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That's semantics. It became a bidding war because the (Herman and Armstrong) decided Texas was in play. And Texas was back in play because some boosters -- probably at Armstrong's prompting -- leaked the LSU information to Texas' media Thursday night. It was a play, for sure, but it worked and Texas is the winner in it all, aren't they? They got their man for $1 million dollars a year less than he was demanding from LSU and probably less than what they were prepared to pay him had LSU not backed out. LSU cut its losses and went to plan C. Certainly, you are right, but right only in a very narrow context. In the bigger picture, LSU made a pay for Herman and lost. Period. To make it sound like they were simply vetting Herman is disingenuous. Everything else is kind of spinning it. That said, I still say they come out of this in good shape. Just because you made a play for one thing and lost, doesn't mean you lose the day.
Alabama finished with 323 yards total offense. The two fourth-quarter scoring drives (plus a couple plays before they ran out the clock) yielded 147 of those yards. So before the 90-yard scoring drive to break the scoreless tie, Alabama had 176 total yards offense. Prior to the 90-yard drive, LSU's offense had four straight 3-and-outs in its second-half possessions. I'd say that's a recipe for wearing down a defense.
To clarify, the LSU offense certainly suffered a beat-down. And this article is about making changes on offense. The defense more than held its own. I'd argue it dominated Alabama. Alabama had field position the entire second half (six of the final 7 possessions started at at least the Bama 40) and they managed two scores. Field position was not a huge issue when taking the game in its entirety.
The millennial reference was not implying that millennials are smarter or less smart than any generation, just perhaps too young to recall when "H-backs" were a commonly-used football phrase. Of course, their kids will be asking them, "Dad, what the hell is a 'Jack' linebacker?"
I'm somewhere between you and Tiger Stripe. There's a lot of football to be played. A two-loss LSU team with wins over Alabama, Florida, Texas A&M and Kentucky in the SEC championship game (just kidding...but it COULD happen) would be compelling. But at the same time, there could be a lot of good one-loss teams. What if Ohio State beats Michigan and wins the division? Wouldn't Michigan be compelling. A one-loss Louisville team could be compelling. How about Alabama if the LSU loss is its only loss. Bottom line is I don't think you can either assume LSU would be in or out at this point.
To clarify, I originally used "HB" as the designation for Howard, because Alabama lists him as a "TE-H," as in H-back. I've since realized that a lot of younger folks don't remember when "H-back" was common football lexicon for a tight end who typically plays off the line of scrimmage. So we've changed it tight end. Mr. Bama324, I'm going to assume you're a millennial!
As for Florida, I kind of addressed their scenario in the story. I gave them a bit of the benefit of the doubt as a 9-2 team, which would means 2-1 against Arkansas, LSU and Florida State. That, I admit, is a bit optimistic. But I rode with it this week.
That placement assumes losses to Louisville and either Tennessee or Georgia. So a 7-5 season. That would put Kentucky right in that territory. SEC Country has UK in the Birmingham Bowl, SB Nation has the Cats in the Tax Slayer Bowl (pretty optimistic, in my book). Tax Slayer Bowl would be great, although it doesn't sound as good as if it would use it's old name, the Gator Bowl.
Unlike some other sites, I don't try to predict an outcome of the playoffs. Obviously, you'd have (right now) Clemson and Michigan in the other semifinal. I'd pick Michigan in that one, Alabama to beat Washington. Alabama against Michigan? Let me find a quarter to flip on that one.
Honestly, it's why I snuck Texas Tech in there. It's plausible and the matchup would be fun.
I think both schools sacrificed a season to save another. In that regards, Florida may have done better. It's still a young team and now it has a schedule next year where all of its toughest SEC games are in Gainesville (except Georgia, of course). LSU is trying to save this season, but with two losses already, is it even savable?
I don't disagree with you in terms of pure talent, but, for example, how do you not give the SEC's most prolific receiving group an "edge" over a group that just allowed Sean White to have a pretty efficient passing day? And you surely aren't going to give either LSU's QB or receivers an edge over a defense that leads the SEC in interceptions, right? While I certainly can see your point, LSU will be as good as you imply it is when it starts playing that way, not before. Fair enough? The one area where I hesitate with all this is what was mentioned on this thread before -- putting up a lot of those numbers against a MEAC team and a MAC also-ran should be taken with a little bit of a grain of salt.
You are correct. With the additional parishes in the metro, Lafayette metro picks up two 4-star recruits in the 5-year span in Josh Boutte of New Iberia and Davante Bourque of Crowley. That gives the area one 4-star prospect out of of every 163,333 people.
Zachary is in East Baton Rouge parish, and counts as part of the Baton Rouge metro area.
West Monroe is part of the Monroe Metropolitan area. We measured the figures based on metro areas.
It's always hard to compare current and past teams because they exist in different contexts. What I was trying to do was compare the outlook and expectations for this team with what was expected of the two Miles teams that eventually played for national titles. Obviously, it's way to early to compare the finished products of the 2007 and 2011 teams with this team that hasn't even started August camp yet. You can't really do that until the season is complete.
On Friday, I'll have some imports from outside of SEC country who have had positive impacts on Miles' teams. Sort of the natural follow-up on this one. I'm sure we can think of a few punters to start...
Another good call. 24 catches, 395 yards last year as a part-time starter for the 'Huskers.
Patterson will definitely be on this list in the future. I tried to limit it to players who figure to play significant roles this year. Patterson and Jason Pellerin will be competing for the starting job next year (unless something changes) so one way or another, if I do this story next summer, one of them will probably be on it.
Good call on Cornelius! I feared when writing this one that I'd whiff on somebody and this is one I overlooked! He had 24 receptions for 393 yards in nine games last year. He missed four with a broken arm. He's definitely another good Louisiana prospect .