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Brohm should be who we're after. Could bring an intact staff along with a real pair of proven offensive and defensive philosophies that win... Already has a known price tag too. We wouldn't be negotiating in the dark...
Leach is a screwball. A better move would be to go hard after Jeff Brohm up at Purdue. He's worked wonders with minimum talent up there and his buyout drops significantly after 12/5/17. He's got a plug and play full staff and a proven system that's worked with much less talent [at WKY & Purdue] than he see right away here. I say go sign him. Sky's the limit for the guy and he's mid-to late 40's. He'd stick around for awhile.
Hoke and Jones are two guys who should have stayed as head coaches in the MAC. They're in over their heads past that level. If we're smart we'll go after Jeff Brohm and his complete staff up at Purdue. He did wonders with very little talent up there this year. Could be just what we need.
I think we ought to go after Brohm up at Purdue. He's proven he can get players on board for the quick turnaround up there with a lot less talent on hand then we [TN] have. He'd be bringing a plug and play full coaching staff. Seems like a perfect fit and a no brainer but I haven't seen much interest from our end. Why?