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Sounds like he is regretting his choice of schools. Everyone who will look can see that the big 12 is anything but big or 12 and is really a conference on the decline. I imagine most of the AD's are frantically searching for their schools parachute.
Why am I stupid enough to click on such an article. Furthermore, why are you wasting time writing such jibberish? If you don't have a real story, then take the day off.
You would think that with 14 teams in the SEC, the video and audio would be a little better distributed. Otherwise, it appears that the makers have a definite bias.
This was very useful for programming my DVR. Please update as the season progresses.
Dak is a great player, but you are saying 46 TDs. In 2013, with arguably more talent at his disposal he had 41 TD's, with the loss in talent around him, he will be challenged to exceed last year's TD totals. While he is the type of player who could conceivably carry the team on his back, I think your projections are optimistic. Anyway, I can't wait for next weekend, it is time for FOOTBALL!