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Joe definitely deserved this recognition without a doubt. Dude is insane and had a legendary year for LSU. Very proud for him, congrats, Go Dawgs and Geaux Tigers!
The false death threat issue should be an automatic disqualifier.
Good luck young man. Auburn can now look through the police blotters to replace him.
I would personally like to see Mike back for another gig at UGA. It's true that sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. Part of the concern back in the day was predictability (runs up the middle) in key situations that were frustrating to fans. We sat through many a game where we would call the play in the stands pre-snap with about 75% accuracy. However, I always like the results of the offenses esp. with Murray and to have Mike back for another stint, being about to get in the headset and say "Kirby, chill. I got this!" would be so refreshing to see what we could do. From this fan's eye test, our problems seem to be around QB development (lack thereof), lack of coaching and adjusting for WRs in-game, and being conservative when we should be aggressive and aggressive when we should be conservative. Enough of that! That's all on the OC. Miami fans warned us, didn't they?
Very true as 2012 officially gave birth to 3rd and Grantham
Wow - well, at least Arkansas, Mizzou and Ole Miss knew when to get rid of their loser coaches. Personally I am glad that Muschamp will be around for a spell. I was actually worried we’d have a second coming of Spurrier at SC. Nope! Actually I think firing and demoting when everyone can see where the buck stops...hurts programs more than it helps. And yeah, we all remember the anomaly in Athens. So no need for that troll back
Throwing rolls of sh1t tickets into trees is definitely redneck
So the Vol trolls are back eh? Good to see how their fanbase handles success. Woo hoo, we may be 7-5 so let’s smack talk. Can’t make this stuff up, seriously
Said the biggest NFL draft bust of all-time.
If Gus beats UGA and Bama, they will give him another DA contract extension like 2017.
Best news ever. While I may not think Chaney is the worst OC ever, hopefully UGA will be able to recruit an OC to the caliber of the existing talent. We can all point to the "Chaney moments" while at UGA. I know Vol fans hated the predictability when he was there. Same here. We'll see.
Right? If this doesn’t qualify as who the f cares, what does ?
Incorrect. UGA has beaten Saban coached teams in the past. Do your homework.
The entire thread was stupid. If UCF worth their salt, they can give any team a game. After how many years of watch CFB do we all know this? However, I do believe the let-down effect is in store for whoever draws UCF as it is very underwhelming. See Auburn last year. Who could blame potential first rounders for not risking injury to a bunch of scrubs. Me and other SEC fans would likely agree...we would spend 1,000s on a good matchup against a high quality team but against UCF, no one cares. May god bless that they pass off UCF to some other conference other than the SEC.
Welcome to the alternate universe where a UK fan is actually smack talking on a Georgia blog.
Isn’t the definition of the better team the one who executes better than the other one?