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And young backups played the 2nd half when the vast majority of those yards were gained. Ken-Turkey 'bout to see the real Gator D on Saturday. Man coverage and excellent Safety and Nickel play will demoralize that young UK QB, with at least one pick 6 and 4 interceptions overall. KEN-TURK will lose 2 fumbles as well, UF 48 U-Turk 16
Good grief! I can't believe you wasted my time with this. When I read the headline, I expected to see an arse whoopin'. All the guy did was grab the mascot's arm. It was very loud in the engine, so, yelling did no good. He.grabbed his arm to get his attention. Another thing, I am sure the two know each other well, so, it's like grabbing your buddy to get his attention. I guess you needed to increase the number of clicks to your page. SMH!!! O_O
Should have been called on both players. The Vandy players went well beyong the whistle and drove his elbow in to Morrison's back. Plus, if you watch it closely, Morrison did not "punch" the guy. Vandy was taking cheap shots all night and never got called for it. They were holding Fowler on most plays, as well. Fowler would have had 2 sacks, had the Vandy player not grabbed his arm, both times and stopped his momentum. This was nothing more than "football". It looked worse than it was because Morrison's movements were quick.
And exactly how has Muschamp not prepared his players? Good grief!
Really? You're an idiot! It hasn't been the coaching, it's been mistakes by a highly touted QB. Save your stupid remarks for articles pertaining to your team or where other idiots go to slobber on themselves. The team respects Muschamp and agree with the option he gave Orr.
All those who are "demanding" that Muschamp be fired, even if we win the rest of our games, need to think about what they are saying. No one in their right mind thought that we eould go undefeated this year. Our schedule is too tough and we hsve too much youth to have expected such. Many of them just can't admit they were wrong, after they claimed that we would lose to Jawja. Hopefully, Foley realizes thst the majority of Gator fans agree with him. If the program is headed in the right direction, at the end of the season, Muschamp deserves to keep his job. We have a promising future and if Muschamp is retained, we will close with a very good recruiting class.
These polls are whacked! Florida crushed Jawja; LSU beat FL due to a dropped TD pass and another Driskel turnover; and Mizzou won a fluke game that they wouldn't win again, with Harris playing QB. Harris has taken over and the offense is playing at a high level. Driskel is no longer behind center, giving gift pick 6's and fumbles for TD's. FL defense is playing like a championship defense, now that some young guys have gained the experience thst they lacked. It's amazing thst FL isn't in the top 25. Karma will correct things, though. Auburn will defeat Jawja and Mizzou will lose to TAMU, UT and Arkansas. FL will defeat USCe and win the East. What are the voters going to do when FL upsets FSU and Miss. State, in the SECCG? Are they going to move them from outside the top 25 to the top 4?
Sad to see Mizzou in the driver's seat to back in to the SEC Championship game. Jawja mutalated Mizzou and we gift wrapped one for them. If only we could play that one over, with Harris starting at QB. Oh well, can't cry over spilt milk. Hopefully, we will get some help from some of our SEC brethren!
Jawja fans can't accept the fact that they got beat by the better team. Sure we have had a tough year, but, when you look at the games we have lost, it doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to see that we lost because of a highly touted QB, who failed to live up to expectations, a young secondary and just bad friggin luck. We hung with Bamer until late in the game, when our defense was gassed, due to the offense's failure to stay on the field and score points. We spotted Bamer two TD's, due to a breakdown in coverage by young, inexperienced DB's. We gave LSU a game and did everything and more to hand one to Mizzou. It's a new day in Gainesville. Muschamp finally benched Driskel, the offensive players regained some hope and played hard the entire game. Our OL owned Jawja's front 7. Our defense, re-energized, now that the offense is functioning. Once the Officials finally called Jawja for holding, we shut Jawja's run game down. The only reason Jawja got yards at the end of the game is that we went in to prevent mode. That friggin TD Jawja scored, off of the deflection was nothing but pure luck. Our Special Teams played like they are capable of and Debose did his thing. Muschamp, Roper and the rest of UF's coaches coached the best game of their careers. We have two of the better RB's in the country and with Harris in the game, Jawja had to respect the pass, which opened up running lanes. So, quit whining Jawja fans. The best team won and now, we will get some respect as we roll thru the rest of our schedule, including FSU. What sucks is, Mizzou will end up backing in to the SEC Championship game. FL and Jawja are better than Mizzou and they will embarass the East, again. There's hope, though. Mizzou lost to Indiana, so, they could end up with 3 more losses. I doubt it, though. As long as we win out and ruin FSU's season, things will be good. We are a young team, which will be off the chain next year. GO GATORS!
Best wishes to Treadwell! It's a shame to see a player with so much talent, who leaves it all on the field, get injured in such a way.
