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It will be nice to see him sit on your face and smother future comments. I hope he has gas.
He'll be like Hank "Guam" Johnson from Ga. said. The island will start to tilt when Watson shows up.
Tim needs to stay home and start a family. With his baseball stats, he doesn't need to embarrass himself anymore. Stick to SEC commentary, your foundation, your endorsements, keep a connection to UF and that's plenty.
UT should have never given up on Phil Fulmer.
At this stage of the game, I'll take ANY game to get to Florida Field and watch the Gators. We all remember the garbage game against Valdosta State.
That mixture of run/pass is what wins championships along with a stout defense.
We long for the days of Eric Rhett, who would take the ball and run over linebackers, corners and safeties like they were ghosts. We need a "pounder" that can pick up 2-3 yards like clockwork.
What is Mullen's buyout $ if he decides to bolt to the NFL? We've got Charlie Strong possibly coming in. He would make a great head coach. He has solid Gator roots.
As a Florida alumnus, I'm frankly sick and tired of hearing about Urban this and Urban that, unless he wants to pull a Stever Spurrier and coach in the NFL, bomb out and walk away with about 15 million like Steve did. Just stay retired and be done with it. Dip the chip and eat it. Don't eat it, dip it again and eat it. It's like putting your whole mouth in the dip.