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With the way college football is becoming more like the NFL lite, we need to alter our recruiting methods. The Nick Saban's of the world will always get the absolutely best recruits to their school, but in order to create more interesting games, other schools need to start signing better recruits also. We should reduce the number of recruits that can be signed for the National Champion, and the teams that make the CFP. Maybe allow them to sign 15 - 18 recruits. Increase the number of recruits for lower ranked teams. Maybe 30 - 35 recruits. Alabama's starting 22 players may still be better than yours, but their 2nd and 3rd string won't be better than your starters. Over time, this will start to even out the winning. I am sure that Nick Saban will be able to adapt and use this to his advantage in some way -- that's why he is the GOAT, but the games during the season will be closer, going undefeated will become less frequent, and different teams will begin to show up in the championship games.