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I don't know, a Dooley coached team beat a Butch Jones coached team
Auburn will lose by 2 or 3 touchdowns as will Arkansas. Florida State will be a good game as will LSU
You all need to play well for your new coach, because you WILL have a new coach by season opener
But you didn't come back to beat Vandy or SC, two of the league's worst. Your hoss is gone, and in a year or two, Butch Dooley and his friends he has hired will be gone also
This year is probably the best you will get from Butch. Him and his Cincy team will never get any better
If Butch Dooley couldn't win a championship with this year's talent, he won't sniff the top 25 for a while
Tennessee fans said and I quote, this is our year. With overrated Butch Dooley this is the best it will get
Finally someone who gets it. Jones is all talk. Said when he was hired that Tennessee would have the best coaching staff in the conference then brought all that crap from Cincinnati with him. Butch, this is NOT the MAC conference
Basically, everyone else turned down LSU, so Ed was all that was left
They likely will anyway, with or without Kiffin
one that is likely to need a job next year
Why does everyone thing Orgeron is a great coach? Won 10 games at Ole Miss in 3 years
The dude is not head coach material. Won only 10 games in 3 years at Ole Miss. Hire him, the rest of the west will appreciate it
Dream on. Bama will take the life out of Auburn, Seminoles beat Gators by 17, the rerst, you could be correct
The Vols are not 9-3 yet. Vandy is by no means a gimmee. Bricks are falling
Sounds like you know about crack
You need to stop drinking. Alabama by 20 or more
Perhaps the real problem is the snake oil Salesman Butch Jones. He can recruit but his coaching is very questionable. He lost to Derek Dooley of all people. Brick by brick indeed