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What a horsecrap article. 5 minutes of my life wasted reading that crud. Fitz is the GOAT DT QB in the SEC? LMFAO. Fitz is a great DT QB, don't feel slighted MS fans. The GOAT? Tebow & Manziel grade? Really?
Not that I'm complaining but O needed somebody to make all that O talent work. LSU has a golden goose in LA talent. Somehow someway it's stuck in ground hog day since Saban bailed.
Relationships? BS.... WPS has about zero 4 man front edge rushers. He's looking for playing time. I don't begrudge him for picking WPS. It's his choice. Chavis is no miracle worker. He needs elite talent to make his system go. Aggies were warned about this from LSU & UTenn folks. Sumlin bought in & we all know the results.I know WPS is hyped about Aggie Chad. Dabo has a rep of paying assistants. He didn't pay Chad & let him go to SMU, pretty much the Siberia of G5 CFB. This will be interesting.
UGA fans getting butthurt over Jimbo comments. Y’all signed a superb class no doubt. Getting another #1 class to follow is the trick. Doing what has done is unprecedented. Hell I doubt anyone else ever comes close.
Foster's cousin. Plays high. Coach Turner will fix that.
Bratton. Yeah You. You need to find his commitment video and put it on here. Foster shouldn't even be walking straight much less be a 4* QB. The young man's got some grit.
Congrats to UGA. Impressive recruit class.
Not lifted. The LEO's & DA asked for the hearing to be cancelled. Zay's attorney was going to turn that hearing into a free discovery motion for the criminal case.
Jimbo's 2019 class is looking pretty impressive already. Look for a couple of OT's to jump on board pretty soon as well.
Master Blaster. He was renowned for that in Aggieland. The man has no shame in cutting loose of the gas.
The kid is made out of rubber. That means he is hard to hurt. Good passer when he has a few seconds. Late rounder or a first call free agent for sure. Hell Trevor Knight is hanging on to a practice squad spot with his NOT GOOD passing skills.
Lacks elite speed? LOL. The NFL teams that pass on CK3 are going to suffer for it. HUMBLE & elite WR’s are hard to come by. Reminds of Jerry Rice every time he touches the ball.
Lacks elite speed? LOL. The NFL teams that pass on CK3 are going to suffer for it. HUMBLE & elite WR’s are hard to come by. Reminds of Jerry Rice every time he touches the ball.
National News these days when a CFB player gets picked for pot. And the days of Switzer are long gone. Too many people watching.
John Bel Edwards might as well hang a "BROKE" sign around his neck & hang out at the intersection with a Folger's can.As for the absurd comment? Half a billion on facilities upgrades. Is Kyle Field absurd too? It is obvious that A&M wants a Championship. Sumlin topped out as a 7-8 win coach. There are only 4 active NC winning head coaches in the FBS. A&M bought one. Simple as that.
Why did I read the comments on a Mizzou article? Boredom I guess.UCF never played anyone and had the usual G5 luck of not losing any key players to injury during the season. The barners were done after the UGA game, the Iron Bowl & the UGA rematch. 3 heavyweight games in a month? I doubt even Bama could do it. I get it. UCF was a worn out speed bump for everybody on their schedule for a while. Winning is intoxicating.Mizzou is crawling out of the dark and may have some issues yet still with Heupel taking a HC job and hiring the darkest of the darkest panty stain coaches associated with the SEC. The very name Derek Dooley gives me the chills. Remember how bad Lock sucked before Heupel? I do.
Gundy running his mouth before NSD while riding Herman & Riley's wieners. That's all folks, move along.When was the last time the punk 12 put 2 teams in a NCS or Playoff NC Game? I suspect he better crow loudly now. Jimbo already has a herd of top end 2019 kids coming & going in CS.
I should known better than to look at this article. McMahon, Manziel. What could possibly go wrong?
Notre Dame, TCU, & that horn trash in ATX have no business in any pre season poll. All of them lost what made them winners in 2017. A&M is a big fat ? mark. I'm 100% Aggie and I have no idea how Jimbo's stuff is going to translate to wins with Sumlin's finesse offense crew. Elko's D scheme is not that different from Chavis'. We'll see.
Big Hoss of a RB. He was a grade risk problem out of HS. Hopefully he has that taken care of.
According to his handlers he's been clean for about 6 months now. JFF's attitude will never change. I hope he gets it right this time for his sake. I'd love to watch him ball again.
Julio Jones & Christian Kirk @ ATL won't be fair with chicken neck Ryan @ QB1.
Bellichik is done when Brady quits. Saban is done when he runs out of coordinators that will put up with his fascist ways.
How does a Birmingham support two Mercedes dealerships?
The Ag faithful are going to miss Armani & Christian. I wish them prosperous years in the NFL. Gig'Em.
Glad to see Connor land on his feet in Westwood. Good kid with a promising future in coaching. He could be making a lot more money right now with that Mays School of Business MBA in his pocket.
Now we know why Connor McQueen got kicked to the curb. Connor carried a lot of weight with former teammates. I hope this one works out.
CK3 is going to break Jerry Rice's records. Doesn't get hurt. Puts in the effort. Studies the game full time. If he cuts a 4.5 at the combine he's a lock. He's just different. Not your normal WR. Always wants to get better & is 100% not a "me" personality. What's your boy Ridley got? A ring? Rings don't get production in the NFL. Go pound some sand gump. The Ag's suck but he's a gem and we love him.
#1 I hate to say it but Chavis is worn out. The talent level @ #WPS is way below what he had to work with @ A&M as well. Never mind LSU.#2 Aggie Chad & Moorhead just hit the deep end of the SEC pool. Both have some coaching chops. Both are about to find out the SEC-W isn't the bush league stuff they are used to playing.#3 Ensminger? LOL. Hell the Aggies might actually beat LSU this year.#4 Pruitt. Hoover High Man. Which means he was trained by Rush Probst. A little seasoning by Saban. Utenn might have their guy if they give him enough time.#5 Drum Roll Please. Jimbo took the lotto ticket, took a look around, and hired a pack of recruiters for assistants. What does that tell the Aggies?IDK anything about the rest of them and don't have the time to look around. The good news? The SEC still has top quality coaches coming in. That's excellent for the league. The bad news? The SEC is out paying every other P5 conference for coaches. They ain't coming here to compete.
“Everything that went on at my last place, it was tough,” Sumlin said Tuesday. “It was tough on me, it was tough on family, tough on a lot of different things. Really that first week or so I really thought about (taking a year off). That first week, it was really tough. I was really tired. Then I took some time, left the country for a little bit. Went as far south as I could go without crossing the equator. I actually went four days without somebody saying, ‘Hey, Coach.’ That was really good for me.”Then AZ shook a couple of Mil under your nose after they struck out on their 1st choice. Nice try. New spot. Same Summie. P.S. AZ. Don't give him a 100% contract. He works harder when he's hungry.