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Gus ain't going nowhere. AU got some money. They don't have stupid rich oil money boosters though. That and there would be a line of P5 suitors for Malzahn's services should he get pulled. His offense is a good system but it has to have the right parts. He doesn't have them this year.
Take a look at the Mazzone offense-Chavis defense marriage if you want to see how no huddle offense works with an attack defense. Clemson makes it work because of elite talent. Against possession offenses with talent it fails. The SEC is a possession, run the ball, stop the run league. Every program in the SEC trying to get to where Bama is. Outside of this whole Tua one touch-one score era that's exactly how Bama plays ball.
Cautious optimism ought to be a catchphrase for the UTenn crowd. Butch left that crew in full dumpster fire mode. Pruitt may have the Vols playing tough man ball right now but he knows he has no depth to sustain that yet. Big dub against UK. That crew plays like a pack of rabid wolverines. And it's started costing them games.
Arkansas needs to give him some room for no other reason than to improve the talent y’all have. Morris’ offense can work. Not sure how well it will mesh with Chavis’ defense though.
Wish he would have took the UTenn job for no other reason than to watch Finebaum roast him on a daily basis.
The Aggies looked terrible in the win. Luckily Ole Miss is more flawed as a team than A&M.
A&M got keel hauled in 3 of the 4 losses primarily because of abysmal DB play, particularly the CB's. It's interesting that Sternberger usually starts clicking when Tray is clicking. Tray benefits greatly from a run heavy offensive scheme. The OL is not yet dominant but it's trending in that direction. With nobody using a FB anymore it's not easy for op defenses to get ready for it. It's obvious the big hitters and the KY crew want their RB's #1. 3 games left for Tray to shine. We will see.
If ya'll got a TE that can actually block it helps a whole bunch.
THIS!^ There is no such thing as a "useless" Bowl. Those 15 Bowl practices are pure gold to a good coaching staff.
We'll see if Kellen can get back on track at home. Two turnovers, no forced turnovers turned that game away. I get what Jimbo & Elko want to do on defense stopping the run. Until A&M recruits and develops real CB's the result of the last 2 games is not going to change. A&M is not losing a lot this year to graduation. With the incoming class it's going to get better.
Makes you wonder how much of a fight UGA is going to give the Tide.
He's a perfect fit for the horns. Arrogant, self centered, pompous. Yep Herman checks all the boxes.
Inexcusable. The game was controlled by A&M but for a couple of turnovers. How do you allow only 19 yds. of rushing and give up 28 pts? Watch the 4th quarter.
Kellen choked the chicken yet again. The pass D in nonexistent. Red zone offense is horrific. The Ag's yet again dominated every stat but the scoreboard.
Mack, Madabuike, Dono and several Aggie Juniors get nothing?
Desperate programs do dumb stuff. Like putting a big buyout contract out there for a proven roller coaster head coach. Not sure exactly what Durkin did or is responsible for. What I do know is MD would treat a bowl win like a NC victory.
.500 is not a winning record. The only slam dunk I see left on your sched is Liberty.
I'm not very confident that A&M can do much of anything right in road games this season. We won a closer than it should have been game against #WPS & beat the chicken crew in their house. Derp. Summie did that. MSU was the big test on how far the 2018 Aggie crew has progressed. Painful to say not a whole lot. The Aubies are about as dysfunctional as the Aggies are in certain areas. Which means another ugly game that either crew can win.
Mike Locksley failed miserably as a Head Coach previously. Pretty hefty pile of baggage while @ NM as well. Don't look now but Lane Kiffin's FAU program is on life support for bowl eligibility this year. Without a really strong AD Lane would run amok @ Mizzou. Freeze is a pariah in CFB. Period. If Saban didn't have the clout with the SEC to put him on the "staff" do you really think Mizzou does? Here's the guy I would target. Charlie Strong. Before y'all scoff you might want to look at what he's doing at USF. The man recruits some serious dudes as well. Especially on defense. Get him to pick up Kendall Briles for an OC. The stink from Baylor is just about gone from him. Charlie has strong recruiting ties to Florida, Georgia & now Texas. Hiring a black HC would help keep those embers from the protests from kicking back up as well.
Stidham has this game circled to begin with after he was jilted by Summie. Add in a putrid pass defense & I'll not be placing any bets on A&M to win outright. The Ag's right now are a stat game for every QB in the SEC, cruddy ones included.
Bobby had to sit out his high school game because he was flunking just about everything on his progress reports. With scholarships at a premium at A&M I think the correct headline would be a "parting of the ways" between the Ag program & Hollywood.
Congrats to Miss State om the W. OK. The Aggie secondary is putrid bad. And that may be an understatement. Jace and the rest of the WR corps should be force marched back to College Station juggling footballs at taser point. And ride the lightning every time they drop one. Ridiculous.
You would think? This writer went thru Wiki on speed read. I ain't no Corp terd but I went thru A&M. I realize you need to read a book to understand what we do but do try to read it before you write an article about us. Gig'Em.
Not so much weak as the secondary is slow. Chavis coveted tall DB’s over speed. And the technique & eye discipline that compensate for lack of speed are just now starting to appear. Not sure if Chatman is going to be back yet. I just hope Jimbo doesn’t get to stubborn trying to run the ball in this one.
Hot Read? Don't put your rock star QB on the drug testing list.
Don't beat around the bush on this. Urban is enamored with his own brilliance. You watch 30 seconds of any presser he gives you see & hear it. OSU has been stumbling around all season looking for a place to face plant the crapper. I don't blame the players. It's on the coaches. Urban's back up to his old tricks at UF. Making buddy & return a favor hires for coaching. Can't stay at the front doing that. Urban is an excellent program builder. Absolutely horrible at maintaining a program though. I'd take a chance on Kiffin before him though. A good AD with a quality shock collar can keep Kiffin in line. Urban's time has passed.