go mizzou

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that wasn't the Florida team that played this year. This is why I am so glad Mizzou didn't play with very few starters playing it is a waste of time and does nothing for your program.
they are very smart and we will see numerous other programs opt-out. It is insane to play basketball until we pass this pandemic. We survived 6 months without sports and we will be fine another 6 months without it. 3 men I have gone to church with all died of covid-19.
a kicker what a joke. The game should have never been considered or any other bowl game. Play the semis and final and everything else cancels. We are in the middle of a pandemic football isn't important. I have had 3 men I went to church with died from covid 19 it is very serious.
they shouldn't have been playing such a meaningless game in the first place. We are in a pandemic, the only games that should be played are the semifinals and championship game this year.