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Demond being... well Demond. There's a reason some dude WR's are leaving the Aggie program.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. DJ Durkin learned to do that crud from somebody & it would have never come out but for the death of one of his players. The question is who?
A&M played Oklahoma State in the Texas Bowl. Not the Va Tech Hokies. That comment about the Miss State QB is pretty obtuse as well.
I wish Quee the best. Good Aggie. I'm not sure it's best year to enter the NFL draft @ WR though.
1st of all Jimbo ain't going anywhere. He pulled in the #4 class in 2019 & is sitting on the #6 2020 class. He beat a #25 ranked OSU in the Texas Bowl with 95 yds. of passing out of Mond. Bowden had over 70 yds. for the Kats in their bowl game. The Aggies are a patient bunch. We will wait for Jimbo to build the team up. And the Aggies & Jimbo both knew what we were getting into.
Kellen Mond will never win a Championship at A&M. And A&M will never win a Championship until the OL woes are sorted out. You can't win if you can't run the ball. You can't run the ball if you can't block.
A Hammy tear is bad business. My orthopedist said it's a 2 year recovery. Best of luck for Corbin.
Not saying Aranda won't leave but it won't be for the likes of UNLV or Colorado State.
Not leaving LSU. Not yet anyhow. The only possible scenario I see for Brady leaving LSU is Brady getting money whipped to continue coaching Burrow in the NFL.
How the hell did you forget Gillie? Cullen Gillaspia. Special Teams standout. Best 12th Man in like forever. Pretty decent FB as well.
The game will be Bud Foster's last. I'd be ready for some extra effort from the Hokies.
Ugh! Brett ball yet again. #WPS loves banging that head on a concrete wall.
Up & coming coach. Tad bit early in his career to be a P5 HC. We will see if it pans out.
Jimbo's processing multiple players out of the program. And that's quite obvious to everyone. I would be expecting several more 3rd - 4 string non-hacker scholarship players to be looking for a new home. Fisher must have some pretty solid commits coming that aren't public yet. Josh Ellison "reopened" his recruitment as well.
Argh Me Mateys! He wins games though. His offense is crazy enough without the personality angle though.
Sounds like Beal got told to go find a new home. Wydermyer took his position as a true frosh.
The whorns are a untreatable STD. Always have been. Always will be.
Elijah Moore deserves the loss of his scholarship. Period. Otherwise a good game against two also rans. I never got the "playing for nothing" angle. The game of football is always played for a win. “This is my team, this is my school, this is my program. You’ll have to drag my Yankee ass out of here.” MSU head coach Joe Moorhead. He ain't no Mullen. But he's got his heart in the right place. Miss State could do a hell of a lot worse.
Mumps. Pretty much describes the Arkie season. Hang in there #WPS. Y'all will eventually get a SEC game, or at least whip of the home game cupcakes.
I wish the best for TJ. And I hope he learns how to keep himself out of trouble.
I just hope A&M gets a fair shake this time. UGA was gifted a game by the SEC officiating. Who the hell am I kidding. The corndogs could do a drive by the length of the field and get a no call. I took in the 2012 game. I'll never go back to Tiger Stadium. Ever. Nasty crowd. Nasty town. A word to the wise. Don't wear opposing team gear in the stadium or tailgate and cover up all opposing team logos on your vehicle. You can thank me later.
Twice within a few plays of the fourth quarter, the Aggies were flagged for targeting. Though both calls were rightfully overturned, still, play was stopped for several minutes each time to review the tackles and determine whether forcible contact had been made to the head or neck area. It seems that every time a hard tackle is made, the game comes to a halt to review it for flagrancy. Stop it. It’s tackle football, not flag football. Spot on. This ain't peewee league flag football.
It's getting talked up by a lot of Aggies. It's a big deal to get an opportunity to play between the hedges. I pray for a good clean game with no injuries.
SCar possessed the ball @ Kyle for a whopping 18:21. The woo pig sooies managed 27:23 against A&M. The bottom line? If you don't win TOP against Jimbo you ain't gonna win the game. He will wear your defense out and call whatever plays he wants. Will had offense issues @ UF. He's a superb developer of D talent and a good D talent recruiter. SCar needs a strong offense staff. Not sure if they got the $$$ to go and buy one.