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A&M is a big college with a big alumni base that has big wallets. A&M wants multiple NC's in the big sports. Not just football. All of them. The Aggie Alum are not bashful about trying to buy them either. No cash offers up front though. No. If an athlete can't make it as a pro they get a job with one of the plethora of Fortune 500 corporations that are run by the, drum roll please, Aggie Mafia. Buying Jimbo wasn't the start of this. The commitment to revamping all of the facilities was. #WRTS may have gotten started a little early but it's coming. That is certain.
D'Eriq King is undervalued on this list. Swiss Army knife QB that makes stuff happen. Jalen Hurts, way overrated. Came from a balanced program with tons of talent to the program with the sketchiest D in the top 10. Sam Ehlinger is carrying a team on his back & is undervalued. tu had a cruddy pass defense last season and no run game to speak of. Fromm is a #2 on this list. Lawrence remains #1 for now. Clemson appears to have a good OL unit but the D has a mess of question marks. If winning games is the benchmark for this list I'd go with Tua*. *If the Bama staff can come together and coach all that talent up.
Smaller high speed low drag finesse corner. He's good but will provide no help with the SEC mini Hulks coming out of the backfield that everyone seems to have.
Prayers sent up. That fella is way too young to have serious health issues.
Terry's losing his mind. He might be playing to his alma mater but LaTech has a snowball's chance in hell of beating the horns.
I assume narrow minds want to know. This fella originally committed to A&M, flipped when Jim Turner left for the NFL, and now switched back. As for that mediocre OL comment please tell me how many 1st round OL picks the mighty UGA have turned out over the last 5-10 years?
Congrats to you Laura, and your husband as well. As for SDS? I know it's the slow time but I really don't need to hear that Laura Rutledge got knocked up.
Kudos to Smart doing the right thing. Hitting women is never proper. Although "hood rules" generally follow the if she throws a punch she gets one back. UGA might have an initial WR issue but I'm fairly certain that will get cleaned up quick.
I only ask for one this season from the swamp kitties. BTHOtu.
The corner towers were built for selling beer & wine. I don't mind it. About as many Aggies tailgate outside the stadium as there are in the stands because they can imbibe.
Santino has serious issues. Like not really the 4 star player he was rated. Although he considered himself NFL ready. I hope he does well at Colorado & wish him the best. The whole derogatory "monkey" stuff is another affair. Hopefully the fella has humbled himself.
Not sure who scheduled the Texas State cake game. Nevertheless they are close to Aggieland so the check is hopefully small.
Well done. Childress wasted an excellent pitching staff this season with a lackluster offensive effort. In this era of win now at A&M he may want to find himself another home.
McCoy has all earmarks of a flake. I guess he figured there was only room for one @ tu, being the one & only Tommie boy Herman.
I foresee at best a 8-4 regular season @ Aggieland. I hope for more but the DB corp will still be suspect. The LB corp is a total revamp. On offense I believe Corbin is actually a better RB than T-Will. The OL should shine as well as the WR crew if Mond matures. As for the coaching comparisons by wolfie? LOL. Sherman was a good OL coach that sealed his fate with a underperforming season with a load of NFL talent. Summie? Great recruiter. Ridiculously inept HC.
Demarvin Leal is a game wrecking machine. Big Buck that's gonna get better with the dual coaching that he's gonna get. That UGA & UA QB better get accustomed to having less teeth after those games.
Scott is a dealmaker no doubt. Let's see how he does without an unlimited checkbook. Lots of moving parts in Woodward's move. Sharp is letting Young go & so forth. Hate to see him go.
Not sure of why. His driving trait was TAMU has BMD's backing his moves in hiring $$$ coaches.
I get the "I get to go home" part but why on earth would you leave a program that lets you write blank checks for a raggedyazz athletics program with a sketchy HC or three? Baton Rouge is a stinky corndog hole knowhow. Woodward needs to kick the tires again.
Jace Sternberger might sneak into the 1st round. So much potential, so little tape with him. A&M will have a solid draft this year with several mid rounders.
Ruggs is nasty. As for the comments? Those Aggies are moving on up the east side. Jefferson style.
Damontre' is an almost good enough NFL player. Always has been.