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Best news ever. While I may not think Chaney is the worst OC ever, hopefully UGA will be able to recruit an OC to the caliber of the existing talent. We can all point to the "Chaney moments" while at UGA. I know Vol fans hated the predictability when he was there. Same here. We'll see.
Right? If this doesn’t qualify as who the f cares, what does ?
Incorrect. UGA has beaten Saban coached teams in the past. Do your homework.
The entire thread was stupid. If UCF worth their salt, they can give any team a game. After how many years of watch CFB do we all know this? However, I do believe the let-down effect is in store for whoever draws UCF as it is very underwhelming. See Auburn last year. Who could blame potential first rounders for not risking injury to a bunch of scrubs. Me and other SEC fans would likely agree...we would spend 1,000s on a good matchup against a high quality team but against UCF, no one cares. May god bless that they pass off UCF to some other conference other than the SEC.
Welcome to the alternate universe where a UK fan is actually smack talking on a Georgia blog.
Isn’t the definition of the better team the one who executes better than the other one?
26 point win and my thoughts --- UGA offense stinks. Go Figure and I am embarrassed to think that
Game was never in question. Tennessee, I feel for ya. Train wreck, dumpster fire, you name it. I look forward to the days where it comes down to the wire. Pruitt ain't it.
This is what I call a start and clear difference between the dust collector and Kirby.
Was at the natty and when Scott Frost left the Game Day set, the fans from Bama and Georgia gave him an earful as he was escorted off by state troopers. Hilarious moment.
Funny stuff on the Choke one. So true
CBS rewatch showed Deandre very briefly got two fingers on Slayton's facemask during the route. It was legit.
For cause does not apply to situations or pure incompetence like this. by contrast, when Damon Evans was fired from UGA, that was for cause.
I agree - especially when they give him that many touches. Let’s hope Kerryon is healed for the bowl game and goes top of the draft
Yes, I’m not overly impressed with SEC crews. Notre Dame game comes to mind as well...
Auburn’s D is legit so you’ll always have a great chance. UGA D is much better than the previous game, so I hope it’s an epic one for the ages
Why do UT fans obsess on Gruden? It so ain't happening
Well, the numbers don't lie and given that Will was a defensive coach and stacked UF with a nasty defense and that CJM was an offensive-minded coach who was supposed to fix the offense, but hasn't... I do not foresee the UF offense returning to the nightmare years with Harvin and the gang anytime soon.