The Officials called that correctly on Treadwell. I hate to give SEC Officials credit for anything, because they make so many BS calls/no-calls. What got me in the Jawja game was the obvious no-calls. Jawja held us the entire 1st quarter and didn't stop until the Officials finally called it in the 2nd quarter. As soon as the Officials did something, we shut Jawja's run game down. They outright tackled Fowler on 2 plays in the 1st quarter. Then, they called us for roughing the passer, when our guy pulled up and barely his the QB. A few plays later, Jawja hit one of our guys 3 yards out of bounds and the Officials did nothing. Jawja ran illegal picks the entire game and only once did the Officials call it. Mark Richt ran to the endzone, during the game and no flag. The clock had been stopped, so, claiming he had to run out to cal a TO is BS. They called us for 2 sideline violations earlier in the year and our coaches were only a yard or two on the field. I could go on with examples for poor officiating by the SEC Officials. They are the worst group of Officials in the country and it shouldn't be that way. Our conference has the resources to hire the best and we seem to settle for a bunch of bone heads. I guarantee you that most of them know someone or are replated to someone in power. I wish someone would do a bio on each official.
WOW, what a horrific injury! Not only was the injury bad, but, losing a game that way is gut wrenching. Had he held on to the ball for 6 seconds longer, Ole Miss would have won. Ole Miss is pretty much done now. Treadwell was the difference maker on their offense. I would be surprised if they lost 2 more games. Freeze cheated to get where he is, so, I guess Karma is biting his butt now. If Auburn doesn't learn how to play defense, they are going to get bit and it will make me sick if it's against FSU, again. The SEC is canabalizing, while FSU and Ohio State play exhibition games. It's pretty obvious that FSU would loose to 6-8 SEC teams. Hopefully, now that Muschamp finally put our best QB in, we will take care of FSU.
What do you mean, "Losing credibility"? SEC Officials have no credibility, unless you're Bamer. They screw use in every time they are on the field. I could list a hundred examples, but, why. The even screwed ND and gave FSU a victory. I honestly believe that they are ordered to help the teams that have the best chance to mske the playoffs. The playoffs or any championship game, means s lot of money for the conference and they are going to make sure the SEC gets in the money.
So, Joe, the genius - Siskey couldn't tell one of the coaches with the headsets, who would relay the info to the field. You can't be that stupid, can you?
Oh yeah, I could list several: however, you can't handle the truth. You and the rest of your buddies can't see the forest for the trees. You'll be back on sanctions, AGAIN, so own.a
You Bamer fans always attack the author when you are caught red-handed - which has been many times! Hell, you guys are on probation for the hundredth time. Bunch of cheaters in Alabamastan. Yep, sure are!
One major part that is missing is the fact that the NCAA allows a team to have so many coaches. What Siskey was doing was a rule violation, regardless of what Satan says. He was coaching, in the coach's box and he is not designated as a coach. So, that gave Bamer an extra set of eyes in the booth. Saban put him up there for one reason and one reason only and that was to cheat by stealing signs and picking up on things that Ole Miss coaches do. One other issue - it is against the rules to tap in to the communications system of the other team. I see no difference in intentionally using spying equipment, binoculars, to steal signs and game plans and tapping in to the other teams headsets. What's the difference? It would not shock me if Bamer doesn't tap in to teams' communications when they are playing at home. Finally, I notice that one of the other coaches receive cell phone calls during the game. I bet Bamer has someone call the coaching staff if anything useful is mentioned on TV and after they interview the coaches at halftime. If I was a coach, I would say very little info to the media. I would talk about the weather or how fine the cheer leaders are. Satan has proven that he will take every opportunity to skirt the rules and many times, he just breaks them, then flings the finger at the NCAA and the SEC. Bamer is their cash cow, right now, so, they aren't going to stop the milk from flowing. Jon Cooper - what do you think? Does the NCAA or SEC look in to this?
You bone head - he was in the coaches box! The box, reserved for coaches, is no different than being on the sidelines. If coaching is going on, anywhere in the stadium, it's considered a coaching box! Bamer got caught cheating, again! Don't worry, though, the SEC won't do anything to them. I can only imagine what would have been made of this if it was Florida. For one, ESPN would talk about It for days.
I agree with you on the South Carolina hit; however, the Alabama hit should not have been overturned. The Alabama player hit the guy in the head area, which the intention of the rule. He, also, hit him late. He had ample time to pull up. This doesn't mean that I agree with the rule. - I think it's a dumb ass rule, which is what you get when Lawyers are involved. The NCAA is covering their arses so that they won't get sued, like the NFL. Lawyers are the cause of a lot of our problems, in society and they will continue to be. How can you reverse part of a call? I agree - the penalty needs to go away, as well.
I agree, Florida's offense has been less than impressive, at times; however, the defense has been phenomenal. They have allowed 2 third down conversions, which leads the nation. They lead the SEC in defense and that's a remarkable stat. The good thing, for Florida fans, the defense will get even better. As for the offense - they were impressive between the 20 yard lines. They moved the ball at will and had it not been for turnovers and penalties, they would have scored in the forties, in both games. Fortunately, those things are correctable. You can't correct a lack of talent and depth - Florida doesn't have that problem, this year. If they correct the mistakes, the offensive line get healthy and Driskel makes that next step, Florida could beat any team in the country, including Bamer. The defense can stop any offense, because they are very good against the run and the pass. It's going to be fun watching all you writers try to explain how and why you overlooked Florida. Daniels, on CBS, said that Florida is the most underrated team in the country.
