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I tuned into this game mostly just to watch the two great backs, now that my man Chubb is done for the season (though he will finish with a league high 8.1yds/rush). I think the main thing worth talking about here is how dominating that bama front is. It was also interesting to see saban give his guy 38 carries! Seams like he's trying to make some kind of statment by leaving him in late in the game when it was already in hand. Saban knew that the 200 yard barrier was there and he wanted his guy over it. I'd still take fournette if i had my pick, but that bama D was the MVP
Awesome way to make a statement and stand up for their beliefs! It's peaceful, yet will get major attention, as athletics is a huge money maker for the school. Sadly, some of the comments on this article will prove that racism is a major problem in college football
Sony is the absolute TRUTH! We gripe about a lot as Dawg fans, but how lucky are we to have the string of backs we've had! Crowell->Gurley/Marshall->Chubb/Michel->Holyfield... Here's hoping Chubb makes a full recovery and next year pre-season we have are asking ourselves how can we get Sony and Nick 20 touches a game?
Divide 19 into 63 and you get 0.3. If you're going to advise us on how to calculate the stats, at least figure out which number is the numerator. Yeah bama whipped us. Yeah the O-line couldn't create holes. But we've still got a damn fine running back in Nick. Hopefully we'll get another shot at you guys in the SECCG. P.S. you can turn off your caps lock by pressing the little button on the left side of your keyboard that says, "caps lock". We can all hear you just fine.
Big game, but definitely not bigger than 2012! that was not only for an SEC championship, but for the right to play an overmatched ND for the NCG
firstly, this is based on an alleged text message? Not gonna hold my breath for that one. Secondly, is it really a great idea to give a true freshman his first career start in the biggest game of the year? I'm game for whatever gives us the best DT play though, go Dawgs!
Wasn't she playing for the auburn defense last week?
but ole miss is a lock?
Great showing by the boys in red! I hope this is a sign of things to come. As for bama, I am still very afraid of that game. If you watched bama v ole miss, you could tell that bama was the obvious better team. They gave ole miss the ball 5 times, ole miss had a miracle TD, and yet bama was still in it until the last posession. You can bet bama won't be -5 in the turnover dept again this season, so Georgia is going to have to play better than ole miss did to pull out the win in 2 weeks. With that said, we have the guys and the coaches to play better than ole miss, and just as well as bama. I can't wait! Go Dawgs!
Right on. I'm tired of all these type writer coaches saying we've got a much better option at qb and Richt is somehow too stupid to use him. There is a good reason we are sticking with Lambert, just like there is no reason to run your star tailback over 20 times in a game he isn't needed in. For now I'm not too woried. The coaching staff is a good one, and they know what they're doing. I think this could be one of those Georgia teams that really hits its stride as the season progresses
Dawgs -16? I know this isn't your typical SC, but spurier always has something extra when playing the Dawgs. Hope vegas is right though...
I don't understand all the fuss on this one at all. We see one player put a hand on another's ankle for like one second! There is absolutely no way to determine if the play is dirty, or if the msu player just lost his balance and that is where his hand ended up. I understand that in football some dirty stuff can happen in those piles, but unless you have definitive evidence it is really unprofessional of these sds bloggers to promote it as a dirty play and accuse the whole program
Murf, thanks for the knowledge, as usual! I love getting our deep backfield involved in the passing game. Do you think it will be a common thing to see one of our RBs as the game's leading reciever, as with Sony this past weekend?
I heard it put nicely in a podcast recently: Trevone Boykin was mediocre in his first two years of playing time. Afew coaching changes later and he is Heisman frontrunner. Sometimes the right coaching and the right system can pull the potential out of a player. Im sure CMR and CBS are better with QBs than the folks at virginia. Combine that with the talent upgrade around him and I see the potential... Hopefully it all come together
Hey Murf, I've been reading your pieces for a long time, but i don't comment much. I just have to give you props for consistently being the best writer on the site and hitting me with more knowledge than KRS1! Not to mention, it means a lot to us commenters that you take the time to reply. It also calms my pre-season nerves to hear your confidence in this season's Dawgs! Keep it up and I'm sure you will go far!
