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And that, fellow SEC'ers, is precisely why Texas A&M is in the SEC. sips are going to be sips, no matter how hard they try to be nice every once in a little while.
Mond always starts slow. The Aggie OL play was not superb. Mond knows that & yet he still went into hold the ball mode like he always does. Trayveon Williams wasn't there to bail him out in a big game anymore. Result? A waste of a tough defensive effort.
Kellen always starts slow and always looks like a deer caught in the head lights for a quarter or two. Treyveon bailed him out last year. Corbin isn't the same RB. Time to see what Calzada has.
Have you ever seen how the lowborn horns act when they are on top? Hell their HC is biggest troll of them all.
With all due respect A&M made the right hire. Finebaum is and will always be an SEC homer. I suspect when Saban's time is done we will get to see Dabo cut & run to Bama.
$950k to get buttkicked in your own house. There's plenty of other misery going on so don't feel alone Vols. Ole Miss, Mizzou, SCar. Not a good look for the SEC at all.
I heard tell that "Smokey" put himself in the NCAA Portal. LMFAO. And I could care less about the SEC-E.
The O-Line play was sketchy at best. What was supposed to a strength of the offense hopefully was sand bagging in prep for Clemson.
Delay. horn lite is getting butt spanked early & often.
Ron White said it best. "You can't fix stupid". Franks is a 1st class dumbass.
That was one tremendously ugly game.
#1 His Daddy is rich. I mean got money to waste on anything wealthy. #2 Tate got derecruited by Mazzone @ A&M. And it wasn't very subtle. #3 Tate's grandfather steered him to OSU. Pop's alma mater. #4 Tate did a burnout to Miami because he thought he'd be the undisputed starter. Oops. #5 His best bet is to transfer to UNLV. Tony Sanchez will give him a shot no matter what. Sanchez is his former HS HC.
Look at A&M. Is Colorado really a P5 game? Cake all the way to October.
Chavis' attack defense & Aggie Chad's smash mouth spread offense are a marriage made in hell. I watched many a game at A&M go south with Chavis & Sumlin running the show.
Yep. Big mouth Tommy & his horn tribe have been boldened by the 1 score "beatdown" of UGA. Sure are quick to shove a soon to be 15 year old ring in anyone's face that dares to defy their claims of being a leader of the bluebloods. I'm going to be a swamp kitty fan for about 3 or 4 hours on September 7.
Zach Smith is a pure up slimeball hooker with smelly ooze dripping down his leg. God bless him. I hope he can coach because there's many a door that's going to be slammed in his face for the trash he spews. But then again what do you expect from a Urban Meyer program assistant? Or Meyer? At some point integrity has to mean more than winning. Right?
Scott Frost isn't Dan Mullen by a long shot. Not saying Mullen is a NC caliber HC. I'm saying Frost did nothing at Nebraska in year one. Not even a trip to the Podunk bowl.
Kellen tries to do too much early in games. If he can get the eye early and settle down in the big games A&M has enough to give the big boys a run for their money. The Ag's have some bona fide dawgs at other positions but this isn't quite a crew stacked with talent just yet. A few of the fellas that cut out early for the Draft would have been better off staying in Aggieland for another year but that is gone money. The solid number on wins should be seven. Nine wins with a bowl would be outstanding coaching. Any higher than that is pure gravy this season.
Baylor Cupp, Texas A&M TE. Mainly because of the position, not that many teams use a TE. Partially because this kid is just that good at the position.
And so it begins. Woodward set a good foundation at A&M with nearly unlimited support from the alumni. Not so much support at LSU. Couple that with the fact that LSU's academia has been mooching off the athletics budget for a while now. Shoulda' stayed in Aggieland Scott. And yes, I'd get a tetanus shot before I set foot in that library.
I'm a bit deeper into Aggie ball than most. They look better than Hubenak in spring ball & practice. And Foster & Calzada can run. For that matter how many underclassmen backups ever get to play in a game unless the QB1 goes down or it's a cake game well in hand?
The QB room @ TAMU is better than what meets the eye. Foster & Calzada are capable backups. Blumrick took his best offer out of HS and isn't ready to try to bail either. With no experience they can do no worse than what Starkel did against Clemson in a grand total of one play. I'm not real sold on the "Gary Danielsen" pecking order either. The SEC has a lot of experienced QB's. Not a one of them has proven he can put a team on his back and carry them to a win against Clempson.
Buddy Johnson & Anthony Hines are more critical parts of the Aggie D than Justin. A&M is woefully short of D1 quality LB's in 2019. The front four are plug 'n play. The depth there is ready. Back seven? Not so much.
Ole Nicky has cut & run more than a couple of times on his own. If he's looking to point a finger at the reason Bama choked in the NC he needs to find a mirror. Saban's record of rehabbing failed former HC's is well documented. I get it. Less time teaching a new assistant how to be a coach. By the same token almost all of them are looking for a new HC gig before they touch down in Tuscaloosa. He had better start looking for talent that is willing to stick around more than a year. And he better hurry up. The SEC-W is tightening up.
A&M gets a lot of grumbling from the academic staff regarding athletic spending as well. The way I see it is these kids are usually sacrificing their long term health to play ball/ get a degree & maybe get a shot at a NFL career. Some creature comforts are warranted from those SECN bucks.
Baylor is offering to him as a WR. A&M is offering him as a DB. Seth is high speed with mediocre hands. Hence the 3 stars. He's a Baylor lean because of the WR offer.
STUD QB1 from day one. His Nike Opening stat sheet is off the chart for a QB. Like a perfect blend of Allen & Murray without the drama. Refreshing.
A&M is a big college with a big alumni base that has big wallets. A&M wants multiple NC's in the big sports. Not just football. All of them. The Aggie Alum are not bashful about trying to buy them either. No cash offers up front though. No. If an athlete can't make it as a pro they get a job with one of the plethora of Fortune 500 corporations that are run by the, drum roll please, Aggie Mafia. Buying Jimbo wasn't the start of this. The commitment to revamping all of the facilities was. #WRTS may have gotten started a little early but it's coming. That is certain.