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So it should be the player who does more with less...what did Trask do in the final game when his primary targets weren't there? And what did Smith do when arguably WR1 went down in October? I remember the "experts" announcing the Alabama offense was done without Waddle. Trask had a great season and should be remembered as one of the best QBs out of UF. That being said, you can't take away from the accomplishments of Smith this season. And he didn't have a Heisman hype PR campaign pushing his name all season either. Najee Harris deserved more love as well considering his efforts all year.
^Exactly! They could have stayed home in protest so a deserving team could play.
UGA played another strong game and went toe to toe with Bama, but that's about as neutral a site for UGA as Legion Field was for Bama back in the day.
I have read or heard the comment several times by media and fans about the Bama win over USC not being that good because it was the 1st game and USC got so much better over the course of the year. It was Bama's 1st game too. Does it not stand to reason Bama also improved over the course of the season? I don't know a lot about UW, but they won their conference and made the final 4 so you have to respect them. I'm sure the Bama staff is doing all they can to make sure the players realize this too. These comments that Bama had it easy are just silly...c'mon man.
That's funny. I've heard some of the same comments unfortunately. It was a very competitive and entertaining game for fans of both teams. In the end Alabama just executed a few more plays than Clemson; not the least of which was the onside kick to swing momentum at a very critical point in the game.
I saw some other rumors today around T-town that Kirby Smart was hired but not yet announced.