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This has the odor of a lot of good OC's telling Saban no. Sark is what he is.
Most Aggies look forward to 2020. 2019 is going to be a hard knock season to say the least.
I could write an entire article on Kyler & his Father Kevin Murray. Both are petulant, demanding, and consider any criticism as anti-black racism. Kevin was a problem child during the Sherrill era & Kyler was the start of the downfall of Sumlin. I am not shocked that Kyler and his Dad are extorting the A's. Pure up poison. Both of them.
horns just can't let go. They're like a fat ex ol' lady after she saw the shiny hot new ol' lady.
Saban's always shucking assistants but this is getting a tad ridiculous.
Mercedes-Benz Superdome. New Orleans is a party town with plenty of hotels, restaurants, and stuff to do. It's not quite smack dab in the middle of the Country but it's close enough. While Texas Stadium is a jewel, Dallas doesn't come close to New Orleans as far as non game venues.
So sure about that? Sure as sheet tore the Aggies up this year? LOL. The deficiencies the Ag's had in 2018 are being corrected. Namely CB's & pass rush on defense. Ag's are still thin at several positions but are trending. Good luck with the VP OC. Chaney is a diptard.
This article missed so bad they are still looking for the ball. Dana Holgorsen is sitting at U 0f H licking his chops.
Renfrow has saved Dabo's bacon many times. Hunter is like an itch you can't reach on your back.
T-Will is a good young man from a good family. I wish him the best on his pro career.
Kind of shocked Erik isn't staying for his fifth year. I'm getting the feeling Jimbo is making some room on the scholarship ledger.
Nice article Tom. Concise, articulate, & informative. Kirby spent a longer amount of time with Saban than any of the other "tree" coaches Nick has produced. That being said he's a 3rd year HC. Look how long Saban stumbled around at Michigan State before he figured out to run a P5 program. Cut Kirby a little slack. He's a good one in a conference chock full of good coaches. As for the bowl game. Herman has a rep for getting his team up & ready for big games. Kirby should have known this. Losing at LSU is forgivable. Lots of elite teams get beat in that hole.
Zach's footwork is pretty bad. Not a polished passer yet. And he doesn't have to be. He's depth and likely won't get to start at A&M until his Junior season at best. I hope he works out. Jimbo pretty much ran Grant Gunnell off to sign this kid.
Just a small taste of the smug arrogant whorn culture. Thanks a lot UGA. That heaping pile of hot garbage in Austin is going to be impossible to deal with 'til next season. I got "down gigged" twice at Walmart this morning. Herman probably made that playlist by the way. And there won't be enough left of Ehlinger to finish next season. The two QB's they brought in last year are entered in the NCAA portal. They want no part of what Herman does to Ehlinger.
Best of luck for T-Dot. He will be missed but everybody in Aggieland supports the guy. Gig'Em.
Embarrassing. Certainly for UGA & the SEC in general. The horns & their mascot whipped the dawgs from beginning to end.
Ag's have two stud TE's in this class. Can't blame Jace for cutting out to get that money. No deep ties to Aggieland. I'm still perplexed that Kansas redshirted the fella.
Iowa shouldn't have won this game. Fitz picked the bowl game of all times to go Fitzy. And Moorhead should have picked up on the fact that Fitz could hit a bull on the butt @ 2 feet and adjusted the play calling.
Maybe UCF will shut up for a little while. LSU ain't Auburn. More depth, bigger & meaner.
Saban has made it very clear he isn’t going away until he starts getting beat on a regular basis. Hopeful that the rest of the SEC crews can finish this bowl season with a W. Iron sharpens iron.
Could sum this article up with “It was a decent start”. This Jimbo @ A&M thing could get pretty good.
Like to hear that NC State HC braggiin’ about his run D now. LOL! T-Will used that for fuel.
Darren's life was a train wreck after he left A&M. Trayveon's a team man first. LSUMC, that place is gonna be 2 miles deep with Aggies. We aren't Arkies with slide in campers.
Bama controlled that game from the kickoff to the final snap. Not going to be the same with the Terps. Not sure why he's bolting at this stage of his career. Saban keeps the box full of shiny fresh toys. Never thought I would see a more stacked crew than the 2012 gumps. This 2018 crew is ridiculous.
Pretty smug about his crew's chances ain't he? 9 win ACC team that's not ranked anywhere says a lot about NC State's schedule. The only spooky thing is they've been real good on pass offense, which is big fat question mark with A&M's horrid secondary.
I doubt the Irish are going to be that highly touted next season. Their biggest W this year was UM. The Gators pretty much chewed all the street cred the Wolverines had. Pun intended.
I've watched several tu horn games. UGA has got this. The horns win or lose based off the QB Sam Ehlinger. He's their 3rd best runner & when he gets clicking with WR's Humphrey & Johnson the tu offense can be a load. The horn OL is hot garbage. The horn defense has some top shelf DB's. Slightly above average LB's and again hot garbage DL. Very susceptible to a quality rush offense. Yes they squeaked out a W against OU at a neutral site game. The horns got beat by a not good Okie State crew, Maryland of teams & WVU.