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Recent Comments
How is it different from Stringfellow's incident? Because it was on video? They both punched women they were not in a relationship with. How is it different?
Domestic violence did not stop Ole Miss from signing Stringfellow. But hey, we understand! He deserved a second chance! But I would be sure he understood that he would have NO more second chances. So like...suppose Stringfellow got arrested AGAIN for assaulting someone in the square in Oxford, he would be kicked off the team. Oh wait...that happened?! And Stringfellow's second assault was also caught on video?! WOW!Anyway...I hope that Simmons is punished. What he did was horrible and wrong. But he WILL play football again. In the SEC. If MSU drops him...I guarantee Ole Miss will scoop him up from JUCO...just like they did Stringfellow.
Maybe they based their votes on spring performances. Treadwell and Tunsil were both injured and didn't participate in any spring drills. Just a hunch.
He is listed as a PRO style QB, but if you watch his highlight tape, he definitely has some wheels. Looks like a great pick up. Probably will need a redshirt year to get some muscle mass, but with the QB depth in front of him that shouldn't be a problem, barring injury. Then, I've heard we lead for a 2016 blue chip dual threat QB. The QB situation at MSU has never looked so bright. Thanks DAK!! HAILSTATE!
Cody should definitely be there. I have always respected his abilities, even if he does play for Ole Miss. And I really like how he carries himself. Very intelligent. I would also add Bernardrick McKinney from MSU.
I just find it odd he was released to a divisional rival. If we truly wanted to be closer to home, Prattville is just as close to Troy and UAB.
Just a guess...but it seems more like maybe Golson has some info on Hugh Freeze and Freeze has been forced to appease him.
Bama fans gonna Bama!
I think MSU and Ole Miss will be as close to equal as they have been in a long time. Any Ole Miss fan that dismisses the momentum that State has right now is fooling them selves. Any State fan that expects Freeze and his revitalized Rebels to somehow implode this next year is also fooling them selves. The Egg Bowl will be for a lot more than state pride this year. Good time to be a Bulldog and Rebel. But I gotta end with a HAIL STATE!
Actually, there are several elite prospects in MS this year. If he can land 2 or 3 of them I think we will end up with a top 20 or top 15 class. We supposedly are in the lead for a few of them. Now...I agree in the future we have to pull some talent from out of state. But this is a talent rich year for MS talent.
Agreed, Thug U might be an overstatement. But hey...our rivalry would be no fun if we never painted each other with broad paint brushes! Am I right?
Actually, they put that their because that is the name of our fight song, written in the 1930's
True...shouldn't through stones...glass house...bla bla bla. BUT..you gotta admit...it has been a tought off season for Ole Miss. Knimdiche lawsuit, Bobby Hill sexual assault, Ward DUI, Denzel and Bryant arrests. Sure, every school has their problems though.
Not bad. I like the old school look. I would personally rather it have the Mississippi State banner on the front instead of Hail State.