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This article has more flaws than a Malboro puffing trailer park skank's fun box. After she turned 21.
Connor Lanfear's beard deserves a first place vote! LMAO. McCoy should have been mentioned. CK3's ability to suck in two DB's does not deserve mentioning.
Ol' Army & the swamp tiggy beat me to it. Big W for the Ags.
Dear Gators, quit throwing water on Summie's seat. At this rate A&M is never going to be able to get rid of him.
moral victory............No such thing exists except in Butch Jones' brain. An L is still an L. Stomp a mudhole in that UF team Saturday and I think the Ag faithful will be satisfied. Even 50% of the effort in the Bama game will accomplish that.
The Aggies won't be at the Texas Bowl. The horns are playing well enough to actually get bowl eligible. The Texas Bowl is the best paying bowl outside of the Cotton. They will claim it like a birth right. And the punk 12 will let them. b12 programs don't share bowl money like the SEC does. It's a finders/keepers thing over there. I for one am glad A&M found a new home in the SEC.
A- for the Ag's. PLEASE. We lost. This is not a participation trophy sport here. It's football. The Ag's gave Bama a game. And made too many mistakes along the way to ever have a chance. Kellen is looking more like the real deal in every game he plays. Stay tuned. That game in the swamp looks like a good spot to get some street cred back.
LMFAO. You briefly covered the important part. A&M has to get Hurts into a obvious passing down. More LMFAO.
The season isn't half over and conclusions are already being drawn. Mullen's recruiting classes are not that star studded. He has to turn them into SEC players with development. That takes time. That also creates oscillation in the success rate from year to year. The question I ask is how good would Mullen be at a SEC school that doesn't pocket the SEC check for academics? What if Mullen had a fat budget for assistants & say, Bama or Aggie grade facilities?Ole Miss is a nuclear superfund site. It's going to take a while for that program to do anything other than put up puffs of smoke and glow in the dark.
Man I thought the Ag's thermonuclear meltdown @ UCLA was bad.......
"Saban’s team looks scary again." When did the Tide not look scary? When JFF snatched a game from Saban in 2012? When Watson stole a victory in the NC last January? The Tide are always scary. That's why it's such a BFD when somebody actually defeats the Tide. Bama was and remains the gold standard.
Pigs cant do anything right. I was hoping my Ag's would get chumped. Which they did but the scoreboard doesn't say that. Summie sucks. I'm sick of getting run over by the gumps and corndoggers. Summie ain't the one to fix that.
Who cares? Until either program shows that they can do something both are back of the bus SEC-W cannon fodder. Neither HC is earning his money and there is no reason to believe either one will get better.
LaCamera speaks English and doesn't have to carry a green card so it's a wash in my opinion.
Guice is a monster but he can't block and run the ball.
John Crist = Arkie homer. LSUMC is likely closer 6-6 to 8-4. Summie needs to get the Ag's up to play in games after Bama. It seems once the opportunity to get to Atlanta goes out the window the Ag's start mailing it in.
Sumlin said earlier this month. “I’ve got dibs on the first kid.” Kind of reads Aggies are breeding super humans. The double standard is obvious. Jazz is a beautiful woman and Koda is a lucky man. We live in a different world than the one I grew up in.
Week 4: vs. Texas A&M (W)** The Hogs have one of the most stable signal caller rooms in the land. That’s not the case for A&M coach Kevin Sumlin. Not by a long shot. Advantage Bielema.LMFAO!What about the rest of the team? The Ag's have the limited ability to carry a average QB with the rest of the roster. Pigs? LOL.
You missed a paragraph Duffey. Art Briles liked the robe of the pious Christian HC as well. If my sons were blue chippers I wouldn't let one of those "Christian" HC's in my house. What a pack of two bit snake oil salesmen. Winning is a CFB HC's obsession. Not God.
We get to see if Summie is still chasing the JFF replacement or if he's going with the better arm in Starkel.
Calvin Ridley best WR in the SEC? CK3 says hold my Gatorade & watch this chit boy.
Amazing talent. Unfortunately the kid is made of glass.