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Adios Shaky. You checked all the boxes except the W column.
Rush can't keep himself out of trouble. I wonder which coach is going to pick him up as an analyst? Saban has passed him over already for his 2 family system @ Hoover.
The Tide & Clemson should get there. The horns? lol.
Can't expect kids to stick to their commitment after Jim Turner left. Henson is an excellent hire but doesn't have near the draft pelts on the wall that Turner's got. From what I've read OU put a massive snow job on him. Good Ol' boomers. horns with more NC's in their pocket.
Nick's a good guy that handled his business the right way. I wish him the best.
Landis will get a shot at the NFL somewhere. Too good of a player not to.
Good RB but this draft is chock full of good RB's, underclassmen & seniors.
You may love him or hate him but Romo gets my vote. He's calling plays in the booth before the snap. Heck of a football mind.
Schedule Clemson to a home & home punks.
Shut up & watch the sparks coming off UGA & UF. Cincy isn't going to pay Elko what he's making at A&M. Same reason Grantham didn't run off. Not sold on either of them being D gurus either. A good DC covers the deficiencies of the talent he has on hand. Neither did that in 2018.
Rodgers has more testosterone than Quee Davis. Kellen is well, Kellen. Mr. Inconsistent. On that note Hines is Mr. Broken. Jimbo has his work cut out for him. Not going to be a pretty year for the Ag's but 2020 is looking to be run year.
Hate to see Jim Turner go but Jimbo may have hired a younger version of him. Josh Henson is a quality hire.
Hard loss for Vandy & Mr. Williams' personal family. I never heard nothing but good things about him.
Haven’t heard any reports of OL hitting the portal. Several left for a variety of reasons at other positions.
Jimbo did a good job of holding this class together. It’s going to interesting to see who the next OL coach is going to be. Elko May jump to the Bengals as well.
horns have always done that kind of stuff. Bullying a certain recruiting board or two into pumping some more sunshine into their signees. Pretty sure they hand out rings for having a top 5 recruiting class as well.
Big kid with smarts & speed that blew up late. I hope he's as good as T-Dots.
Never saw that coming. But then again he's related to Zac Taylor. I wish him the best. Great at evaluating talent & developing the same.
Ole Miss just got a placeholder. He's said more than few times he wants to do baseball. The one thing I would love to read is Saban's recruiting theories. It's like he almost never misses. Except on QB's.
Gig'Em Gazette has a multi page hit piece on the whole horn recruiting "agenda". I'd post a hyperlink but apparently that's a nono with the SDS staff. They'll never learn. Recruiting day victories don't necessarily translate into championships, especially when contrived. Suffice to say that top end recruits are still drawn to programs that not are not named Bama or UGA.
Mond is maddingly inconsistent. His footwork becomes discombobulated at any hint of pressure. He will press long throws while he is running as well. I won't throw it all in the OL's lap either. A&M produced the SEC rushing champ last year. Jimbo's offense shines when he has an elite QB under center. Mond is good, not elite.
The NCAA has no subpoena powers or hearing powers granted by anybody. Why talk to them? Unless the NCAA can create any concrete evidence of impropriety on their own they have no case to levy punishment. At A&M Jackie Sherrill got a sizeable judgement from the NCAA for the hatchet job they did on him at the insistence of that trash on the 40 acres for exactly what they were doing. No concrete evidence that he contributed to the payola that was rampant in the SWC at the time. Unless there is a jilted employee in the woodpile with a stick full of documents the NCAA will have nothing to work with. UNC skated even though the NCAA had that. Punishing the honest non bluebloods must be their mantra.
Heck of a season. Once Jimbo gets his crew winning road games too this is gonna get real good.
Zach is learning the Aggie way. Interesting that his high school team's mascot is.....The Longhorns. Jimbo raves about this kid's arm. We'll see how it plays out.
I'm a casual observer that roots for a crew that actually beat Bama, once, in Tuscaloosa. Saban went too far to the recruiting coach side vs. the on field coaching side and that was obvious in the Championship Game. Dabo's staff has had considerably less poaching & it showed. Similar talent with a better staff resulted in that buttkicking. I am not impressed with what Saban has hired for replacements. Maybe the cupboard is bare of quality assistants that are willing to put up with Nick IDK. Sark is trouble no matter where he lands. And that is a fact.
Corbin got the lion's share of mop up time after T-Will last season. Strong got like 4-5 runs last year & Jimbo is clearing room for the class coming in June. Aggies wish Strong the best.
Jimmy Swaggart of HC's. Not to mention buying players & not really being very subtle about it.