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We love the PittBoss but need to be realistic with expectations in this league. I'm happy with being competitive in every game and doing it the "Right" way with integrity.
Razorback fans love to see a great player and person get rewarded for hard work and dedication. Arkansas Proud!!!!
Barry Odom hit a homerun getting Sanders. He is a humble and well-liked with wicked athleticism. Glad he decided to be a HOG!!!
Wow...No love for the Hogs. It is another tough schedule. Pittman will have some more motivational bulletin board material. The Sander's boys (Drew and Rocket) will put on a show this year. Hog nation will kindly accept your apology in January.
How do you exclude Kendal Briles from this list but include him as one of the largest article photos. He should be on this list.