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Semantics at this point, but A&M has 2 wins against teams with winning records, Auburn and Florida. The SEC also doesn’t have the benefit of the OOC cupcakes to pad the records that the ACC has this year.
...with a second string QB. Also, it wasn't like they threw a seam. They threw a 12 yard out to a 2nd string TE and he broke a couple tackles. You don't try for the homerun, but you still run your offense and get game experience for your backups.
Absolutely agree - feel like both teams have gotten better each week.
Right! A&M had all the momentum and was finally in the driver's seat after playing from behind all game before their fumble. If A&M had lost because of that, would the narrative be that they had fumbled away the win?
I would note that Wydermyer didn't jump Baylor Cupp in the depth chart, Cupp has had two consecutive season ending injuries in training camp. Regardless, Wydermyer is a beast and was going to play his freshmen season anyways.