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Texas is so screwed up. They fired a far better coach in Charlie Strong to hire the vastly overrated driver of the Barnum and Bailey Circus clown car driver Tommy Bubblegum. And delusional Texas fans thought he was gonna be the second coming of Bear Bryant. Hermaan can't coach and shouldn't be playing in the deep end of the pool
You are totally clueless about coaching ability. He was brought in by Sweeny to implement and run the Clemson offense that they still use. Prior to Clemson he had top 10 offenses at Tulsa. The SMU program that he took over was a lot worse than the Pigs and given enough time to implement his system and bring in his players, he elevated that program to bowl status. Playing in the SEC was gonna take 4 or 5 years of solid recruiting to get to the point of being a mid tier SEC team and being bowl eligible but they didn't give him time. Nobody was gonna win with the roster that he inherited just like nobody is gonna win there next year no matter even if you bring in Nick Saban. Any coach has to have the talent to win and Arkansas isn't a destination dream for 4 and 5 star recruits. Year in and year out playing the powers of the SEC west will pretty much insure 4 or 5 losses for whoever the coach is. Arkansas isn't a traditional powerhouse no matter what the CYA AD says and they aren't returning to that level because they ain't been there. Any coach that takes this job after seeing the guy fired a year and a half in isbt gonna be a program changer especially with the core of the program being freshmen and sophomores. The pigs have maybe 4 players that could start for other SEC teams besides Vanderbilt. Nobody can win that way. Why don't you evaluate the next coach about this time next year and tell everybody about the great job that he is doing. Chances are you won't be bragging on his 2or 3 win record either
Chandler won't go to Arkansas. He and Chad were a package deal. He will sign with Clemson.
Doesn't matter who they bring unless he brings in 30 Sec Caliber offensive linemen and defenders things won't be changing, not even if they bring in the second coming of Bear Bryant. Arkansas is a bottom of the barrel program and has the talent to go along with it. Nobody was gonna win there this year just like nobody will win there next year. Chavis was right when he said it was broke before they got there. Bielema left the cupboard bare and having to rely on freshmen and sophomores as your players is an impossible row to hoe
Does t matteer who the new coach is, the SEC quality of Jimmy's and Joe's aren't in Fayetteville . It's not they are rebuilding a traditional powerhouse and are in the running for 5 and 4 star bluechip players. Trying to beat Alabama, LSU, Auburn and A&M is gonna be at the very best an 8 win season if they get a great coach and coaching staff that can outreriut the rest of the midtier universities. No top rated coach is gonna be interested in taking over a program that lacks talent, fired a head coach before he had 2 years to get his system and players in place. The only coaches that will be interested are guys coming from smaller schools that may be classified as up and comers but have never played in the big stage. From what I've read on the messageboards, a lot of delusional Hog fans think great coaches are gonna be lined up begging to take the job and return the Hogs to the SEC Glory days of Frank Broyles. Ain't gonna happen. Next year's win total will be a little bit better thanks to the quality of Morris' recruits but I can't see more than the 4 or 5 wins that Morris would have gitten