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Elko is a major improvement over Chavis as a defensive coordinator with one major exception. The Ag's defense generates about 0 pressure during pass plays, especially against quality OL's. The Ag's secondary is just flat out too slow to keep up with quality receivers.
Hats off to the Tide. That Bama crew with the normal great defense + Tua/Jeudy is just not fair. Might have been a closer game later in the year after Jimbo/Elko get their stuff working right but that's for another season. Neither crew could run the ball. That crucified A&M, and held Bama in check just a little bit.
You don't understand. CSPD will rip your testes off for trying to buy them. Overpaid & have a no BS attitude towards everyone. Especially all things Aggie campus.
You can't drive like an idiot in College Station Ryan. CSPD will bust you for spitting your gum out of the window of your car.
Matt's beating a bruise on that S-E-C tattoo on his chest. The Ag's & Bama are already bad thin @ LB. LSU & AU QB play was underwhelming at best in Jordan Hare. Ole Miss does not do defense and already lost two good safeties on a already shaky secondary. Mullens' Tebow clone can't pass at Miss State. UGA does not do pass rushing. Mizzou doesn't do defense either. Kentucky is a one trick pony. Stop Benny Snell and they are toast. Vandy took a suspicious ND crew to the limit but came up short. UTenn? UF? SCar? Who am I missing? Oh Yeah. The 4th alarm on that dumpster fire in Arkie just got pulled and they are requesting backup from the HazMat response team. Yep. Ole Nicky is shaking in his boots right now. Best offense he's ever had & he's got 2 or 3 backup Safeties that would fill in admirably at LB.
Life without red meat ain't worth living.
Way way too early to be making bowl forecasts.
So? Did the Gumps' actually break their whooping paddle on the landchumps or not? It would be nice if all of my Ag's make it back from Tuscaloosa in one piece. Good grief that was an epic spanking.
LSU flat took the inside zone run away from the Aubies. Stidham throwing 2 picks didn't help much either. AU had a similar issue with UW. The middle of the AU OL is suspect against teams with stronger DL's.
Same song, third verse. The Ag's really don't seem interested in playing a first half of any ball game. To have even a whisper of a prayer against Bama you have to have a whole lot of luck & a perfect game.
Aggie Chad is not a real deal HC. Clemson wasn't exactly setting the world on fire when he was the OC there either. He was a pretty good HS coach though. His Lake Travis HS teams won a couple of state titles.
Whew! After reading through these comments I'm gonna sell the farm and buy a chain of liquor stores in Arkieland.
Slow starts seem to be a recurring theme with Coach Jimbo. Hopefully it's rope a dope on Jimbo's part. We will find out Saturday.
Super fast. After watching Clemson up live and personal he's what we need.
Hoping the Dores rip the socks off the gold domers. Stat game for my Ag's.
Yep. I don't think they are as good as they think they are either. They get no street cred until I see the Aggies run with Bama. If my Ag's give Bama a fight I'll throw them some props.
3 Games in. Time for the Contenders to separate themselves from the pretenders.
Chaisson is a pure up stud rusher. Hated to see him go down like that.
So? Power zone blocking is "soft" now? Granted it was an FCS DL but the Aggies started 3 true Sophs. Keaton & Erik aren't 5th year Seniors either. I think they held up pretty good last nite. If they can move the Clemson front like they did in this game The Ag's might actually have a chance. Gig'Em.
Actually those weren't NW DLmen. Those sacks given up were LB's & Safeties blowing through the middle after the center wandered off to help with the washout trying to get around the edge. Turner will get it fixed. As for OL the run blocking was rather impressive. A fat chick in high heels could get 10 yds. rushing last night at Kyle.
Mars needs to find him another litmus test. Marchiol dukied all over his test strip.
I find several parts of this hit piece a bit strange. Santino's position coach personally delivers basically chump change play money to him in a bathroom? There's a herd of flunky assistants to do that for the staffers. Illegal meetings & practices? Oh my. The med staff made him practice hurt? OK where's the season ending surgery yet again Santino? Lots of reaching and grasping by a kid & parents to get him eligible to play right now. Hiring Mars is the icing on the cake. Receipts & corroborating witnesses would be nice to see as well. His parents are pretty wealthy. That cash if it really occurred could actually be theirs. Marchiol came to Aggieland with physical issues. Sumlin had a habit of betting on players getting better physically that had injury issues. Most of them washed out on medical schollies. I'm not sayin' it ain't true but if a fan can punch that many holes in his story I can't wait to see what that Aggie spin staff does to it. If it's true Jimbo needs to get pimp slapped for being dumb when he doesn't have to.
7 wins is the floor on this season. I can see a couple of more wins this year. LSU & Miss State are definitely going to on the table for W's
Aggie Chad inherited an absolute disaster @ SMU. That being said Arkie ain’t exactly the plum job in the SEC W. Not gonna drink the Jimbo koolaid yet but Ag’s are definitely going to be playing a lot harder this season. Arkie will be a formidable opponent in a few years though. We will see soon enough what the pigs have.
Word was he was sliding behind the incoming frosh on the RG chart. Hate to see him go but the RB situation @ A&M is crowded
Bigtime target and get. Lots of heavy duty D talent headed to "The Station" as Brewster calls it. The Ag's might actually have a chance at being somebody again in a couple of years.
Pruitt is the one coach that I would have liked to have seen in College Station if the Jimbo thing hadn't worked out. Tough, no nonsense coach that doesn't settle for less than everything from a player. With that, some superb talent, and a lot of luck you've got a chance of winning something other than enough games to go to a bowl. Summie, Butch & Brett B among others were posers. Wanna be a bowl game contestant? Hire fellas that say the right things. Pruitt's the real deal. Vols need to be patient though. That rocky top dumpster fire is still burning bright.