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Like hell it did Volman TRY AGAIN!!! The calls in the Missouri game we're in fact handled correctly. In this game that is not the case at all. You strike me as a Republican in trying to sneak that crap past us. LMAO
John if they did get the win this year it would in fact be the only time they've played that a win by the Tigers would be improbable. What would make you ask if we could get a second improbable win? This should be interesting.
Are you serious????? What in the hell have you been smocking? Pinkel the school proud. I don't know what your basing your comment on. But you definitely don't speak for the majority. Try looking at the program before he got there.
I've been keeping up with what Missouri has been going through the past few years. And this is actually no big surprise to me. They had to deal with a lot of player issues recently. The Basketball program had to basically clean house and rebuild its team from top to bottom. The football team had its share of problems also. But they did the right thing and and cleaned things up. Pinkel has always tried to instill some good qualities in the students. Now would all of this have gone this far if they were having a better season. I can't say for sure. I suspect no. But could very easily be wrong. He backed the students because they were trying to do the right thing. This is what he's consistently expected of them from the start. Their no saints and I'm sure this could have been handled better. But their young and inexperienced. I'm not on campus so don't know how it got that far. But it did and their dealing with it. We might consider giving them a little slack. After all, this is the same group that handled the Michael Sam situation with maturity and respect. I'm not too worried about these Students.
Gratz to Vandy. You played a very tough game.
Wolfman nice try but everyone misses a tackle from time to time. Missouri is actually good at tackling . This is why they don't get beaten much worse than they do. The offense is killing us. But the defense is one of the best in the country. Do you even watch the game?
A lot more people think that Missouri has the better team. Check all the polls out. While past success shouldn't decide a ranking. It does in fact give you an idea as to what a program is capable of doing with their recruits. And fact is that Tenn. played far too poorly on defense to even be considered above Missouri. I have a lot of respect for Tenn. And do in fact believe their on the rise. But their exactly where they belong till they show me their ready to beat the SEC east champs.
Because as far as most can tell. Missouri looks like the better team. And while their past success shouldn't give them the better ranking. It does in fact let you know what they can do in a season. And until Tenn. can show their ready to beat Missouri. Why shouldn't they give way in the polls. Most polls agree and give Missouri that credit. As they do with most teams in this situation. Tenn. gave up far too many yards to expect any different. No kidding. This is why I say that they need to earn it. I like and respect Tenn. But their where they belong for now sorry.
So did I and no they didn't. Tenn. scored a lot of points. But gave up far too many to be given that credit. The pass defense was all you needed to see to know that. Both teams played cup cakes and that's not just my opinion. And most the polls agree with me. Most people do not see Tenn. as the better team. That seems to be an SEC opinion. And let's face facts. The good old boys have no intention of admitting that Missouri is a serious contender in that Div. Even at this early stage. So Missouri fans make sure they get on here to bring things closer to reality. ;-)
Do you believe this crap? There's always that one dumb ass that some how gets heard. Can't tell exactly what we have yet. But till we can, history dictates that we get fair consideration. Because unlike Tenn. that has been credited with a possible good season. Missouri has totally earned the better rank.
Tenn. Ranked in front of Missouri after week #1??? Brad you might want to look into another hobby cause you lose a ton of credibility on that opinion alone. Give them a chance to earn credit before you go throwing it at them. Missouri wasn't great under no circumstances. But they still played a lot better than Tenn. Admittedly we can't tell much from this early stage. But under no stretch of the imagination has Tenn. earned a rank over Missouri yet. Get real ok?
Tell me about it. I keep waiting for a little build up for our Tigers only to be let down. At least when the season actually gets started well have something to look forward to every week. Despite what the media wants to believe. ;-)
I'm going to hope that we get an offense together this season. Because I doubt that our defense will hold up as well as last season. But should be solid. This will be up to Mauk to make or break us this season. And from what I'm hearing. We could have a winner in Drew Lock for the future.
If he is in fact 5'9" than that appeared to be 6 foot as it was just a bit taller than him. Check your glasses there mymymy. lol
Our whole division is improving. It's going to be an interesting year. Is that Genius a Georgia fan??? No kidding. I guess their running with the fiction is better than fact angle. :-) That guy is all up Georgia's tail. LMAO
Are you serious Proguy28??? So if a Tiger fan sees something they don't like or agree with. Then their to set back and shut up. Cause the only reason their upset is that it's not about them. I have a better idea. Why don't everyone identify this story for what it is. A Georgia fan hyping up his team. And throwing everyone else a crumb. I know we don't have to read it. But truth is that we rather enjoy picking at these Geniuses that come up with this crap. The SEC East seems to be on an upswing. A lot of us are totally improving our teams. To list that many Georgia players is no where near reality. Even you have to admit that. Get on the right side would you? You can't be serious after reading that. Or did you even read it? And do you keep up with the reality of what's going on in the division? And I'm not talking about what the SEC Network is trying to influence you with.
No we don't. We're simply reacting to a post. There's no way of knowing his age. And to be honest, I've actually seen worse post from grown men. The fact that you know of him. Might suggest that you've reacted to some of his post. lol
No we don't get trolled easy. We simply don't keep up with who's making the stupid remarks. But sure is fun force feeding a little crow from time to time. His age is hidden from us. And don't even think that his post gives us an idea of his age. Cause to be honest. I've read a lot of post weaker than that from college students. :-)