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Yep, we came to Lexington, and kindly took over Piggly Wiggly field in the 3rd quarter when all you "fans" left. By the way, I went to get some humble pie at your grocery store stadium concession stand, but they said that they were all sold out! Guess all you UK fans ate it all on your way out!
"when you beat you, and we will beat you" - Oh, UK fans, y'all are so new at this. Apparently, your team was as certain as your fan base that this was going to happen. Benny Snell done ran his mouth right into irrelevance! Reminds me of Vanderbilt last season: "Hey Bama, you're next!" Bahahaha! Such a cute little fan base Big Blue has! "Let me repeat this again…you will not win this game." - Repeat it again, I don't think we got it. We even gave y'all two unforced turnovers.
"They can't pass." - Chauncy Gardner, 2017. "They can't run" - Joe Marks, 2018.
"Gary Danielson is one of the best color analysts in college football." You serious, Clark!?
Fields had to be told by a RB to go under center when he was lined up in shotgun. Fields isn’t seeing the field in any high pressure situation anytime soon.
I stopped reading at “Jacob Fromm”. Typical hack job by a Florida homer.
"Georgia and Florida. Both teams turned over nice chunks of their 2016 rosters but are hoping to reload with the next generation bluechip athletes" Uh, UGA returns 10 on defense, Eason at QB, Michel and Chubb at RB, all significant WRs minus McKenzie, and half of the O line that was crap anyways. The fact that Left Tackle Catalina (aka Pancake) ran out of eligibility is a God send, that dude needed to go back to Rhode Island. The only true loss here is Center Kublanow, he was a good ballplayer. Anyways, I'd hardly call that "turning over large chunks", more like shedding dead weight in the case of Catalina.
You were kind of hard on Aaron. Calling him the NFL's Moonlight Graham after grilling him over the 2012 SEC Championship. This was the perfect time to ask him about Richt's decision not to spike the ball. Murray even looked to the sideline and made the spike gesture. Yet, you ask about Conley. Y'all seriously need to stop coddling Mark Richt. That dude was stealing a paycheck in the end. No spike, squib-kicks, the dude was full of bad decisions. I don't blame all, or Murray for that matter! Spike the ball and regroup, pretty standard. Again, Murray wanted to do it! Call us a bunch of armchair QBs, then don't mention Richt...way to win over your audience!
Loved the article, very well written. It's good to know that not everyone is freaking nuts. I'm a UGA fan, and I hate the Gators simply for being the Gators. However, I think that they have definitely earned their right to a high ranking. The whole purpose of the computers was to take away that human element, ranking Oregon high just for being Oregon, etc. These guys on TV talk just to talk, it'll all work out in the end. Hopefully either KSU or Oregon will have at least one loss at the end of the year.