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Not really going out on a limb there considering how Ga’s program is having issues and UF returns a good portion of its team.
Yeah...you're right...both Driskell and Brissett are playing in NFL. Crazy.
Yeah...nice 3 game winning streak...right after our 3 game winning streak. That's OK, you still only have one title. Bad luck to you against LSU...I hope they crush you. The gap is closing fast on Ga.
Love that matchup against the Domers......we haven't played them since they had Jerome Bettis early in Spurriers tenure.
About as much of a chance of this as Urban going to Mich.
Ga doesn't have the playmakers in the passing game to open things up. It's all about their run game.
Going to be an interesting game.....FL struggled with LSU's offense, which is decidedly different than Ga's. However, both LSU and SC ran well on FL. This game will come down to whether FL can stop Swift on 1st & 2nd down.
Totally agree with Swift and the GA run D....not so much the others.
This is correct...both were first down plays. One from the SC 7 yard line and one from the UF 25. Penalties would have resulted in 1st & 15 from the 20 and 1st and goal from 17. Unless there is a change of possession call, very rarely are games decided by refs.
Yeah...he’s about to get a bunch of alternative universe folks who will say FL was gifted 2 TD despite that both plays in question were on first down and both infractions would not have impacted either play. They’ll discount all the bad calls against UF that allowed drives to continue for SC.
Again...I keep seeing this said and it’s at best extremely presumptuous. Both bad calls were on FIRST down. They weren’t sudden change calls...not game changing.
Yes you’re right...If those 2 FL touchdowns were called back and it was first down again, no way FL gets any points. You’ve been able to see that alternate reality and SC would have won.
What are you talking about.......?????????
You do realize that there were no sudden change of possession calls against SC, right? Go search the “swindle in the swamp” to see what a true ref protest would require.
You’re connecting a lot of dots on your own. The two TD’s that you are questioning were scored on first down. One from the SC 7 yard line and one from the FL 25. Yes, the false start and holding could have been called and those TD’s called back. But to assume on your own that FL would not have scored points on those 2 drives is real convenient. In both scenarios they just replay first down.
Not sure that Trask is more proven than Fromm...maybe you meant that in reverse. I thought FL's game with LSU would come down to whether or not the Gators O could control the LOS and score and if they did, then FL would win. That happened and they lost. Now, LSU's offense scored TD's on 6 out of 10 possessions. I think LSU's D is about the same as SC, with a few more blue chips. I'm going to say the same thing again for this game...it FL's OL controls the LOS, FL wins.
Not sure what the scores in prior years have to do with anything. I think that FL/Mizz is a 50/50 game at Mizz. That's about right.
This looks about right.....if UF's DE can go by the Ga game, then maybe that probability upticks some. I agree with Mizz being a 50/50 game.
Going to be interesting to see what Aranda does against Sark and that AL offense...I would say that both Bama and LSU have similiar unstoppable offenses. That game has the making of a shootout. Back to Mullen, good play callers always have the advantage if they have the players that can execute. D is just reacting and assuming tendencies.
There is no way those ends will play this week. Hillinski is not going to play either. This game will come down to FL's offense. If they move the ball they way did against LSU, UF will win easy.
Defensive Rankings of LSU's opponents this season: 60. Georgia Southern: 380 yards per game 95. Utah State: 422.2 yards per game 104. Texas: 441.8 yards per game 125. Vanderbilt: 503.6 yards per game
LSU's schedule has been about the same, if not worse. TX is OK...not a lot of Defense, but good offense. I would say TX is about the same as AU for different reasons. I do think the game will hinge upon what the FL offense does, or doesn't do.
FL should be playing without pressure in this out of division game. They are playing with "house" $. All the pressure is on LSU with that line, their ranking, playing at home and the reality of having to face both AU and Bama in coming weeks. That being said, I think the only chance FL has in this one is if their OL wins that LOS. I do not know much about LSU's front 7, but the talking heads say that AU has the best front 7 UF will see this year and UF did OK with 400 yards against them. We'll see on Saturday.
Can't remember a DT impacting a game as much as that guy last Saturday. I believe he was responsible for 2 of the 4 fumbles Trask had.
The key thing is to continue to get classes primarily comprised of blue chip recruits, which most 4 stars are considered. Mullen is already doing that. It's true that UF doesn't have the 5 star guys AL has and they need to get a few...especially in the key positions. However, Clemson has shown that you don't 18 five stars on your roster to win titles...but you probably need a few and especially at QB. When UF was winning titles, they had less than 10.