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Morris has to revamp the entire offense to do his tempo thing at Arkansas. Reworking a defense to compensate for an offense that scores or does a 3 & out in 2 minutes of clock time has it's own issues. Sumlin never got tempo/spread past average with a couple of touted coordinators. Miss State is trying to replicate the Mullen era with another P5 coordinator. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it doesn't.
Lot's of programs chasing this kid right now. A&M has a pile of WR's coming back is the only hiccup I see to this being a done deal.
It's a win/win for Pruitt. With Saban & 2 other guys in the Saban club operating in the SEC for him that is. If he fails he'll have a job before the guaranteed money check clears the bank. It is Tennessee. Traditional Top Tier SEC program. A lot to sell the new talent on that alone. He's got some blemishes on his character but they are no big deal.After the blowtorch hot dumpster fire UTenn became the hire could have done a hell of a lot worse.
Pruitt & Steele earned their cash. The rest of them? Not so much & some of them flat out stank it up.
The butthurt flows strong in the Noles. It should. They let their NC winning HC walk out the door. If Taggart does amount to something they have learned a valuable lesson. When your coach is telling you he needs something, get it for him. When a well heeled school has everything your mega coach wants and dangles a $75M carrot under his nose it's a "no brainer" as Jimbo would say.
Aggie Chad is a good coach and a good hire for the pigs. He will need some time to get his brand of offense rolling after what Brett left but that's likely the reason there weren't a whole of takers at Arkie. If he can get a good DC to come in Arkie should be back to respectable soon enough.
You've gotta wonder how often Jimbo has to be reminded to throw a Gig during photo ops.Gig'Em
I watched the presser twice. The only time I saw the man obviously lying was about when he was contacted about the Aggie job. A week ago my butt. This recruitment has been going on since the UCLA game.The pack of 4 & 5 star recruits hanging out at Bright on Sunday waiting to meet with Jimbo speaks for itself.Jimbo is going to set the SEC-W on edge. The tu horns are chitin' their britches and #WRTS might actually be real in a year or two. Thank you Big Money Aggies.
I sense much butthurt. Why? He won't whip LSU anytime soon with the soft players A&M has now.
The Aggies got their man. We'll see if he is our Bear Bryant.
LOL! Not quite a dumpster fire in Fayetteville but it sure smells smoky. Kiffin is borderline psycho. Better off getting a man that can control his crazy. Leach.
Uh No. He'd be head to head with Herman and now Jimbo in Texas recruiting. Unless you missed it A&M had a who's who list of unofficial visitor 4 & 5 stars waiting on Jimbo's plane to land in CSTAT yesterday.
Aggie Chad? I realize Arkie isn't in very good shape right now but that's digging a hole under the bar in what is looking to be a resurgence of the SEC-W back to the undisputed best division of the best conference in CFB.
How fitting for a derp bowl. I think I'll hang onto my cash and see where the Aggies go bowling next year. I'm not flying halfway across the Country to watch a noon Bowl game on a Friday.
A lot Ag's were torn over the decision to fire Sumlin. He was an overpaid average coach that was given unlimited resources to succeed. The Ag's made a bowl game every year but were never going to get on top of the SEC-W with Summie.
That's a LOT of money for a inconsistent HC. He's beat Saban twice. Not many coaches out there can say that.
I'd bet money Woodward has been talking to Jimbo since the Sumlin meltdown in the UCLA game. Busbee and a few other Big Money Aggies were likely in the know as well. The Aubies don't have the cash to lay down on Jimbo anyhow. And I doubt they will match whatever the pigs lay on the table for Gus either.
They might want to put out the dumpster fire that is their program first. It's embarrassing the rest of the SEC. And that's coming from an Aggie!
John likes avoiding me. I won't comment on that. Translated. I don't talk about jobs. This article is a two bit butthurt eulogy on why you lost a great coach. Y'all chitted all over him. Jimbo wasn't asking for a pay hike. He was asking for parity with the big guns and all the medium guns making plays to be a big gun. Ag's were a medium gun. They made a big gun play & the mighty FSU played poker. FSU lost. Go shuffle punk and make yourself useful.A&M finally has a real HC. I'd like to think Saban is getting a little sweaty these nights trying to sleep. Let that butthurt soak in on some 5-7's chump.
I don't give a chit if he can beat Saban. I want him to clock LSU 5 years straight.
Lateral? FSU is a legit blueblood. A&M's claimed NC titles predate WW2. Difference? A whole bunch of well heeled engineers with cash. Aggies ain't playing no more and we will buy your coach. No nasty taste in your mouth like them rocky toppers either when you take the check.
Really? A few weeks at #1 & now Miss State is all that? Maybe y'all should have run after A&M's leavings yet again. LOL!Not knocking your program but Mullen was y'all's Bear. He was a wizard at putting together a crew with under rated talent & a underpaid staff. Cherish what he gave you because coaches like that are rare. He kicked Aggie butt more than I cared for.
FSU plays Clemson annually. Same division. Atlantic.Saw your new HC on TV today. Looked liked the bottom half of Master Blaster. Good luck with that.
Yessir! I think Joe Cox was sleeping on RSJ. Never saw hands like that in CSTAT from him. The rest of his game oozed NFL Pro Bowler though.
Kind words from a Tiger. Thanks. The SEC-W will not return to being the undisputed best conference division in CFB without coaching talent. And Sumlin had 6 years to beat LSU. Time for a real HC @ A&M. It's the Aggies' turn.
There’s no indecision. He’s going A&M, he wants to finish the season^This.This is no last minute deal for Jimbo. Somebody has been selling Jimbo on A&M for a while. Has Jimbo ever been to CSTAT? I can't find anything even saying he has ever set foot in College Station. I suspect Woodward made a decision after the UCLA meltdown & has targeted Jimbo ever since. And Jimbo does not have to do a lot of research to realize the following:Aggies aren't spoiled. We appreciated and loved a mediocre coach. Just what do you think we would do for a great coach? Which is what Jimbo is.As some have already posted. A&M is a newcomer in the big money game, and is reinvesting football money into the program vs. siphoning cash for other non-athletic endeavors ala t.u. You want it coach, you got it. If you can win and we can make the program better we'll get it for you.As long as Jimbo does not lose games he shouldn't over and over Jimbo has a secure future at A&M. Another season like this one @ FSU & he'd be done. Is it tougher in the SEC-W? You betcha. Is it easier for a 1 or 2 loss program to hop into the CFP from the SEC-W? You betcha.Save all the "he's a whiner" crap John. FSU has treated the man like a red headed stepchild for a long while. No NC winning HC should have to scrap & cry for damn thing to make his program more competitive.Maybe FSU will hire Summie with the buyout money. You will get a good dose of a HC that can do less with a lot more. A&M put up with 4 years of it with Summie. Yes we are buying a coach. Mainly because we don't want to sit around for 5 or 6 years and watch to see if a promising G5 coach can grow enough nuts to take out Saban.He wants to finish his season @ FSU. You as a FSU grad ought to support that. I know I would. ACC Titles & a NC. The man has earned it and deserves it. If y'all had got behind him like Clemson stays behind Dabo A&M would never have had a shot. We thank y'all for that.Gig'Em