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@Biggie: 53,000. They've been outdrawing some SEC schools this year.
I live about 5 blocks from JSU's stadium. If you think they only have "300 fans in the stands," hoo boy... That place is packed out on Saturdays. HBCUs have some of the most loyal, rabid fans around.
Like you said, it's a small sample size for Leach right now. I'm really thankful for what Mullen did at State, even though I'm still pretty upset with how he left. I think with the defense we had in 2018, we would have gone to Atlanta if he'd stayed. I could be wrong. I'm impressed with the turnaround in year 2 under Leach. He plays to win, instead of Mullen, who plays not to lose. Given what this year looks like, I'd take Leach over Mullen. Did Florida break Dan in a way State wouldn't have? Maybe. But, ultimately I'll take Leach because of what happened against Auburn. If State had been down that far under Mullen, we'd have been done. Leach's team plays for 60 minutes.
I don't think the AAC decided not to raid the Sun Belt. I think the Sun Belt teams probably felt like it was a better option than the AAC. CUSA was probably the only conference the AAC *could* raid at this point.