man athletically but all boy between the ears. He may win us some games but I suspect his antics will lose us some as well. He needs to grow up.
That Ole Miss offense is legit. Kiffen is going to keep defensive coordinators up at night.
The Junkyard Dawgs have a nasty defense, that’s for sure, but they better figure out that offense real soon, Tim. Alabama’ offense looks like they can hang at least 30 on anyone. I’m not sure UGA can match that on offense yet CONSISTENTLY against a better than average D. I think Alabama’s D has looked suspect mainly because of who they’ve played the last 2 games. I hope I’m wrong but I listened to too much Larry Munson.
I said this on another article and I’ll say again... Pruitt will have UT pushing Florida out of second best in the East within a few years and UT will be pushing UGA for first not long after that. Pruitt is building something great along the trenches. All he needs is the right skill positions and more depth. That will take time but as long as UT doesn’t bail on him, it’ll happen.
I suspect UT will be beating out Florida for second in the East within the next few years and will be knocking on Georgia‘a door soon after. Pruitt is doing it right in Tennessee.
Don’t even get me started on VanGorder... Most Georgia Southern Eagles alumni will not even recognize he was their head coach for a year. Worst hire ever...
Agree on all, especially concerning Pickens. He is all man athletically but all boy between the ears. Bad combination
I don’t think Zeus has good vision. He’s fast and strong and runs with good effort but he’s seems to run into the backs of his blockers or into traffic a lot. Minton and McIntosh have impressed me a little more than Zeus so far but I am disappointed that we haven’t had any long runs this year from our RBs.
I may be wrong, but from my observation of Grantham’s defenses, his problem is not necessarily scheme but fundamentals: tackling, correct angles, eye discipline, etc. His first few years are relatively good at any location but worsens the longer he’s there. I don’t think he teaches fundamentals vert well. I think he did the same at UGA and Louisville.