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It was a visiting team win swap before 2017. Part of why Summie got a 10M buyout was he couldn't win home games against the likes of the barners. And I really don't see anything on the barner roster in 2020. Gus Bus gets has another blowout in the Birmingham Bowl in 2020.
This is some pure up clickbait. Talk about what A&M has on roster. Talk less about some theoretical W/L record. And please quit with the history lessons. What a team did 20 years ago has nothing to do with right now. What did the greatest team ever (2019 LSU) do in 2018? 8-4 with a cupcake G5 game win, barely. The Aggies are going to be in 12 personnel a lot provided Cupp & Wydermyer are good to go. Demas is a superhuman that I can't wait to see on the field. Yes. Kellen has not really lived up to his billing. If Jimbo lets him run like he did in the Texas Bowl it's a game changer. Hopefully my fellas will get to shut some yappers up. Looking at you barners. And that SCar fan? LOL. Run home. LSU? Had the season of the century in 2019 no doubt. You think Jimbo & Co. don't have that game circled on the schedule? All that said I just hope there is a season.
What you see is what you are going to get out of a Katy HS kid. Katy HS has produced a whopping 6 NFL players from a program that has produced 7 modern state championships between 2 different HC's since 1997. Both of my sons went through that program and I assure you it's a football mill. Fernando is a good kid and all but he isn't going to be top end D-1 talent at this stage. I wish him the best and welcome him to Aggieland. Is he Sternberger? We'll see. A&M was his best offer and he jumped on it. That is a telling statement about what elite programs have learned about Katy HS talent. It was maximized and used up in high school by a great HS head coach.
Del Conte is bluffing. Deloss Dodds pulled the same crap with the same result. We like playing new and different programs too. With the current scheduling formula all SEC teams use to fill stadiums we are stuck playing 3 cake home games with one P5 home & home/neutral site game a year outside the SEC schedule.
You don't want that hot mess anywhere near the SEC. The whorns imploded the SWC & have just about demolished the B12. That's what happens when the university's admin depends on sports profits to supplement the academic budget. You have to get greedy. The whorns have no issues with getting greedy. And that LHN contract? Who would let them in? A&M already moved the SEC footprint into Texas as Mizzou moved the SEC footprint into the Kansas City market. If & when the SEC expands the next 2 programs will either be national brands (OU/Clemson) or have a large TV/subscription footprint. Not really sure where the next one of those will come from.
Texas A&M? 12 Personnel. All 60 minutes. The TE's are too talented & the OL needs the help. The Aggies finally have the stuff to give everyone in the SEC-W a run for their money. Demas is going to be home run threat every time he gets a touch. Kam & Dylan are better than Quee & Big Ken. We'll be alright Connor.
***** Five star worthy post. Connor is a well known click bait artist. And in a time when there is absolutely nothing for a CFB journalist to write about you are going to get a lot of click bait.
Not sure about this one. Robinson's a first class recruiter for sure. Developer? He was on the way out at LSU.
The Ag's have played at home against absolutely nobody so far. I want to see what they do on the road before I get excited.
Look fella I get it. Steve Spurrier got y'all to places SCar could only dream of. Yes A&M bought their version of Spurrier for a battleship load of cash. Why? Because we can. Will he win it all? Who knows. I hope so.
This article wasn't quite hot garbage. But it stank nevertheless. Jimbo ain't going anywhere as long as he shows improvement, posts a winning record, goes .500 or better in conference games & brings a Bowl game trophy back to Aggieland. We are a patient bunch when it comes to winning it all. And the SEC will learn how a gentleman handles success when it happens. I've seen enough of how Championship winning fanbases act here & elsewhere to tell you now the rank & file Aggie fanbase is not built like that. Will Muschamp is in trouble and underwater as a Head Coach. Heck of a DC and an excellent recruiter. He seems to be a good fella. Hope it works out for except for 10/24. Mullen? Wildcard. He can coach no doubt. Recruiter? No. He needs to move on to the NFL before he gets too much tarnish.
The Ag's swept Miami (Ohio version)I'm slamming both feet on the koolaid wagon brakes until the Aggies actually play somebody....on the road. AU and UF.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Zach Evans at a JUCO this fall.
It would be hoot if Jackson Muschamp works his way into a starter position at UGA, wins a Championship and goes on to NFL greatness. Hard work in D1 can get you to where you want to be and it sounds like the kid has sand.
CBS 24/7 recruiting rankings.... Nationally 7 of the top 10 are SEC programs. 9 SEC programs are top 25. 13 SEC programs are top 50. Vandy finished up 53. And that's pretty much how the SEC has been recruiting for several years now. The onus has been put on the coaches to turn that talent into victories in a league that is stacked with talent. Some the kids sign will pan out. Some don't.
He's going to wind up at a JUCO at this point. Real shame too. All that talent coupled with a patent inability to control himself off the field.
It's not Jimbo's contract that is keeping his seat cool. The folks that write his checks are a patient bunch. He will get A&M where it wants to be soon enough.
Now you did it. The corndogs are gonna be PO'ed for two weeks at least. Of course Jimbo is a better coach. He does more than gravel out Geaux Tigahs.
Way too much purple koolaid Glenn. Ed O had a lot of help getting there and it was glorious. I get it. But that help is gone like the wind.
Demond being... well Demond. There's a reason some dude WR's are leaving the Aggie program.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. DJ Durkin learned to do that crud from somebody & it would have never come out but for the death of one of his players. The question is who?
A&M played Oklahoma State in the Texas Bowl. Not the Va Tech Hokies. That comment about the Miss State QB is pretty obtuse as well.
I wish Quee the best. Good Aggie. I'm not sure it's best year to enter the NFL draft @ WR though.
1st of all Jimbo ain't going anywhere. He pulled in the #4 class in 2019 & is sitting on the #6 2020 class. He beat a #25 ranked OSU in the Texas Bowl with 95 yds. of passing out of Mond. Bowden had over 70 yds. for the Kats in their bowl game. The Aggies are a patient bunch. We will wait for Jimbo to build the team up. And the Aggies & Jimbo both knew what we were getting into.
Kellen Mond will never win a Championship at A&M. And A&M will never win a Championship until the OL woes are sorted out. You can't win if you can't run the ball. You can't run the ball if you can't block.