Obviously, you people do not realize how much Muschamp loves being at Florida. He's already gone through the mess, left by Meyer and he has gotten within one more recruiting class of having the talent back to the elite level. They may not do it this year, but, they will be in the NC picture next year and for many years to come. Muschamp isn't going anywhere, PERIOD!
You're a friggin idiot! How can you consider Muschamp a sorry coach, when he took a talent and depth starved team an 11 & 2 record last year. He has recruited as good as any of the established head coaches and has reloaded the cupboard, with top talent. They are young and within a year or so, they will play with any team. The defense is ahead of the offense, which is expected. You need to learn how to evaluate coaches and if you are a Florida fan, do us a favor and switch to FSU. We don't need ignorant fans!
Kirk is kissing up to his northern fan base, which hates the SEC. In the minds of northern people, the south shouldn't beat them at anything. After all, we're just a bunch of dumbass goobers. Well Kirk, you might as well accept the fact that the SEC owns college football and will for a long time. As for the UT - Oregon matchup, I expected UT to get spanked. That program is a mess, right now. Match Oregon up with Florida's defense and they won't look to good. Alabama's defense would play well enough to allow their offense to outscore Oregon. There's been some celebration over some of the losses the SEC has experienced, thus far. Georgia lost to Clemson and that game could have gone either way. Florida gave a game to Miami - Miami did not beat Florida in any phase of the game. That's like making the top score on a test, by using a cheat-sheet. Kirk use to be respected by most CFB fans. After he gained some fame, because of his fairness, he started to let the homer side of him show. Now, he is just another talking head, that has lost the respect of many fans. Kirk is in the same class as Corso - the man who couldn't coach; but, he can sit on tv and tell real coaches how to do their jobs.
Hopefully, Florida's offense learned some valuable lessons from the Miami game! It's a shame - they could have beat Miami 45 to 14, had they not turned the ball over. Had they not started slowly, on defense, giving Miami hope, it could have been worse. I believe Driskel will have his best game as a college QB this week. Actually, the best game that he has played, thus far, was the Tennessee game, last year. That should boost his confidence. He just needs to come out like he has nothing to lose and ball out. Florida wins, easily: UF - 48 UT - 6 GO GATORS!
I have to disagree with you, somewhat. Florida moved the ball at-will against Miami. Miami didn't stop Florida, nor did coaching stop Florida from scoring over 40 points. Player execution was the problem, again. We saw the same thing, last year, against UGA and Louisville. On the first play of the Sugar Bowl, the WR ran the wrong route, causing a pick 6. On Driskel's 2nd interception, Burton and Dunlap ran the wrong routes, causing another interception. The Coaches put us in position to win the game numerous times. Sure, there were some bad calls; but, no Coach calls a perfect game. As for the 2 point conversion - had one of the OL not missed a block, Burton would have walked in to the endzone. Muschamp is a very good, young Coach. He will learn from these things and he will do what he needs too, in order to eliminate these self-inflicted issues. The jury still out on Driskel. By mid-season, we will know if he's going to make it or not. I believe he will, because he dealt with many issues, last Saturday. He ended up playing without 3 of our best OL and that affected the run game. When they threw the ball, Jeff had people in his face, every time he dropped back to grow the ball. Miami played the deep ball, so, we started throwing the crossing routes and hitting them. After losing Humpheries and Moore, Driskel didn't have time to wait on the crossing route to open. The good thing, we will have Will Grier coming in, next year. If Driskel fails to secure the job, Grier will be in the mix. I believe Driskel will make it, though.
Go ahead and pencil Muschamp that top position. He's on the verge of busting through and when he does, he will own the SEC. Alabama has recruited well, after the success Saban has had; however, can you imagine what Coach Boom will do, at Florida, once he breaks through and wins the SEC and NC? Coach Boom will have his pick of the top talent and like you said, he's here to stay. :-)
You won't have Florida's Coaches rated so low after this year. Coach Boom has assembled a very good staff and added even better position Coaches this offseason. Joker Phillips will make a world of difference with UF's WR corp and Brad Lawiing will have UF leading the nation in sacks and rushing yardage. This is one of the best, if not the best, staffs I have seen at UF.
I can't stand the little twerp and I hope he gets what he deserves; however, it cracks me up to read comments from Bamer fans, about how Bamer would kick A&M to sleep, this year and how they want JM to play. First, we heard the same crap last year and JM and his teammates went in to Bamerville and smoked that ass. They didn't get lucky, like Bamer backing in to another NC game and drawing a weak ass team, like ND. A&M exposed Bamer's weaknesses and had the athletes to beat them, behind great coaching. Say what you will; however, Bamer fans don't want to face JM, again. They are looking for another way to get in to the NC game, by some other team slipping or not having to face the few tough teams, at full strength. One parting thought - Ohio State sucks!
It varies with the success of each team. It wasn't long ago, Bamer was a bottom feeder in just about every category, except, tea bagging passed out LSU fans. They have enjoyed some success, so, their revenue goes up. I think it should be based on consistency. Which school are at the top and bottom, over the past 10 years. I bet you would find Florida at the top.