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The one and only place I've seen Marchiol leaving was 24/7. Not sure if it's garbage fake news or not.
Whoopty Do Dah. Couldn't reach lower for a P5 victim? If the goal of all this recruiting and paying big time coaches is winning a NC you don't go looking for Maryland's for your P5 opponent. The horns do that.
This kid got a lot of upper tier programs interested in him late in the cycle. I see him sticking with his pledge but it's hard to ignore that UGA offer.
A&M's class is almost full and sub 90 grade averages usually don't make the top 10 when it's a signed and done. The Ag's should have several top tier recruits stepping on board shortly. As long as the SEC is the hands down leader in getting players into the NFL draft I doubt that the recruiting trend will stop.
Watched the young man's commitment video. Very humble for a young man with the accomplishments he has in HS. He will be one to watch in the SEC.
Durham, Gillie, & Trayveon would be my choices. Can’t go wrong with the writer’s picks though.
OC Depth behind the Matthews kid taken in the last cycle. All 4 OL commits are < #300. Just what do they feed 16-17 year old kids these days?
Dear Rick Stavig. Pumping too much Aggie sunshine will get you yelled at real quick around here. Fact of the matter is Mike Elko is well known for building a decent defense out of nobody players. He may not have a full cupboard of SEC-W grade players on D but he's got a lot of nice parts. We will see. His best asset maybe the Jimbo offense chewing up clock.
Thanks for sharing this Connor. Now that we have seen you can write a nice article the article critique bar just got a 4 notch rise.
Mizzou trash making a statement like that? "It ain't like it used to be". Jimbo Fisher. Your new OC? The creator of the dumpster fire that is Tennessee.
Seems to be a good kid. 51% passer as a HS Junior. Not sure if that is a reflection on him or the kids he was throwing to. He lit it up at the Elite 11 & is likely to get a upgrade on his talent score. Like a lot of the lower rated recruits in this class the kid has mongo physical measurables & that something. Jimbo calls it grit. I prefer to call it testicular fortitude.
One of those staffers nobody knows about. Former DC @ SCar, Ole Miss, Mid TN. & some other places. Good coach. Not sure why he jumped out of the Station.
The $ value was a saving face move for him & FSU. You need to take a look at what high profile HC's are making these days. The investment A&M made in his on field staff and more importantly, his off field support staff is pretty breath taking. The Ag's are all in on this one. I hope it works.
Bobby Brown? Nobody? Can't run or throw if 'ya got a monster in the backfield.
Where do I start Connor? Jimbo ran off the #1 QB prospect in Texas. Not sure if Gunnell wasn't a system fit or the kid had some petulant tendencies. What I do know is the program offered just about every top 20 DT QB in this class, shaming Gunnell into a decommit. Not the same for OL kids. Herman & his shiny new OL coach Hand are getting punk slapped in Texas courtesy of Turner. Any casual fan could watch with distaste the horrid OL play last year for the horns. There's opportunities there and so far no takers with talent. I would pity the kid that would decommit at this point. Gunnell got off light. Bobby Wolfe not so much. This class is tight with 2 5 stars leading the parade. Several DB Corners should be stepping up to the maroon & white shortly. I just get a whole different vibe about Jimbo versus Sumlin. With Jimbo everything seems to get lined up & in order before the story busts out in the media. With Sumlin the story busted out & then nothing seemed to get fixed. Sound familiar? FSU messed up. All Jimbo wanted was what Saban has. A&M is giving it to him. We will see if this works out soon enough.
Jim Turner is putting his OL together 2 years out. Wow.
Aggies recruiting on a national level? Summie could reach out to AZ courtesy of Jeff Banks but this is unprecedented in Aggie recruiting. Tons of potential in the players making pledges to A&M as well. This whole Jimbo thing might work out after all.
You would like to believe that after Tim Brewster stepped on his rope the "skins on the wall" graphics would have disappeared. Alas no. To say Brewster is rather eccentric on Twitter is a massive understatement. Fisher & Saban have the best take on social media. Let an assistant make the noise & stay away from it. Can't agree more with the article. Good job.
Nick Starkel = Olive Garden breadstick. Stark can be a lethal passer with 2-3 seconds of time upright in the pocket. Whether the Aggie OL is up to blocking the better SEC-W DL's remains to be seen.
When I read through the article my first thought was where's LSU? And you can throw a couple of programs out of the article out of hand. Notre Dame & the tu horns for a start.
Pruitt is building UT block by block. Big get for the rocky toppers.
If Jace Sternberger lights it up this season like he did in the Spring Game he will make this list. The NFL is starving for in line TE's.
And Connor fumbles yet again. Of course the Aggie players have bought in. That's what happens when a quality coach takes over a program. The former coach wanted to be his players' best friend instead of showing them how to toughen up & play real football. Jace Sternberger taking over the Spring Game? Not a single sentence about that. And that whole Tua vs. Jalen thing at Bama isn't worth the time it took to type. Jalen is going nowhere until December, starter or not. Give it a rest.
This kid is LARGE. Saw him play last fall. Like watching elephants stomp rats.
Koda's a good Aggie but he never made the transition that was hoped for. It's a good move for him and the Aggie program. Best wishes for him and the 'Cuse program.
Ole Nicky can poof it off but this is the weakest Bama staff that I ever seen. Locksley? Offensive mastermind? LMFAO. He ain't Kiffin by a long shot. No prob we will lean on the D? Lupoi has 0 experience running a CFB D1 defense. Brave new world for Bama. That thought is not lost with Hurts.
Watched the Spring game up close and personal. Lots of 11 10 sets. The good news is Sternberger (TE) shredded the D. Bad news. The OL was dreadful for about 3 series on both sides. Like magic the OL started blocking after that. Everybody was playing harder everywhere. Refreshing. Elko & Turner got some work to do. Brewster has got to be all smiles.
Can't hate Bama after this. Trump is likely the most divisive President since Lincoln. In this day of massive butthurt over a few wrong words those young men did the right thing. They prayed for the elected President to make good decisions.