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Calvin Ridley best WR in the SEC? CK3 says hold my Gatorade & watch this chit boy.
Amazing talent. Unfortunately the kid is made of glass.
OU & OSU. That's it. No horns. Those manipulative spoiled rotten brats would poison the SEC as well.
Me as well. Joseph sucked. He missed on Sheffield (twice). Not to mention several other blue chip recruits. Our safeties prospered in spite of him. The only technique he was good at teaching was the "bump & bail".
If I refused to rub elbows with Hussein I would be a racist hillbilly out of hand just because I am white. Yet these players are given a hall pass just because they are Black? SMH. And it's completely political.
Good kid. He wants an Aggie engineering degree that much. I hope he can get on scholarship & play at Kyle. Who would have ever thought 3 stars would take a walk on at A&M? SMH. Gig'Em.
I've watched Godsey offenses for 2 years (Texans fan). 1st down RUN. 2nd down RUN. 3rd down RUN or PLAY ACTION PASS. When that nets 4-6 yards PUNT and hope a stellar defense either scores or stops the opponent from scoring so a predictable 3 & out can occur yet again. Very Saban old school football.
The memories of Fran are still to fresh on the minds of the BMA's. Summie is going nowhere until his contract expires. He better get off his butt & win a couple of bowls though.
The water in Alief must have some potency. The brothers Bennett are some strange creatures no doubt. Good Ag's though. Gig'Em.
Pure up drama queen. Rhule reportedly told him he'd get a shot @ playing QB. LOL. The kid almost bought it.
You beat me to it. Turner's OL may be what saves Summie's hiney in 2017.
BIG buyout and Mazzone is getting overpaid for his coaching ability in Aggieland. NSD smoke grenade from a has been ESPN analyst. The usual culprits for that are in guess where? AUSTIN! The lowborns just can't let it go. Hermie is getting TX HS coaches' doors slammed in his face everywhere. The fix? Start rumors of Aggie coaching instability. They just can't let it go.
Mazzone to AU? LOL! $600k a year + $200k bonus. $1.2M buyout left on contract. Mazzone may like one & done Stiidham but I doubt he likes him that much.
1:16 minutes of clarity do not undo years of stupidity. He's an Ag and I still love him. That being said he needs to learn how to live life without chemicals to be a successful pro player.
I wouldn't be surprised if TJ was told to go find a new home ATM had more than one DB commit getting shaky late. Their pat answer was the position coach (TJ) relationship was shaky. And then the whole Sheffield mess. Good luck TJ. And good riddance.
Where's the Crown? Not that Crown, the one in the purple velvet bag dipchit.Sark is about 1 digit less of a head case short of Kiffie. With addiction issues.
Much love for RSJ. His fundamentals are excellent but his hands are made of stone. Late rounder at best.
100% percent good dude. Don't want to see him get stuck in Cleveland but what the hell. He was stuck in CSTAT. Gig'Em.
Nick's a good kid but he isn't nearly as mobile as Kellen. Mazzone is most comfortable with a RPO QB. My guess would be Kellen starting in 2017.
Time for Speedy to hit SH6 for good. He ran out of lives about 5 suspensions ago.
I've always admired Webb. A good young man that knows what that Vandy skin will mean for the rest of his days.
#15 is an Aggie. He knows what being an Aggie means.
This will all be worked out over the next few weeks. Bad loss? LSU very nearly lost to that sucky Miss State squad? Miss State has been trying to catch a break all year and they got one.
Speedy McQueen is a locker room favorite. He is a graduate of the Mays Business School BTW. He could be making $100k year right now pushing paper. Smart kid and if he chooses so a up and comer coach.
SEC-W. Nuff said. UW and the rest of those pansies don't play anybody. The SEC-E sent their best out here and they left broken. I suspect the same will happen with their next best.
If LSU is looking forward to the A&M game UF has a shot at the Tigers. Beating Arkie shouldn't be too big of an order. It won't matter. Bama is going to whip whoever the East puts in the Championship Game. I'd rather see UF get a shot at it than UT getting run over again.
On behalf of everybody in Aggieland I pray for a speedy recovery for Eddie. Heck of a football player.