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Tua should win Heisman simply because Murray is going off to play baseball. Nuff said.
Freeze, Enos, Gattis...doesn't matter, they will all be going to head coaching jobs after one year. Bama needs to make these guys sign contracts to stay at least two years. And when will these programs learn that success at Alabama does not equate to success at their programs?
This is true. When the other team is no longer a threat, why not root for them? Last year was different when Auburn went to SEC Champ because their loss paved Bama's way into the top four.
It's a nice gesture. Didn't recognize Saban with that mustache though.
Yeah. Even with vast improvement in his throwing game, I'm still taking Fromm over Hurts any day.
Let's not keep giving this troll attention. Danny is making a small fortune off of bashing Bama. Haven't trusted a word from his mouth since his ill-fated ESPN "late-nite" stint where he showed up barefoot wearing a Bama jersey when Bama won championship. He's a f**king trolling idiot.
Did I miss something? What does politics have to do with this discussion?
Exactly. I wouldn't hold my breath with this kid.
If he wants a ring, he'll be back at Tuscaloosa.
You mean the third time around, don't you. Congrats though. Hope he can keep which end of the field he's aiming for straight.
IMHO, there is more than one incident. I believe the players are telling the absolute truth from their perspective. I have no doubt that Zack Smith made racially charged statements to this player at a separate time an the player transferred. That's correct - he left the program. Let's face it, a person like Zack Smith (fired for beating his wife) isn't someone you wanna go out of your way to vouch for ... unless you're Urban Meyer.
Get over it. Alabama has the best coach in all of football history and that's the reason other teams get beat. There is no shame in that. Stop coming up with conspiracy theories and excuses.
I love that image. Glad I'm not one of Mitchell's parents. LOL
Are you sure you don't work for SDS? You're an xpert at getting s**t sharted. LOL
There was sportsmanship there too. Let's focus on that. Had to be nothing because everybody ignored it except this one guy who is reporting on it.
Tim Rupert, I know people don't want to accept this but the Damien Harris fumble is on State. Period. Much less obvious stuff has been reviewed and overturned. State messed up.
Using "multiple" in that context is misleading. He should have said "several" if he wanted to embellish the "two". While multiple is "more than one" it suggests "many" and two is never going to be confused with many.
Everyone has conceded that it was a bad call. Even Bama fans can see that they shouldn't have called it. The error is harmless though because State wasn't about to win that game under any circumstances.
You nailed it. Also, maybe the refs were ticked that State went for Tua's knees in a malicious manner every chance they got.
Tim Rupert, is there any possibility, however remote, that Alabama is better coached than the majority of the teams they play?
Dawgs still butt-hurt after Tua snatched that juicy bone right out of their jaws.
Nobody is arguing that they will come down. We know it. They know it. The difference is that no other program will be able to reach the same heights for ... a very long time. You can't take that away no matter how far they fall.