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No legit HC is touching the WPS program right now. nuclear waste dumpster fire grade.
No. Plumlee cannot hit a barn at 2 feet with a football.
Jimbo has finally relented and is letting Mond make more designed runs. It's taken a load off of Spiller & the OL. Wydermyer & Rodgers are showing up as impact players. The only scary thing about SCar right now is Edwards. I'm sure Elko will have a Hi-Lo plan for him.
The MSU crew looked like dawg crap. Hill gets a hall pass but the rest of that crew belongs in D3 at best, HC included.
SCar got caught doing something that just about every P5 program has to do. In this day and age of CFB recruiting there are two options for programs not named Bama or Clemson. The Ole Miss way, payola, or what most teams use. Convince a player that the very best thing for him is your program. Early & often. SCar got picked to be the whipping boy just as Mizzou with the tutoring scandal. Mid level programs. Funny how super blueblood programs never seem to get in trouble. Pretty hefty penalty for a text as well.
UGA wiped the floor with SCar everywhere but on the scoreboard. You cannot turn the ball over 4 times and expect to win in the SEC.
The BCS was weird about placing teams ahead of other teams that had defeated them. The strength of schedule, wins on the road & strength of conference were weighted more than head to head it seemed like. UGA did the absolute one thing they could not do. Lose to a mediocre Scar crew that was looking to eke out a Birmingham Bowl berth.
Corndogs keeping it ultra trailer trashy as usual.
The honeybadger might be partaking of the ganja yet again.
David? Just what have you been smoking? Nice sunshine pumper article for the Aggies but we have all seen what happens with A&M this season against quality programs. The defense make critical mistakes early. The OL can't block wet toilet paper. Kellen Mond usually takes the field with the expression of a terrified 13 year old girl. Spiller apparently moisturizes his hands with hog fat right before the kickoff. I love the Aggies to my very core. That being said bowl eligibility is just about all I expect. Too many good pieces left for the NFL early & the best players on the Aggies' crew are freshmen & sophomores.
Give Mullen some credit. He picked on the Aubie LB's early and often to eke out some scores. Grantham did a good job of getting his players in a position to stop the Aubie misdirection plays. UF has got to find a running game.
OK I'm calling it. The Vols are in official bonafide dumpster fire mode. Good grief.
UF had best be ready for a steady dose of the Gus Bus perimeter run game or it will be over in the first half, ala the Aggie/Auburn game. The Aubie DL is as stout as it gets. UF has absolutely played nobody yet. UK isn't that good this year. The "U" & UT are near dumpster fire grade programs.
The OL play has got to step up & be accountable. And I do not think it's a talent or player issue. Jimbo brought in the wrong fella to replace Jim Turner. There's coaching technique to counter a OL that can't blow out a DL. Josh Henson is either holding some cards back for upcoming opponents or he hasn't got the snap. I'm thinking he hasn't got the snap.
Whelp. The Gus Bus had it's way with A&M on the road, now MS State is still trying to figure out what happened. Auburn Offense? Yes it's a simple high school misdirection offense. If the opposing DC can't adjust his player's keys to close a gap it's off to the races. And Gus is notorious for running the same play over and over until it gets stopped.
You beat me to it. The woo piggie pooie crowd is still crying about it. I'm not even going to address that arkie WR flopping on an uncatchable pass attempt.
Oh really? Woo Piggie Pooie gonna cry? Jimbo may not be coaching up to the expectation level just yet but Woodward knew enough to stay away from Aggie Chad. Truth is Aggie Chad would've taken the A&M job for free.
The barners are real deal so far. UF has been posing so far. It's about to get real.
Mizzou.... pack of cucks looking for other programs to be as miserable as them.
The barners are gonna rip the gators a new one. UF has the same issues as A&M. Craptastic run blocking. Wish y'all luck but the big dogs this year are getting hunted by the war eagle fellas.
That's rich. Better than listening to Ed O gargle sand. Enjoy the season of the burro.
The Aggie/Arkie tilt is always close no matter which crew has the better ponies. Arkie is going to get a team this year that they aren't supposed to beat. A&M crept a bit closer to bowl eligibility which was about all I expected this year.
Starting to wise up. If they don't want to be there they need to git on down the road. There's something bad wrong in that program. Not sure if it's coaching, players, or culture.
Nobody. Fact is every SEC program schedules cannon fodder for home games because it's a very cheap and profitable way to maximize the home schedule.
Future cannon fodder opponents really shouldn't get reported here.