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You would like to believe that after Tim Brewster stepped on his rope the "skins on the wall" graphics would have disappeared. Alas no. To say Brewster is rather eccentric on Twitter is a massive understatement. Fisher & Saban have the best take on social media. Let an assistant make the noise & stay away from it.Can't agree more with the article. Good job.
Nick Starkel = Olive Garden breadstick. Stark can be a lethal passer with 2-3 seconds of time upright in the pocket. Whether the Aggie OL is up to blocking the better SEC-W DL's remains to be seen.
When I read through the article my first thought was where's LSU? And you can throw a couple of programs out of the article out of hand. Notre Dame & the tu horns for a start.
Pruitt is building UT block by block. Big get for the rocky toppers.
If Jace Sternberger lights it up this season like he did in the Spring Game he will make this list. The NFL is starving for in line TE's.
And Connor fumbles yet again.Of course the Aggie players have bought in. That's what happens when a quality coach takes over a program. The former coach wanted to be his players' best friend instead of showing them how to toughen up & play real football.Jace Sternberger taking over the Spring Game? Not a single sentence about that.And that whole Tua vs. Jalen thing at Bama isn't worth the time it took to type. Jalen is going nowhere until December, starter or not. Give it a rest.
This kid is LARGE. Saw him play last fall. Like watching elephants stomp rats.
Koda's a good Aggie but he never made the transition that was hoped for. It's a good move for him and the Aggie program. Best wishes for him and the 'Cuse program.
Ole Nicky can poof it off but this is the weakest Bama staff that I ever seen.Locksley? Offensive mastermind? LMFAO. He ain't Kiffin by a long shot.No prob we will lean on the D? Lupoi has 0 experience running a CFB D1 defense.Brave new world for Bama. That thought is not lost with Hurts.
Watched the Spring game up close and personal. Lots of 11 10 sets. The good news is Sternberger (TE) shredded the D. Bad news. The OL was dreadful for about 3 series on both sides. Like magic the OL started blocking after that. Everybody was playing harder everywhere. Refreshing. Elko & Turner got some work to do. Brewster has got to be all smiles.
Can't hate Bama after this. Trump is likely the most divisive President since Lincoln. In this day of massive butthurt over a few wrong words those young men did the right thing. They prayed for the elected President to make good decisions.
Got into some staffs butts over that. 70 degree day. Unless Koda was puking I don’t see how that could happen. Nevertheless it did.
I don’t know how Koda got that dehydrated during practice but I’m willing to bet Jimbo g
Secondary was playing way off the receivers. DL push was negligible. Not sure if that was scripted. If it wasn't the SCar D is going to get ate alive in the fall.
Can anyone tell me how many conference titles Hal Mumme or his understudies have won as head coaches? The best I can tell is one. And he's a gen or 2 removed from Mumme. And I don't think Link Riley is leaving Norman anytime soon. Bob Stoops used a lot of Air Raid protégés as OC's but he had a D background thru working for Spurrier @ UF. The Vols got the right guy for SEC play. It might take him some seasons to fix the program though.
Little chinks in the armor turn into cracks. Cracks turn into opportunities. Some guy named Jimbo would love to have an opportunity.
Why did I bother reading this drivel? C’mon man. Nick is about as humble as it gets.
Sharp had a prop for his joke. Leave it up to the media to take a corny stunt gag & turn it into a Butch meltdown moment. And you won’t find very many Ag’s that believe A&M is going from .500 in the SEC to NC contender in one season. I
I know Jimbo is a far better recruiter than Sumlin ever will be. I doubt if the horns’ usual smear tactics when they get behind will sit well with Jimbo & his twitter attack dog (Brewster). Time will tell. It’s gonna be fun to watch.
What a horsecrap article. 5 minutes of my life wasted reading that crud. Fitz is the GOAT DT QB in the SEC? LMFAO. Fitz is a great DT QB, don't feel slighted MS fans. The GOAT? Tebow & Manziel grade? Really?
Not that I'm complaining but O needed somebody to make all that O talent work. LSU has a golden goose in LA talent. Somehow someway it's stuck in ground hog day since Saban bailed.
Relationships? BS.... WPS has about zero 4 man front edge rushers. He's looking for playing time. I don't begrudge him for picking WPS. It's his choice. Chavis is no miracle worker. He needs elite talent to make his system go. Aggies were warned about this from LSU & UTenn folks. Sumlin bought in & we all know the results.I know WPS is hyped about Aggie Chad. Dabo has a rep of paying assistants. He didn't pay Chad & let him go to SMU, pretty much the Siberia of G5 CFB. This will be interesting.
UGA fans getting butthurt over Jimbo comments. Y’all signed a superb class no doubt. Getting another #1 class to follow is the trick. Doing what has done is unprecedented. Hell I doubt anyone else ever comes close.
Foster's cousin. Plays high. Coach Turner will fix that.
Bratton. Yeah You. You need to find his commitment video and put it on here. Foster shouldn't even be walking straight much less be a 4* QB. The young man's got some grit.
Congrats to UGA. Impressive recruit class.
Not lifted. The LEO's & DA asked for the hearing to be cancelled. Zay's attorney was going to turn that hearing into a free discovery motion for the criminal case.
Jimbo's 2019 class is looking pretty impressive already. Look for a couple of OT's to jump on board pretty soon as well.
Master Blaster. He was renowned for that in Aggieland. The man has no shame in cutting loose of the gas.