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Curious…what if instead of leaving it up to your All American and Lou Groza Award Finalist PK to win the game with essentially an XPT attempt and no time on the clock for Auburn to respond Drink instead calls a run play and Mizzou fumbles it and Auburn recovers to end the game what would you have thought of that decision then? Be fair. It was the right call; the kid just missed the gimme unfortunately. Players fault not coach.
100% the fault of South Carolina and their athletic department (mainly their Game Operations staff). Whomever is in charge of that group should be the one apologizing. Cringe all the way around...but pretty apropos for how things went for South Carolina on Saturday honestly.
Did you not read the article? He was already warned earlier in the game and then went on to yell not one but two expletives towards HP umpire while arguing balls/strikes. It doesn’t get easier than that to force an ejection. This is 100% on the player; no excuses.
Probably not a good idea to tell the HP umpire to “F-Off”…? ‍♂️
Because they thought Rutgers would bring in the #1 media market audience in the US in NYC. All about the TV eyeballs.
63.9% chance to beat Mizzou based on what…that it’s a home game for Arky? Hard to make them favorites when Arky has lost to Mizzou the past 5 years in a row.
No slotting in SEC like Big 12. Pretty sure Mizzou had a major say in choosing this bowl games themselves (?)
Outside of Arky that was the only other program named in this article at least half if not 2/3 of the SEC HC’s are way more qualified for Coach of the Year than Kiffin. Do your homework.
And, one of the best LB’s in the country - Nick Bolton - led a dominating defensive effort allowing UK just 145 total yards of offense and was named SEC Defensive Player of the Week. So, I’m guessing Matthew Hinton the author here just mailed this week’s update in (?)
Didn’t Mizzou play last weekend and beat UK 20-10 with Larry Rountree rushing for 126 yards and MU’s two touchdowns on a career-high 37 carries — more total plays than the Wildcats had all game? Huh, didn’t see anything about that above. Weird?!