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Klubnik is a true freshman and he aint no Lawrence
O'Cyrus Torrence has played 1,146 snaps and has yet to give up a sack in his entire career.
I think O'Cyrus Torrence could be the difference for our offensive line this year. Sure, he played in the Sun Belt, but not allowing any sacks in three seasons as a starter is impressive in any conference. Especially when you consider the fact that he started as a true freshman.
You are crazy. There is no way the Cocks are going 11-1. Im sorry but they're just not
Where did this guy have Texas at if Arkansas jumped to #11...
Negan, nobody cares about your "book". In your "book", Georgia has won three Natty's since 2017.
Agreed. The defense looked really good, especially Dexter.
Georgia's offense scored a grand total of 3 points...This post is irrelevant.
Hopefully Emory just had some first-game jitters. He was not sharp today.
"Go see how Saban did in his first 5 seasons!!!" It took Saban 4 seasons to win 1 Natty at LSU and 5 seasons to win 2 Natty's at Bama.
A 1-loss Oregon who lost its only quality game (OSU) should not be put in over a 1-loss Georgia team who beat a CFP team (Clemson) and lost to #1 Alabama in the SECCG. Unless Alabama wins by 20+, that is.
So you think we should just throw some 3-loss PAC-12 team in the CFP? Sorry, but if Georgia and Alabama enter the SECCG undefeated, both teams will likely make the CFP, unless a PAC-12 team goes 13-0.
Depends. If Georgia beats Clemson, they could lose to Bama in the SECCG and still make the Playoffs.
1. Alabama 2. Georgia 3. Texas A&M 4. Florida 5. Ole Miss 6. LSU 7. Auburn 8. Missouri 9. Arkansas 10. Kentucky 11. Tennessee 12. Mississippi State 13. South Carolina 14. Vanderbilt
I guarantee you Urban isn't the only one doing this...
This is the most BS ranking ever. Why even make an article about this, SDS?
How do you somehow always direct it back to Georgia and JT Daniels, Mr. Negan? Man I cannot wait until CFB starts so you ignorant Georgia trolls can go back into hiding again. You guys run your mouths during the offseason, then quiet down during the actual season. What's that all about, Mr. Negan?
"The truth is Georgia won it all in 2017 and was robbed!!!!" Igorance is bliss, Mr. Negan. Georgia will not win a championship until they beat Alabama, which quite frankly will not happen as long as Nick Saban is running things over there. Must I remind you that Saban is 23-0 against his former assistants? Old Kirby isn't going to break that streak anytime soon. It's time you delusional Georgia fans accept that your ceiling is the SECCG. You cannot escape Alabama, as I'm sure you found out in 2017.
Where are all the Georgia trolls at now??? I guess it wasn't Dan "Mullet" after all, huh?
Honestly, no matter how much us fans harassed Feleipe during his tenure, those days hold some fond memories. Although he was a mediocre QB at UF, 2017 & 2018 UF Football brings some amazing memories thanks to #13.