It's not just Chubb. At WR mitchell, davis, and mckenzie all have been very productive, and the new talent is very promising. Not that it will matter, because Georgia has two of the best tight ends in the league and a scheme that will get them the ball often. But it all starts up front, and with the best o line in the east QBs will be pressured into mistakes fewer times and RBs will be in the second level making people miss.
I hear/read all the time that everyone wants Ramsey. they say, "Lambert has thrown more ints than tds." But hey, Ramsey has thrown 3 tds to 2 ints. give him more game time, and he could easily be right where lambert is. Bauta has looked the best to me, but that is indeed a small sample size. I trust the coaches to get the right guy, I just hope whoever it is plays smart
You know what I hate? Those "house divided" car plates. I saw one today that had Georgia on one side and a gator on the other. To the individual who has the tag, you are not a true fan of either school unless you truly hate all rivals of the school! If you are a fan of any two schools that don't include Georgia, I guess it doesn't bother me. Do whatever you want as your casually follow your wife's alma mater and the school that you would have gone to if you had applied yourself in high school. But if I see one of these abominations with the power G on it again, I'm ripping that f*$*er in half
The defensive interior scares me much more than the qb situation. I think any of the three guys battling for qb can be successful if they just letting the system and talent around them work without forcing mistakes. Georgia would have a NC in '12 if not for week interior/run defense. I know that was a different defense and DC, but it is just one of those nightmarish situations watching your team get run up the gut over and over late in games. Lets hope TT proves he deserved that #1 recruit ranking. It should be a fun season to watch, as always. Go Dawgs!
This is true. While Cajuns may be happy with their Natty, Georgia fans prefer something a little craftier, like a Terrapin or Creature Comforts.
Why would Georgia need a huge leap from Bobo? He captained some of the highest scoring offenses in the SEC the past few years
Mizzou takes care of business with the schedule that they are dealt. If Georgia did that they would be in Atlanta instead of watching it on TV. the fact is, even with Georgia's depth of talent, the gap is not that big. tennnessee florida and usc can win those games if Georgia comes in without a feeling of urgency
Richt is a great coach no matter what happens this season. He took the irrelevant Dawgs of the 90's and turned them back into the contender they were in the 80s. There are over 120 FBS schools eligible to win the NCG each year, but only one trophy. Good teams will always miss out. The tallent gap at the top is not that great. Years like '07 and '12 the Dawgs were probably as good as the teams that won it all, but the ball just didn't bounce that way. Lets enjoy the wins and ride, I don't think Richt has shown us his best season yet.
I just wish the SEC network would find something good to play when they aren't broadcasting an sec competition. The Paul finbaum show is like 25% of their programming. If I wanted to stare at some old dude's face while he talks I'd go to my grandpa's house. Thank God for the people who post full length sec games on YouTube!
Great article. It's nice to see some content and analysis. The big boys never get enough praise! I have always wondered about the Dawg's lack of NFL linemen, yet they usually seem to come together as a strong unit. Hopefully this year's bunch will do enough to get our backs to the second level where they will do serious damage!
I'm not sure I get why the Tebow speech is on here. That was 2008. Both facebook and twitter were already popular networks.
I wanted to go see Vandy play at home, but I guess I don't get the option...
Let's face it. I think Chubb is the best back in the SEC ( but I'm only basing that on facts). Sure, Fournette will be great, but first he needs to polish up his Heisman pose so that he can break it out if he gets in to the end zone against McNeese state. In all seriousness though, I would put a qb at the top of this list. I agree though that fournette will have a better chance to win than Chubb because he'll touch the ball more
Not with Saban on this one. He gives examples of players who did not commit serious misconduct. My personal feeling is that I'd rather cheer for a league that trys to teach athletes that they have to live up to the standards that the rest of the world abides before they make it to the NFL as another Hernandez or Rice. As far as the entire NCAA landscape goes, I also support rules that are not directly handed down by the NCAA. The NCAA is a hypocritical business that looks out for its profit interests, and not the student athletes that it is supposedly in place for. Any trend toward stronger conferences with their own rules and enforcement is a step to the overall weakening of the NCAA and therefore a good thing!